Couple’s Yoga Challenge

couple’s yoga challenge for beginners

Transform Your Body in 14-days in this Couple’s Yoga Challenge

Yoga strengthens the core, increases flexibility, signals muscle imbalances, and just makes you plain feel good. Outside of creating a healthy body, yoga creates a healthy mind by increasing awareness and an “in the moment” attitude. With thoughtful practice, yoga can transform your health, energy, and focus.

This 14-day challenge aims to reconnect you to your health while exposing you to various styles of yoga. Ready to transform your body and mind in 14-days, for free? Download the program below.

Why Practice as a Couple?

Practicing yoga as a couple is an opportunity to connect and be present in a way apart from your normal, busy lives. Not only is there built-in accountability to complete the challenge, a helpful partner can also watch your form and help you progress in your new yoga abilities. By practicing yoga together as a couple, you have an opportunity to discuss your health goals and create a clear strategy on how to strengthen your yoga practice, together.

Check out a few more of our favorite reasons why yoga is better with a buddy! Or, read about our lessons learned from completing the Couple’s Yoga Challenge ourselves. 

About the Challenge

This 14-day Couple’s Yoga Challenge is suitable for both beginners and intermediate yogis. We have been practicing yoga together for 5 years, and we still consider ourselves intermediate at best. You’ll follow 30-minute, daily couple’s yoga workout videos which progress from the basics through muscle recovery through yoga cardio. The workouts are video-based for an at-home workout and can be accessed through a free, two week trial with Beachbody on Demand.

The customized calendar was curated and created by us with the purpose to expose couples to a variety of yoga styles and instructors as well as practicing yoga from home. Learn more about why we do couple’s yoga at homeNo equipment is required but a yoga mat can be helpful, especially to pad poses on your back. Also included are some of our sweet couples yoga poses that non-yogis can do.

Your Couple’s Yoga Challenge Intentions

We encourage all couples to do their best to complete the 14-day calendar fully and set intentions for the challenge. You can do so on our printable calendar. Before you begin, make sure to remove distractions (keep your phones in a separate room) to give your practice your full attention. Start each partner yoga workout with open minds and be thankful for your body throughout. After, discuss what you learned from the day’s program as well as any improvements (or imbalances) that you’re experiencing.  Couple’s yoga is a chance to explore and restore your bodies. It will take longer than just 14-days, so take this is an opportunity to kickstart your couple’s yoga practice, together.

Lessons Learned From Our Couple’s Yoga Practice

Although we haven’t always loved yoga, we understand it’s critical for long term mobility. According to ancient Chinese teachings, “For every 1-inch of extension gained, you gain 10-years of life. We want to live long, active, and fulfilling lives together so we had to learn how to enjoy yoga. Since we’re two engineers, we decided to create a yoga experiment. And, our Couple’s Yoga Challenge was born. If you’re still uneasy about the prospect of doing couple’s yoga workouts together, take a look at our Lessons Learned From A 14-day Couple’s Yoga Challenge.

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14-Day Couples Yoga Challenge 

This 14-day couple’s yoga training program aims to reconnect you to your health and help you appreciate your body. Practicing yoga as a couple is an opportunity to connect and be present in a way apart from your normal, busy lives. The customized calendar was curated and created by us with the purpose to expose couples to a variety of beginner to intermediate yoga styles while practicing yoga with your partner from home.