This 15-minute pregnancy workout is highly effective, unique, and designed specifically for couples. There is no other at-home pregnancy workout like it available online.

Our Couples Pregnancy Workout Routine comprises total-body exercises done as a couple, uses weights to strengthen your arms, and is safe for the first, second, or third trimester.

Let’s dive into our inspiration for this at-home pregnancy workout, our results, and video GIF instruction for all 14 pregnancy exercises.

Couples Pregnancy Workout Routine Ryan and Alex Duo Life

15-minute pregnancy workout routine for couples

First things first: congratulations on your pregnancy!

This is an incredibly exciting time, no matter if it’s your first child or your tenth (true story for Ryan’s family!)

Also, we’re thrilled to hear that you’re feeling up for our pregnancy workout for couples. We know this isn’t always easy. That’s why we created a workout where you can lean on your partner (literally) for support and motivation.

What’s more, is we still made it fun and engaging so that you can capitalize on all the benefits of working out with your significant other.

This Couples Pregnancy Workout Routine comprises total-body, low-impact exercises that target your lower body, upper body, and core through multifunctional movements.

These movements replicate real-life activities like passing the baby to and from your partner while strengthening and stabilizing your muscles. All you need is your body weight, and if you have it, two dumbbells (or a sack of flour works too!)

In these videos, we use 5 lb. dumbbells.

It’s the perfect routine with pregnancy-safe moves for the first, second, or third trimester.

We share our video GIF instruction for all 14 partner exercises, the partner workout video, and our results for you while completing this workout at 34-weeks pregnant.

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If you have any questions or feedback regarding the Couples Pregnancy Workout Routine, please share in the comments of this post.

About the Couples Pregnancy Workout Routine

While I was pregnant, I wasn’t always feeling up for a workout — particularly during my first trimester. If I did get a workout in, I wanted it to inspire me, be challenging enough, and all while being fast and efficient.

Sometimes for busy moms-to-be like me, my workout was my only true self-care time of the day. While I always patted myself on the back for getting a workout in, nothing felt worse than following a prenatal workout that was too easy.

Yup, you read that right. Even us pregnant mums want to feel like we’re getting stronger and stronger, particularly during the second trimester.

Therefore, we created this unique partner pregnancy workout for all other mothers out there. I love that each move is done with your partner and that you can modify it as needed.

After this pregnancy workout routine, even Ryan was sweating! For me, filming this workout at Week 34 was challenging but completely energizing.

It must be noted, though, that you should always have your doctor’s permission before working out. It’s also helpful to be aware of how to modify if necessary, as everyone’s body is different. Just because I did this workout at 34 Weeks, and the moves are safe throughout every trimester, doesn’t mean that your body can.

We’ll share some recommendations on how to work out safely and properly below as well during pregnancy.

Our Couples Pregnancy Workout Results

The rule of thumb for pregnant moms is that you should be able to carry a conversation throughout your workout.

If you’re overly out of breath, you’re working too hard. Even at baseline, your body is working incredibly hard making that baby!

This is another reason why we love this Couples Pregnancy Workout Routine: your partner can check on you. We encourage conversation, laughing, and joking around during this workout!

Generally speaking for a healthy pregnancy, you don’t need to worry about monitoring your heart rate or taking it too easy. Studies show that mothers who exercised during pregnancy have smoother labor and deliveries and their babies are healthier.

Here’s how our workout went. For reference to our data, Ryan is 6’1″ (1.85 m) and weighed 175 lbs. (79 kg). Alex is 5’4″ (1.62 m) and weighed 130 lbs. (59 kg) at 34 weeks at the time of filming. Calorie burn is directly tied to weight.

Couples pregnancy workout routine results

Based on our heart rate data, the workout was a success! Based on our delayed onset muscle soreness (lookout shoulders), you’ll want to take turns giving each other a good massage after.

With all of this being said, there are a few exercises to avoid, and we’ll go over those below.

How to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

All of the couples pregnancy exercises in this workout routine are safe for women in their first, second, or third trimester. However, always talk to your doctor to get the green light before exercising. 

  •  Stay hydrated throughout your workouts
  • Don’t hold your breath
  • Keep it to a conversational pace and don’t over-exert
  • Avoid lying on your stomach (prone position)
  • Avoid lying on your back for long periods of time (specifically in the third trimester)
  • Work out at a comfortable temperature (no high heat yoga!)
  • Don’t overstretch – the hormone, relaxin, may give you a false sense of improved flexibility
  • No twisting (particularly during the first trimester)
  • Hold onto your partner, a chair, or a wall for balance
  • Move at a pace and tempo that feels best for you
  • Modify exercises based on how you feel that day. It changes daily!

For more pregnancy approved workouts, download our free Pregnancy Workout Program by Trimester.

The Pregnancy Workout Exercises

It’s hard to find pregnancy workouts that can be done as a couple (and one that will challenge your partner as well!)

This is a beginner pregnancy workout for first trimester through third. There are opportunities to modify, take a break, and intensify with heavier weights. Make this your own!

We follow a Tabata-style workout, with 30 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest for each move. For a few moves, you need to switch sides for another 30 seconds of work.

This routine takes just 15 minutes but incorporates full-body, low-impact moves and will get your blood flowing (my heart rate maxed out at 160 bpm!)

While you don’t need to have any special equipment, we do use a mat and free weights (5 lbs.) Feel free to forego the free weights, but it’s fun to use something to resemble the weight of a baby (like a bag of rice).

Free Pregnancy Workout Routing for Couples

Couples Pregnancy Workout Routine

Download our Pregnancy Workout video so you can:

– Follow the Tabata, cardio, and strength training routine along with us at home

– See the name of the move and hear the buzzer indicating when to work and rest

– Two video options: One video has epic pump-up music and the other has none so you can listen to your own playlist

Partner pregnancy workout exercises

1. Forward and Reverse Lunge

Get warmed up straight away with this lower-body move. Holding hands or forearms, one person takes a lunge backward while the other person lunges forward.

Rely on your partner for balance if you need it, and try to keep your knees at 90-degree angles. The lower your knee can go, the more you’ll get out of this move!

Many first-time moms underestimate how much their length strength can help assist during labor. Don’t discount it!

Couples Pregnancy Workout Routine Forward and Reverse Lunge

2. Marching Bridge, Alternating Fire Hydrant

Both of these pregnancy workout exercises focus on your glutes, an important pelvic muscle during labor and delivery.

Have one person get into bridge position from their back. Alternating lifting your leg with a quick hold for a tough glute workout.

The second person will get onto all fours so that their head is facing their partner. Alternate lifting your legs as if you were… a dog at a fire hydrant. You get the picture! Hold for a split second at the top.

Switch positions after 30-seconds.

Pregnancy Workout Routine Marching Bridge Alternating Fire Hydrant

3. Adjoined Deadlift Row

Challenge your balance, biceps, and hamstrings all at once with this move.

Stand side-by-side, holding hands with your partner. In your outer hand, hold a weight.

Lift your outer leg and bend at the hip to go into a single-leg deadlift. With your spine straight and bent over, do one row with the weight, hugging the side of your body. Your lifted leg should be straight back behind you.

Stand back up, continue to balance on one leg, and repeat.

Switch sides after 30-seconds.

Beginner Pregnancy Workout Routine Adjoined Deadlift Row

4. Lunge Tricep Kickback Curl

This move incorporates your upper body (triceps and biceps) and lower body, all while strengthening your back. A great pregnancy workout must challenge the arms!

Facing each other, get into a straight leg lunge and hinge forward at the waist. You and your partner should have your knees next to each other.

Grab a weight in your outer hand, and place your inner hand on your partner’s thigh for stability.

Perform a tricep kickback followed by a curl with a full range of motion, doing your best to keep your elbow in place.

Switch sides and repeat for 30 seconds.

Pregnancy Workout Arms Lunge Tricep Kickback Curl

5. Side Plank Leg Circle

Time to get on the floor with, perhaps, our toughest move of the pregnancy workout routine!

This move focuses on your hamstrings and quadriceps, but don’t discount how it can also strengthen your core and shoulders.

For this move, line up, feet to feet, and lift into a side plank. It’s your choice if you want to get on your elbows or knee to modify. Lift your upper leg and begin drawing a circle, doing your best to dodge your partner’s foot!

After 30 seconds, switch sides and repeat.

During pregnancy, nearly all front planks and side planks are safe, so get creative!

Couples Pregnancy Workout Routine Side Plank Leg Circle

6. Balancing Extension Crunch

Another full-body strength move that simultaneously challenges your balance.

Grab each other’s right shoulders and hinge forward at the waist. With a dumbbell in your left hand, extend your left arms and legs. Then, pull everything into a crunch, tightening your core.

Repeat and switch sides after 30 seconds.

Pregnancy Workout At Home Balancing Extension Crunch

7. Kneeling Shoulder Extension

One of our moves in the “pass the baby” series has you and your partner switching weights to alternate each side. We included weights in our pregnancy workout because it’s essential to building upper body strength. 

Stand facing each other, two or so feet apart. Grab a free weight in one hand and extend it at shoulder height.

Kneel down to the floor, one leg at a time, while keeping your arm extended. Once standing, pass the weight to your partner, and repeat on the opposite side.

We love that this move demonstrates a safe way to transition from standing to kneeling.

Pregnancy Workout With Weights Kneeling Shoulder Extension

8. Sumo Squat Overhead Pass

Ready to “pass the baby” from a squat? This is one of our all-time favorites in the Couple’s Pregnancy Workout routine.

Facing each other about 2 or so feet apart, both get into a sumo squat. One person will hold both dumbbells, and lift from a squat to an overhead press.

At the height of the press, pass the weights to your partner. Both do a sumo squat and, once again, pass the weights (aka baby) overhead.

Pregnancy Workout Free Sumo Squat Overhead Pass

9. Dancing Curtsy Lunge

Keep the heart rate high with another lower-body move. This pregnancy workout might not feel like cardio, but these compound moves challenge major muscle groups and your heart rate should be up! If not, move faster.

Facing each other and holding hands with your arms out to the sides like a “T,” step back into a curtsy.

Alternate legs as you curtsy lunge from side to side, as you work your quadriceps and glutes.

Couples Pregnancy Workout Videos Dancing Curtsy Lunge

10. Wall Sit Hand Squeeze

Another toughie but goodie: the classic wall sit.

With your spine flat against the wall with your shoulders and head back, lower into a wall sit until your knees are at a 90-degree angle (or however far you’re able to go). Grab your partner’s hand and give them a good squeeze!

It was important to incorporate this move into the Couple’s Pregnancy Workout for a few reasons. First, it helps put your spine into alignment as you lean against the wall. Second, it’s tough and the pain you feel represents the length of time for a short contraction.

Finally, it gives your partner a preview of how hard their hand will be squeezed during delivery!

Couples Pregnancy Workout Routine Wall Sit Hand Squeeze

11. Boat Pose Resistance Hands

For this next move, safely lower yourself to the floor and get into boat pose while facing your partner. Move close enough so that your hands can touch.

During the 30 seconds, hold boat pose and engage your core. Meanwhile, take turns pressing and pushing your hands in and out against your partner’s. This pregnancy exercise is harder than it looks!

Pregnancy Workout Boat Pose Resistance Hands

12. Partner Plank Pass

Staying on the floor, rotate until you’re in a standard plank position. It’s your choice if you want to lower your knees or stay on your feet. Have your partner line up next to you.

Pass a weight from hand to hand, back and forth, as you both engage your core. This pregnancy exercise improves both your core strength and stability.

Beginner Pregnancy Workout Partner Plank Pass

13. Stars Aligned

What’s more romantic than working on your obliques and balance together?

Slowly stand up and face your partner. Get into star pose, with legs out to the sides and arms outstretched to the sides.

Holding hands, slowly lean to one side for an oblique crunch, while lifting your opposite leg. Hold for a second, before continuing to the next side. Repeat.

Pregnancy Workout At Home Stars Aligned

14. Bird Dog Pat

Bird Dog is a common pregnancy move seen in many prenatal workouts. This is because your hips, shoulders, core, and pelvic floor are all being worked.

Lower yourselves to the ground, and get on all fours, facing each other. Make sure your knees are directly below your hips and your hands below your shoulders.

Each lift your right arm and left leg, placing your hand on your partner’s shoulder. Hold for a moment, then repeat on the other side.

Pregnancy Workout Routine Bird Dog Pat

How should we follow the Pregnancy Workout Routine?

The best way to follow along is by providing your email address below so we can send you our recorded pregnancy workout videos.

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Sign up below and we will send you the free pregnancy workout and everything you need. Then, all you have to do is grab your significant other and press play!

Free Pregnancy Workout Routing for Couples

Couples Pregnancy Workout Routine

Download our Pregnancy Workout video so you can:

– Follow the Tabata, cardio, and strength training routine along with us at home

– See the name of the move and hear the buzzer indicating when to work and rest

– Two video options: One video has epic pump-up music and the other has none so you can listen to your own playlist

You finished the Couples Pregnancy Exercises

Congratulations on focusing on building a stronger body and relationship with your partner. 

This pregnancy workout routine was written for you, so make sure to listen to your body and modify as needed.

If you have questions about our Pregnancy Workout Routine, ask away in the comments below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

For more resources for you and your partner, such as the best books for couples to read together or our popular 1-Day DIY Marriage Retreat, head over to our Healthy Couples page.

I need a fitness plan. What do I do?

This was only one workout, which is not a plan.

We follow the programs on Beachbody On Demand. P90X3, LIIFT4, T25, and 21 Day Fix are a few of the best Beachbody workouts, all requiring minimal equipment.

Sign up for a free trial and request to join our BODgroup through the app so we can provide support and hold you accountable.



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