You’ve heard of couples yoga poses and partner acro yoga, but never a couples yoga routine.

This innovative, one of a kind partner yoga program consists of five routines.

Together, you and your partner will improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and yoga practice while falling deeper in love and boosting relationship satisfaction.

Couples Yoga Program Ryan and Alex Duo Life

6-week couples yoga program

Last year we filmed a Couple’s Yoga Flow Routine because all of the other videos we saw out there were awful: all stretching, no strength, no flow, and could be done alone.

Therefore, we created an innovative partner yoga routine to push couples to interact, work together, and get in shape practicing yoga as they’ve never done before. Not to mention, have a lot of fun. 

Now that couples have spent over 1,000 hours viewing this one partner yoga video, we knew this was exactly what couples were looking for. And it doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Today, we are thrilled to announce our best work yet with a ground-breaking, 6-week Couples Yoga Program.



6-Week Couples Yoga Program

You’ll get lifetime access to our five unique and creatively challenging classes. Plus, access to future classes and support.

Included are two 6-week calendars for both beginners and intermediates.

Invest in partner yoga as a lifelong hobby that amplifies your body, soul, and relationship.

Get started today, no matter what level.

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Couples Yoga Classes: 6-Weeks of partner Yoga

Once again, we teamed up with certified yoga and fitness instructor and professional choreographer, Anna Gleason, to lead us through five unique and creatively challenging classes:

Class 1: Couples Yoga Stretch (28 minutes)

Advance your flexibility with this slow, meditative, and intimate workout

Class 2: Couples Yoga Balance (26 minutes)

Support each other during this dynamic balance practice


Class 3: Couples Yoga Flow 1 (23 minutes)

Connect, breathe, and flow as one

Class 4: Couples Yoga Flow 2 (26 minutes)

Push your limits and build teamwork with this powerful, full-body sequence

Class 5: Couples Yoga Strength (27 minutes)

Fuse strength training with acro yoga poses to amplify your yoga practice


Why The Couples Yoga Program?

Why should you do couples yoga?

As a 5,000-year-old practice, the benefits of yoga are well-known and scientifically proven. However, with twice the people there are twice the benefits.

And this isn’t just our theory. Data shows that when you do couples yoga together, the physical touch translates to improved sex life. Relationship therapists use partner yoga to strengthen the sexual intimacy and closeness of couples.

Partner yoga improves your emotional bond and your physical connection. With it, you increase athleticism and mobility while heightening communication and body awareness.

If there’s one hack for couples who want to become stronger together — mentally, physically, and emotionally — it’s couples yoga.

For only $19.95, you’ll get lifetime access to our innovative and creative online couples yoga workouts. Included are two 6-week calendars for both beginners and intermediates. Get started today, no matter what level.

Invest in partner yoga as a lifelong hobby that amplifies your body, soul, and relationship.

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On the fence?

I don’t know if we’re ready.

Maybe one or both of you are complete beginners. Should you each focus on strengthening your individual yoga practice before starting couples yoga?

You sure can but there’s no need. This Couples Yoga Program is designed for beginners. With professional instruction, you’ll even have the option to modify difficult poses.

If you want, try our free 2-Week Yoga Challenge first.

Will we like the partner yoga routines?

We think you will. But, to make sure, there’s a sample couples yoga class available for you to try for free. Reminder: yoga takes practice so harness patience rather than frustration.

Read all about the class here: Free Couples Yoga Flow Routine.

Or, grab your partner and your mats and try the below routine.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

We’ve put a lot of effort into these videos and we’re confident that our one-of-a-kind Couple’s Yoga Program will next-level your relationship and yoga practice.

If you purchase the program and are not 100% satisfied with the program, we’ll refund your money within 30 days.

I want a personalized couples yoga experience.

Reach out to Anna to schedule a live video session. She creates a customized routine tailored to your needs and provides expert instruction on proper form.

Buy Couples Yoga Program
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