Couple’s Yoga Poses

In this post, you’ll learn easy, medium, and hard couple’s yoga poses that even non-yogis (like us) can do. We also include a free, 24-minute online yoga session to tie many of these couple yoga poses into a professionally designed couple’s yoga flow sequence. 

Some days, we have a hard time touching our toes. Still, we were able to safely practice these partner yoga poses. Get your tripod ready, because these two person yoga poses are fun to photograph!

Practicing these partner yoga poses is a perfect way to strengthen your mind, body, and relationship together while home-bound due to the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s get started because bendy is trendy!

couple’s yoga poses

Although we practice yoga regularly, we are not yogis. Since we’re not yogis, we were supervised by a certified yoga teacher while taking these pictures. We did our best to represent proper form, but, as you’ll see, our form isn’t perfect. 

If you’re like us (not that bendy), review the written instruction to help you perform the couple’s yoga positions safely. These 23 partner and acro yoga poses are our favorites because they’re safe but still challenging. These partner poses test your balance, flexibility, strength, and communication.

Anyone (with a little practice) can do these easy, medium, and hard yoga poses for two people. Have fun together, do your best, and high five because you’re getting scientifically proven benefits of exercise with your partner.

If you’re anything like us, yoga is tough. Alex, in particular, finds the balance and flexibility a challenge, but that’s all the more reason to do it. If it’s hard, it means you need the practice! The whole “Buddha on lily pad” zen-like feeling will have to wait for next time.

Before Starting The Couple’s Yoga Poses

Before trying these partner yoga poses, make sure you’re both warmed up. A few sun salutations, high knees, or stretches will suffice. 

Next, be prepared to communicate during each couple’s yoga pose. Talk about when to start and finish the pose, and discuss how you are feeling throughout. Do not do hold a pose if it’s painful for either of you. 

After Practicing These Partner Yoga Positions

While couple’s yoga poses are a great way to bond, stretch, improve balance, and take great pictures, they’re not the most effective way to advance your overall yoga practice.

Much of yoga’s challenge happens between poses, when you have to engage large and small muscle groups to maintain balance and control while flowing into the next pose.

Once you practice our 23 easy, medium, and hard yoga poses, we recommend you move onto our Couple’s Yoga Flow Routine. We partnered with a professional yogi to bring you this couple’s yoga flow sequence.

You can review the full details of the yoga video in our article, ‘Couple’s Yoga Flow Routine,’ or press play on the video below. The online yoga session can be done at home, includes professional instruction, and is perfect for beginner to intermediate yoga couples.

In addition to our couple’s flow routine, you can also sign up for our free Couple’s Yoga Challenge at the end of this post.

Also, while practicing couple’s yoga, don’t miss this opportunity to get some great pictures. When you do, share them on social media to spread the couple’s yoga trend. Feel free to tag us, @ryanandalexduolife, so we can celebrate your success!

Easy Partner Yoga Poses

The following couple’s yoga poses are for beginners. These include partner yoga stretches and beginner yoga moves. Later on, in the medium and hard couples yoga poses, you’ll do acro yoga beginner moves.

When we practiced these poses together, it helped to do so after a glass of wine. It was fun and quite funny. Plus, this counts as healthy alcohol consumption

However, make sure you don’t do anything risky. If either of you are uncomfortable doing one of these partner yoga poses, skip it or find a spotter to help. 

1. Stacked Child’s Pose

This first couple’s yoga position might be a new one for you. The stacked couple’s child’s pose is so photogenic you should probably Instagram this with your partner immediately.

Although funny looking, this duo yoga pose will relieve tension in your lower back. A padded surface would be far more comfortable than stone tiles. We only use this mat from YOGO.

2. Partner Back Stretch

This two person, beginner yoga pose feels fantastic. Plus, your partner is always more fun to stretch with than a stability ball.

Although it looks a little funny, it still works when a 5’4″ wife lifts her 6’1″ husband.

3. Couple’s Camel Pose

Another great back stretch, this pose emphasizes lengthening the quads and hip flexors. To safely complete this beginner couples yoga pose, follow these steps:

  1. Put your knees together
  2. Grab your partner’s forearms
  3. Lean back into camel pose
  4. Keep your chest open and flex your core by pulling your belly button toward your spine
  5. It feels even better to relax your head and neck
  6. Be careful not to turn your head to the side

If you notice tight hip flexors and quads during this couple yoga pose, we recommend you start using a standing desk

4. Partner Side Angle Pose

Side angle pose is an excellent couple’s yoga position for beginners. Make sure you alternate sides. Keep your feet perpendicular and gaze up at your hand. 

If you have a hard time reaching your partner’s hand, you can use a yoga strap, hand towel, or t-shirt.

5. Cheeky Forward Fold

This easy couple yoga pose gets a little cheeky.

In forward fold, don’t lock your knees. If you need to bend your knees (like Ryan), that’s fine. Focus on keeping your spine long instead of rounding your back. You can also do a wide-legged forward fold.

Although not pictured in our duo yoga pose, it’s extra credit if you get a little cheeky and bump buns with your partner. 

6. Triangle For Two

This standing partner yoga pose is another excellent hamstring stretch. Triangle is a beginner yoga pose that anyone can do. If you’re less flexible, touch your shin or knee instead of your ankle or the floor.

It’s important not to apply pressure with your hand, especially if it’s on your knee. You can also place your hand on a yoga block or water bottle to make the floor higher. Lastly, make sure your back foot is at a 45-degree angle and never lock your knees. 

7. Cobra Back Bend

This partner yoga pose stretches your lower back. For the person on the floor, it will also stretch their shoulders and chest. Take turns standing and lying down. Finally, make sure to engage your core. 

8. Seated Cat For Couples

Engage your core, tuck your chin, pull your belly in, and lean back. You can pull away from each other to go deeper into the stretch. 

9. Partner Yoga Twist

To properly complete this easy couple yoga pose, lengthen your spine, sit up straight, breathe, and enjoy the couple’s yoga spinal twist.

10. Child’s Pose And Fish

A padded surface is helpful for this couple’s yoga pose. While in child’s pose, you can experiment with your knees together or spread open, deepening the stretch.

11. Partner Yoga Tree Pose

Couple’s tree pose is the classic couple balancing pose. It’s even more challenging to balance when you’re attached to your partner.

Depending on your flexibility, keep your foot above or below your knee to avoid putting pressure on your knee. This is one of our signature poses that we love to highlight in Instagram. It’s easier said than done!

Partner Yoga Poses Meduim

These yoga poses for two are perfect for beginner to intermediate yogis. They are more challenging because they require more strength and balance than the 11 easy partner yoga poses we just did.

In the following list of positions, two are beginner acro yoga poses. Both will challenge your balance. 

Going forward, these couple’s yoga positions will require more upper and lower body strength. To advance your yoga practice as a couple, don’t forget about cardio and total body strength training. Our Couple’s Workout Routine is an intense HIIT routine that will help you accomplish both.

Additionally, consistently scheduling more yoga together will also help strengthen your practice. Our 14-Day Couple’s Yoga Challenges will help you accomplish that goal in the comfort of your own home. We prefer following streamed yoga classes, so we share the routines we love. 

12. Downward Dog Upward Bow

Our first medium, two person yoga pose is a combination of downward dog and bow.

First, if you can’t do bow pose individually (on your stomach), skip this pose or only do downward dog.

Second, while in downward dog focus on driving your hips up and flexing your core to help support your partners weight. Considering downward dog is one of the principal yoga poses, it’s not that easy for someone with tight hamstrings to keep their spine straight (ahem, Alex). Bending the knees and imagining a string pulling you up like a puppet will help.

Lastly, Alex (105 lbs.) didn’t try to support Ryan (175 lbs.) in this pose. While she probably could have supported Ryan’s weight, we didn’t want to risk it. Use your best judgment. If you’re uncomfortable, skip the position. 

13. Couple’s Chair Pose

For couple’s chair pose, it helped us to start with our arms linked in a sitting position. Then, push with your legs against each other’s back and lift off of the ground.

Hold this pose until muscle failure, and make sure you communicate to your partner when you need to go back down to the floor. How long can you hold it?

14. Partner Shoulder Stand

Support your lower back with your hands and engage your core. For safety, do not use momentum during this couple’s yoga pose.

Instead, use your core strength to come in and out of the pose slowly. Lastly, once you’re in the pose, do not turn your head from side to side. 

Extra credit if you bump buns!

15. Hand Standing On The Dog

First, one person gets into downward dog. Then, the second person positions their hands before lifting their legs onto the downward dog. Their shoulders should be directly below their hips in a perfect, upside-down L-shape.

Take turns in each role and enjoy the upper body burn while in a handstand.

16. Partner Yoga Plank Up Dog

This yoga pose for couples requires considerable core and upper body strength.

Flex your core, and if you can’t maintain perfect plank form while supporting the weight of your partner, skip this position until you can increase core strength. Try doing plank holds until failure four times a week. 

17. Partner Yoga Plank

The same rules apply to this couple’s yoga pose. Try to do a full one-legged chaturanga on your partner.

18. Beginner Acro Yoga Pose 1 – I Got Your Back

This post was about sharing our favorite couple’s yoga poses with you. While we did our best to give each pose a correct name, we had to make up some of them. Here’s our first partner acroyoga pose.

Stand back to back and link your arms. One person bends over while keeping their spine long. The second person uses their core strength to lift their legs. 

19. Beginner Acro Yoga Pose 2 – Flying L-batross

This one is relatively simple, but it requires leg and core strength and balance. While on the ground, make sure you press your lower back into the floor to protect your spine. 

14-Day Couples Yoga Challenge

This challenge aims to reconnect you to your health and help you appreciate your body. Practicing yoga as a couple is an opportunity to connect and be present in a way apart from your normal, busy lives.

The customized yoga workout calendar was curated by us to expose couples to a variety of yoga styles and instructors as well as practicing yoga from home.

Or, download for free.

Hard Couple’s Yoga Poses

If you are wondering where to begin with acro yoga, start with these moves. These are hard couple’s yoga poses, so please be safe. Increasing your total body strength will only help. Again, we recommend our total body, at-home Couple’s Workout Routine

However, that routine uses only you and your partners body weight. Resistance training with free weights or resistance bands will be helpful for these acro yoga moves. We prefer resistance bands over weights, and designed a free 8-week, total body Resistance Bands Workout Routine.

As always, be safe and make sure you stop if either of you experience pain during these couple’s acroyoga poses.

20. One Arm High-Flying Whale Pose

Start by holding both legs with both arms and then experiment with one. This hard yoga pose for two people will test your balance and core strength. If you need a spotter, recruit a friend. 

21. Couple’s Crow Pose

Challenge your upper body strength with this hard partner yoga pose. Although it might be tempting to turn your head to the side and kiss your partner’s cheek, do not. 

In many yoga poses, such as camel pose or plow, it can be extremely dangerous to turn your head to the side as you could tweak your neck. 

22. Yoga Airplane Pose

When you are comfortable with this acro yoga pose, let go of each other’s hands and try flying. We weren’t quite there yet, so we’ll keep practicing. 

23. Couple’s Throne Pose

Couple’s throne pose is hard to get into and out of, but easy to maintain. We used a spotter for this position. 

We hope that you enjoyed our 23 favorite couple’s yoga poses. Please share this article with the other aspiring yogi couples in your life.

I have questions. What do I do?

Ask away in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible and if you have yoga pose recommendations we’ll try them out and add them to this article accordingly.

Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance for your comment!

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14-Day Couples Yoga Challenge

This challenge aims to reconnect you to your health and help you appreciate your body. Practicing yoga as a couple is an opportunity to connect and be present in a way apart from your normal, busy lives.

The customized yoga workout calendar was curated by us to expose couples to a variety of yoga styles and instructors as well as practicing yoga from home.

Or, download for free.

How We Decluttered as a Couple

Are you a couple? If so, we understand the unique challenges that come with decluttering with another person.

You and your partner will inevitably have different decluttering, organizing, tidying up, and purchasing styles. Plus, there’s a chance that when you meld your households, you will have two of everything — with each person possibly preferring their own set.

However, decluttering as a couple not only streamlines your day and better utilizes your space. What’s more, is it helps you put more focus on the things you cherish and need.

As unbelievable as it sounds, taking on a decluttering challenge with your spouse or partner can be a relationship-building process. It’s an opportunity to keep items that resonate.

For Ryan (the hoarder and spender), it took time for him to get on board. What helped the most was that we moved around a lot, especially internationally. This meant that every few years, we had to evaluate the entirety of our belongings. It became apparent what things no longer fit with our traveling lifestyle.

However, not everyone has these same motivating opportunities. Alongside the moves, our hobbies began to change. While he loved snowmobiling with his friends, it wasn’t something we normally did together nor something he often did alone.

So, he sold his snowmobile, and whenever he had a guy’s trip, he borrowed one. We put that extra cash towards strengthening the hobbies we did more frequently, like hiking and skiing.

No, this doesn’t mean that Ryan slowly gave up his identity as we morphed into a couple. He just realized that he didn’t always need to buy when he could borrow or rent, especially on infrequent hobbies. Plus, with the money we earned, we were able to upgrade some of the things that sparked the most joy!

Finally, if you and your partner disagree on whether or not an item should go, just let it stay. There shouldn’t be any shame or judgment if one person loves a certain item, no matter how bizarre it is to you.

Remember, this exercise is to help improve your life and to create a home and space that you both love. It’s not about causing stress or rehashing why a grown adult man owns a pair of sweat shorts from Walmart (ahem, Ryan). If you’re not sure, keep it and revisit in six months.

However, if you think one person is hoarding more than necessary, talk about it and try to understand why. Compromise is critical when tidying up as a couple.

Step 1: How to Decide What to Sell

As a rule of thumb, if it’s something you haven’t used in the past six months, sell it. We understand that some items are seasonal and some are sentimental, but remember that quality is more important than quantity. If these are items that are only used occasionally (like a steamer), you can borrow from a friend or rent one for the few times you need it.

For decluttering clothing, our favorite decluttering tip is to turn all of your hanger hooks inwards. Every time you wear a clothing item, hang it back correctly. If after six months you haven’t touched an item, it’s time to sell it.

Finally, if you and your partner disagree on whether or not an item should go, just let it stay. There shouldn’t be any shame or judgment if one person loves a certain item, no matter how bizarre it is to you. Remember, this exercise is to help improve your life and to create a home and space that you both love. It’s not about causing stress or rehashing why a grown adult man owns a pair of sweat shorts from Walmart (ahem, Ryan). If you're not sure, keep it and revisit in six months.

However, if you think one person is hoarding more than necessary, talk about it and try to understand why. Compromise is critical when tidying up as a couple.

Step 2: Make it a Competition

While unorthodox, decluttering your home as a competition spurred us on to downsize before moving to Ecuador. We tried to sell everything (yes, everything! I literally sold a mop) and we kept a tally to determine who was in the lead.

Set a deadline of one month and sell away! If you don't have one month, at least settle for two weeks. You'll find that a lot of items go over the weekends so ideally, you'll want to get in as many as possible.

Bonus: It's a lot easier to let go of some items when you can make a small profit by selling them. You can also think of your item as going to a new home where it will be used more.

Step 3: Know Your Marketplaces

We highly recommend selling on Facebook Marketplace. It can be done through Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps on your phone or on your laptop. The benefits of Facebook Marketplace vs. Craigslist is that you can check out people’s profiles, filter closer locations, and rank in a buyer/seller rating system to prevent bad business.

Too often on Craigslist, we would get inquiries from people far away, and you don’t want to waste time coordinating or filtering. Plus, Craigslist is creepily anonymous.

Note that we did find value in using Craigslist for our higher-cost items, including selling our $1500 Tempur-Pedic mattress on there. Just note that with Craigslist comes a lot of spammers. Be careful and be up front that you will only accept cash and pick up only from the get-go.

Step 4: Set a Reasonable Price

Before selling an item, take a quick look on to check what the full, new price is. Then, take 50% off if it was in 'like-new' condition, and 75% off if it was used. If we didn’t get any takers after two weeks, we would lower the price.

Pricing can be challenging. It's inevitable that you'll agonize over if it’s too high or too low. You’ll likely receive offers that are far lower than your asking price, hoping for better to come along. 

That’s why we’ve set a one-month deadline because one week might not give you enough offers to know if you’ve listed a good price. Don't worry if you "lose" a buyer. There'll be more.

Trust us. This is not a lot of work. And it's about to get way easier with step 5. 

Step 5: Leave It On Your Doorstep, Literally

When you’re selling items, coordinating amongst potential buyers takes up too much time.

That’s why should pick a person who could pick it up that day — not tomorrow or this weekend, even if they messaged first. Then, tell them you’ll leave the item on your doorstep and to slip the cash under your doormat.

Never, out of the hundred or so items we’ve sold has this strategy gone awry. We lived on a walkable bar street in downtown Fort Worth. No one ever stole an item, and every item was also always paid for.

No stress, no worry, no face-to-face meeting. Keep it simple.

Step 6: Unsold Items? Time for a Yard Sale, Friend Giveaway, or Donation

There’s nothing more eco-friendly and green than recycling and reusing!

Step 7: Decide How You’ll Purchase and Purge Items in the Future

As a couple, sit down and decide how you’ll maintain your newly organized and tidy household. The simplest rule to follow is for every new item in, take an old item out. That means if you’ve upgraded or purchased a new sweater, an old sweater has to be sold or donated.

The goal of this Couple’s Decluttering Challenge is to create a permanent habit and lifestyle on how you keep and manage your possessions, together. If you need to re-do this challenge next year, then it’s time to repeat Step 7!

In our experience, completing this decluttering challenge will teach you to appreciate the material items that you own. It will also teach you to be more mindful of new material items that you bring into our life.

As decluttering challenge graduates, we no longer buy anything that we don't absolutely need, which leads to more saving as a couple. When we do buy items, we spend more time researching and deliberating. Therefore, the products we buy are top-quality, last for a long time, and come with a sense of pride. 

Happy decluttering and tidying up as a couple!

If you want to learn more, here are a few of our favorite decluttering books:

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
The Year of Less by Cait Flanders
The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin


What did you think of the Couple's Decluttering Challenge? Let us know in the comments below, and we especially want to hear the best item you sold! In your new-found calm and spacious home, try our Couple's Yoga Challenge next. 

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