Couple’s Yoga Challenge

This 14-Day Couple’s Yoga Challenge aims to reconnect you to your health and help you appreciate your body. Practicing yoga as a couple is an opportunity to bond and be present in a way apart from your normal, busy lives.

The customized calendar was curated and created by us with the purpose to expose couples to a variety of beginner to intermediate yoga styles while practicing yoga with your partner from home.

If you need a plan to start doing yoga as a couple at home, you’re in the right place.

The Couple’s Yoga Challenge

This Couple’s Yoga Challenge is one of five Ryan and Alex Duo Life blog posts about couple’s yoga. The others are our 23 Couple’s Yoga Poses, our Couple’s Yoga Challenge, Alex’s Lessons Learned from 14-Days of Couple’s Yoga., and our professionally guided Couple’s Yoga Flow Routine.

Transform Your Body, Mind, and Relationship in 14-days 

Yoga strengthens the core, increases flexibility, signals muscle imbalances, and just makes you plain feel good.

Outside of creating a healthy body, yoga creates a healthy mind by increasing awareness and an “in the moment” and reflective attitude. With thoughtful practice, yoga can transform your health, energy, and focus.

Our partner yoga challenge aims to reconnect you to your health while exposing you to various styles of yoga. Additionally, you get to experience the benefits of partner yoga while practicing new couple’s yoga positions.

Why Practice Yoga as a Couple?

There are many compelling individual and couple’s yoga benefits. For example, you are gaining mental clarity, preventing injuries, detoxing your body, and adding variety to your exercise routine.

Practicing yoga as a couple compounds these benefits. What’s more, is there are surprising benefits that you can only get from doing yoga alongside your partner. Some studies show that this activity increases relationship satisfaction and improves sex life.

Think of practicing couple’s yoga as an opportunity to connect and be present in a way apart from your regular, busy lives.

Not only is there built-in accountability to complete this yoga challenge for two, but a helpful partner can also watch your alignment and help you progress in your new yoga abilities.

Practicing couple’s yoga presents an opportunity to discuss your health goals together and create a strategy on how to strengthen your yoga practice and overall health.

About the Couple’s Yoga Challenge

Humble Beginnings

Our Couple’s Yoga Challenge , like many programs we create, began as an experiment. We are engineers, after all. Alex “strongly disliked” practicing yoga. However, she realized this was mainly true because she was terrible at it.

Would you agree that sometimes we dislike the things that we are not good at?

Well, we put this theory to the test with 2-weeks of daily yoga, and we learned many positive lessons from the experiment.

Mostly that yoga is challenging and humbling. Furthermore, it quickly provides noticeable progress and an incredible feeling of calmness after each session. It was a bonus that we got to spend quality time together as we created this partner yoga challenge.

Challenge Details

The 14-day Couple’s Yoga Challenge is suitable for both beginners and intermediate yogis. We have been practicing yoga together for five years. Even so, we still consider ourselves intermediate at best.

You’ll follow 30-minute, daily yoga workout videos that progress from the basics through muscle recovery through yoga cardio.

The workouts are video-based for an at-home workout and are available through a free, 2-week trial of Beachbody on Demand.

We curated the printable couple yoga challenge calendar and poses to expose couples to a variety of yoga styles and instructors. Above all, we wanted to help couples quickly see and feel results from practicing yoga from home.  

No equipment is required other than your yoga mat. Also included are five of our favorite partner poses that you can practice together.

Couple’s Yoga Challenge Intentions

We encourage all couples to do their best to complete the 14-day calendar fully and set intentions for the challenge. You can do so on the printable calendar that we send when you enroll.

To maximize the benefits of the yoga challenge for 2, make sure to remove all distractions. Keep your phones in a separate room and give your practice your full attention.

Start each couple’s yoga workout with open minds and be thankful for your body throughout.

After, discuss what you learned from the day’s program. Make a note of any improvements (or imbalances) that you’re experiencing. Lastly, take note of how your mood, skill level, or confidence has improved on your printed calendar. 

Couple’s yoga is a chance to explore and restore your bodies. Take these first 14-days as an opportunity to kickstart your practice together. From there, we recommend making yoga as a couple a lifelong practice. 

A Lifelong Couple’s Yoga Practice

Although we don’t love yoga, we understand it’s critical for long term mobility. According to the Chinese proverb, “For every 1-inch of extension gained, you gain 10-years of life.”

We want to live long, active, and fulfilling lives together, and there’s no better vehicle for us than through practicing yoga. Yoga encompasses the full body while simultaneously enhancing strength, balance, and flexibility, all in a single workout.

If the physical benefits don’t have you sold on the Couple’s Yoga Challenge, maybe the emotional and relationship benefits will.   

Emotional and Relationship Benefits of Couple’s Yoga

1. Stress reduction and mindfulness for two, please. Yoga releases a chemical called GABA (hat’s gamma-aminobutyric acid.) This chemical acts as an inhibitor of neural activity. It’s a natural anti-anxiety drug. Studies show that improved mindfulness yields higher relationship satisfaction.

2. What’s more, is therapists are using partner yoga to strengthen the sexual intimacy and closeness of couples.

3. Our skin is our largest organ. We are designed to receive physical touch. It’s well documented that babies need human touch for optimal development, and it helps reduce stress and symptoms of depression in adults. Being intentional about your digital life and making time for more physical contact can translate to improved sex life.

If you want to experience these emotions and relationship benefits for yourself, get physical with your plus one by trying our favorite couple’s yoga positions.

The At-Home Couple Yoga Challenge Is Right For You If…

  • You want couple’s yoga for beginners that can be done together at home. 
  • You hate yoga, but know that you want more of it in your life. 
  • One of you likes yoga, and the other does not. The challenge is a perfect 2-week trial run.
  • You’re intermediate yogis who lack the structure and variety to advance your practice. 
  • You want to experience a new, healthy habit with your partner. 

Recommended Yoga Mats

We love the YOGO Travel Yoga Mat when we are on the go. The size perfect and it’s extremely durable for indoor or outdoor use. So far, they are even resistant to bug spray and sunscreen. As former materials engineers, we know that’s a feat. Lastly, every mat sold equals a tree planted.  

For the home studio, we use the Jade Harmony Mat. This offers more padding than the YOGO mat which is comfortable for seated positions and core exercises.

We have used both mats for more than three years and they are still in new condition. That says a lot because we use them daily (for HIIT, core, yoga, and lifting workouts) and clean them regularly.

What Does This Challenge Include?

Our couple yoga challenge includes the following:

– Access to the streamed, at-home workouts through a free trial of Beachbody On Demand

– A printable 14-day calendar with 14 different yoga workouts to stream at-home, each 10-36 minutes in length

– Areas to write down notes after each individual yoga session

– Our “Dos” and “Don’ts” tips for the partner yoga challenge

– A place to write down your goal and intention for the week, where you can see it and review daily

– Five couple’s yoga challenge poses to practice during the 2-week program!

Enter your email below to download the Couple’s Yoga Challenge and we’ll be in touch.

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14-Day Couples Yoga Challenge

This 14-day couple’s yoga training program aims to reconnect you to your health and help you appreciate your body. Practicing yoga as a couple is an opportunity to bond and be present in a way apart from your normal, busy lives.

The customized calendar was curated and created by us with the purpose to expose couples to a variety of beginner to intermediate yoga styles while practicing yoga with your partner from home.


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