Hacking health and happiness with science.

Ryan and Alex are a husband-wife duo and two engineers committed to discovering the science behind happiness and health — and they’re sharing their research along the way.

As engineers who believe in the power of data and science, they’ve turned themselves into guinea pigs. Striving to be as healthy as they can be, Ryan and Alex dig through the latest research, experiment on themselves, and work with experts to bring proven, tried-and-true health techniques on how to exercise, eat well, and live happily in a relationship. 

In 2017, Ryan and Alex gave up their high-powered corporate jobs on a mission to optimize fitness, nutrition, and relationships for all duos. Since then, their journey has been featured in the Daily Mail, Business Insider, The Independent, Thrillist, Tiny Buddha, Greatist, Bustle, and more.

Fitness and nutrition coaches since 2013, Ryan and Alex created a do-it-anywhere method of working out and eating well together. Efficiency and effectiveness are everything to engineers. They have also recorded several of their own workouts, created online programs for couples to kickstart their healthy lifestyles, and share the tools they discover with their community through their social media and weekly newsletter.

Ryan and Alex guide couples to

  • Fuel their healthiest lives through structured fitness and nutrition plans
  • Build their happiness through lifestyle optimization
  • Strengthen positive habits and motivation
  • Make a healthy lifestyle fun and lasting by duo’ing it together

where to start

Life gets overwhelming. Here’s what Ryan and Alex can do for you:

  • Join other couples in our free Just Duo It program – complete with one year of fitness, nutrition, mindset, and relationship “Daily Duoables” and monthly guides to bring you closer to your health goals and happiness, together.
  • Make a bet with yourselves that you and your partner can stay healthy for one week with Couple’s Clean Week. Kickstart your best healthy habits in 7-days.

their story

Two Engineers Balancing Life and Work

Ryan and Alex began experimenting with their nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and relationship years before Ryan and Alex Duo Life was founded in 2017. 

Both materials science engineers, Ryan and Alex met at work in 2010. They dove headfirst into the corporate grind, working their way up the corporate ladder, and switching companies to get the best raises. After a 3-year stint working abroad in China, they returned to the US in 2015 with new promotions in sales (for Ryan) and business management (for Alex). They felt like they had finally made it. 

Yet, something was off, and nobody could tell them what it was.

From the outside, everything seemed perfect for Ryan. Ryan, who had become a health coach in 2013 as a side gig, was more successful than ever at work while still maintaining his six-pack abs. However, he started experiencing weird symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, and bizarre allergic-type reactions.

When he brought up his concerns to doctors, they were always dismissed because he was so seemingly healthy.

That’s when it hit them: they needed to take their health into their own hands. Ryan and Alex didn’t want to hear from doctors a simple, “All looks fine!” at the end of their annual physicals. They wanted to learn what was coming down the road and what they could do to be as healthy as they could be. And, it was apparent that Ryan wasn’t fine.

Ryan and Alex began researching the latest scientific papers, experimenting with their diet and fitness and requested additional blood work, mineral tests, and hormone tests to be performed. Ryan saw sleep doctors, general practitioners, and even a holistic chiropractor and clinical kinesiologist.

Finally, the truth was uncovered: chronic sleep deprivation and burnout had severely affected Ryan’s hormone and mineral levels, including halving his testosterone to a level typical of a 60-year-old (Ryan was 28).

After this brutal wake-up call, in late-2017 and now newly married, Ryan and Alex decided to leave their corporate jobs. They founded Ryan and Alex Duo Life to refocus on their health journey while helping and sharing with other couples along the way.

As engineers, their goal is to keep things simple, accessible, multi-functional, and efficient. Ryan and Alex have since built up a toolbox that have helped tens of thousands of couples get back on track with workouts, nutrition, personal development, and stronger relationships.

Their Mission

Ryan and Alex don’t claim to have all the answers, but as engineers, they’re always optimizing and striving for continuous improvement. They believe that health is often overcomplicated and that science and data are a strong motivator for habit formation. What they learn along the way, they share and hope that you’ll find it useful too.

Ryan and Alex have come to recognize five main themes:

  • Accountability and a supportive environment are the keys to lasting habit changes
  • Nutrition is the game-changer while fitness is for maintaining
  • Life and marriage is better when you commit to living in sync
  • Trust the process for longterm, sustainable progress
  • Life is best lived when in a healthy body and a healthy state of mind, together

Why Work with Couples?

Throughout their years working in fitness and nutrition, they received the same question over and over again:

“How do I get my spouse to workout with me?”

Their programs for couples have grown heaps and bounds as more couples look for answers on how to lead a healthy life together. There are few health mentors available who focus so openly on the well-being of the couple, something integral to our happiness but also our health. Ryan and Alex rely on each other to create long-lasting, healthy habits, and help other couples learn to do the same. 

“Our mission is to help couples like you engineer a life you love with the love of your life.”


After years of post-collegiate sports laziness and a few added pounds on the scale, I “finally” came to Ryan and Alex and dragged my wife along. We started an in-home fitness and nutrition program together and got hooked. Over the years, I have lost 20 lbs of fat and gained it back in muscle. Now that we had our second baby, we are even more excited to raise our girls in a healthy household. As far as the Duo Life team, though? Yeah, they’ll help you get where you want or need to go.

Seth and Kelley

One day I left the doctor knowing that if I didn’t change my habits I wasn’t going to be around to watch my children grow up. I found Ryan and Alex Duo Life on Facebook and I was surprised to find that there were real people on the other end eager to help. They have been mentors to us for years. I have lost 87 pounds, 84 inches, and went from a size 24 to a size 8. My husband joined me in my healthy living journey and the energy and confidence we have is amazing!!

Sarah and Andrew

Ryan and Alex are two of the most adventurous people I know. Colin and I love all things Adventurous and that is what attracted us to this Duo! We believe that couples who train together and experience new things together just have a better relationship! We wanted a change in our training and nutrition and they helped us find the perfect plan to follow for our combined goals. We are now working out together more than ever, have seen great results, and are eager to try more programs!

Allison and Colin

Ryan and Alex are awesome! They have been here for us whenever we need support. We get sound advice and amazing motivation in the Duo Life Community. The best part is we have so much fun while we’re busy crushing our goals! There have been plenty of laughs and smiles shared throughout our journey together, and I’m glad to have his support. If you are looking for some extra advice or motivation, do not hesitate to reach out to them. It’ll definitely be worth your time.

Maija and Ben

I (Ally) lost 5 inches but I refuse to weigh myself. Part of my goal is to not stress about weight and focus on feeling and making healthy choices. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how toned I look. I am feeling better and better every day.  The Duo Life Community has been the best thing to happen to me in 2018! I have fought my biggest enemy through this group… myself. All their support and motivation made it a no brainer . I <3 my workout family!

Ally and Matt

My husband and I love the Duo Life Community! Within days we are already feeling the benefits of better nutrition and exercise. Ryan and Alex got us started on a yoga challenge which is perfect and we added in Shakeology, which tastes amazing!! We already decided to do another harder challenge when we finish this one. Thanks for helping us every step of the way and being quick to answer questions and provide support. If you need support in your duo, you’re in right place!

Rachelle and Pete

Thank you!!!

We’re in such a routine now, it feels like something’s missing if we’re not working out in the mornings!

– Jennifer and Lance

I finally have a before and after transformation to be proud of and I’m not even done with the program! Down 8 inches and have no clue what I weigh. It doesn’t matter, I feel great!

– Michelle

The “Daily Duoable” emails in the Just Duo It program have been great.  We’ve enjoyed that they’re short and sweet and give you the right amount of motivation and awareness for the day ahead.

– Jenna and Erik

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