Just Duo It

introducing the JUST DUO IT program

A step-by-step program for couples to get healthy and
transform their marriage from good to freaking exceptional.

In this revolutionary program for couples, discover our proven formula to slaying the stress, eliminating the exhaustion, and burying the bad habits that are keeping you both from prioritizing your partnership and celebrating the Duo of You.

it’s time to engineer your best life

Transform your body, mind, and marriage together.

We know life gets off-track. We’ve been there, too.

Our lives were speeding by in a punishing daily grind of corporate engineering careers, family expectations, and social obligations. For our marriage to thrive, we needed to rethink our approach.

So, we looked at the next year as 365-opportunities to transform our bodies, minds, and marriage. Today we’ve reached the place where we are each living the life we love with the love of our life.

just the facts

Two-thirds of people worry more about their spouse’s health than their own.

(On average, more than twice a week!)

44% of men confessed that they created a New Year’s Resolution for their spouse.

30% of women admitted the same.

The majority of all New Year’s Resolutions focus on fitness and nutrition.

Whether to lose weight or eat healthier, odds are they’re on your list.

Another reoccurring New Year’s resolution?

“Living life to the fullest” is listed by all age-groups as a target mindset and lifestyle.

let us ask you a question

We’re ready to commit one year on you.

Are you ready to commit one year on you?

Let’s cut to the chase. Whether it’s January 1st or May 5th, you can turn around your year at any time.

We didn’t create this 365-day program as a fast fix. The Just Duo It program is about small, incremental lifestyle changes engineered for your success.

Creating a sustainable lifestyle takes time and commitment. With our guidance and support, it is possible to improve all aspects of your lifestyle and relationship in just one year.

As engineers, we dug into the research to find the most proven, effective ways to get you on a healthier path for the long haul.

the innovative course

Discover the simplicity of Just Duo It

When you enroll in the Just Duo It program, you and your partner will receive “Daily Duoables” to your inbox every morning. You will start your day with guidance, motivation, and an action item to better your mind, body, and marriage.

You and your partner will start setting the foundation, one small building block at a time, to engineer the life you love, together. And no, you don’t have to be engineers — that’s why we’re here!

The Just Duo It program is structured in 12 Phases to get you both incrementally and sustainably healthier and happier together without the overwhelm. To help hold you accountable, you’ll gain access to our exclusive community of power couples on our VIP app. Couples just like you.

Studies show that engagement, accountability, and support are the keys to creating meaningful lifestyle changes.

We’re engineering your success.

What’s included in the Just Duo It program

365 Daily Duoable Emails

Structured, actionable emails, this is the foundation of the Just Duo It program. Take it day-by-day, as we share the science and mindset behind achieving your health and relationship goals.

12 Phase Ebook Guides

Tie the emails together with overarching, monthly themes. These downloadable PDF ebook guides include additional research, action items, and worksheets. Here are the 12 phases of the Just Duo It program:

  • Phase 1: Reducing Inertia
  • Phase 2: Communication and Connection
  • Phase 3: Engineering a Road Map
  • Phase 4: Reinventing Date Night
  • Phase 5: Building Habits and Routines
  • Phase 6: Tracking and Recalibrating
  • Phase 7: Increasing Effectiveness
  • Phase 8: Overcoming Obstacles
  • Phase 9: The Data of Progress
  • Phase 10: Hobbies and Happiness
  • Phase 11: Sustaining a Healthy Life
  • Phase 12: Strategic Goal Setting

Community and Private App Access

Access to a community of like-minded, motivated couples who are committed to engineering their best lives. Focused on healthy eating and fitness through a private group app, we hold all participants accountable to their workout and nutrition goals.

    BONUS! – Fancy AF: 12 Recipes for the Ultimate Date Night

    Elevate your date night with twelve new restaurant-quality recipes. Wow your partner, and yourself, by learning new techniques in the kitchen, like with Mahi Mahi with Rainbow Carrots En Papillote.

    Downloaded as a PDF ebook.

    BONUS! – Couple’s Clean Week

    For free, have access to our program Couple’s Clean Week. Kickstart your year of health with 7-days of streamed at-home workouts, daily video lessons by Ryan and Alex, worksheets to keep you on track, and clean eating guides.

    Learn more about Couple’s Clean Week.

    BONUS! – Two-On-Two Coaching Session

    Sit down for one 60-minute phone or video call with Ryan and Alex to discuss your goals for the program and your unique situation as a couple.

    Ryan and Alex can recommend fitness programs for you and your partner, customized tips for healthy eating, and ways to focus on your relationship. You’ll also have access to Ryan and Alex throughout the program on the private community app and through email.

      We love the Just Duo It program. Super excited for more date night recipes to meal prep! Loving the program! The Daily Duoables are helping us focus on smaller goals and challenges. I definitely look forward to my daily email to guide my day. Chris and I spend a lot of time apart and we always enjoy reviewing together on our nightly FaceTime date.

      Amanda and Chris

      The "Daily Duoable" emails in the Just Duo It program have been great.  We've enjoyed that they're short and sweet and give you the right amount of motivation and awareness for the day ahead. Highly recommend this program for couples!

      Jenna and Erik

      I am so proud because I’ve actually been reading the Just Duo It, Daily Duoables! I love how quick and simple the emails are, how there are daily themes and only one is working out related, how Ryan and Alex are nonjudgmental, and more related resources are available if you want to read further. It’s an excellent mix of unique material. Since it's and short and sweet we both read and discuss daily!

      Ellie and Jason


      365 days of fuel to motivate, reconnect and strengthen your lives and marriage, straight to your inbox. Powerful but simple tips on nutrition, fitness, mindset, and healthy relationships, uniquely curated and optimized for the power duo like you.








      what does “engineering your best life” mean?

      Healthy. Strong and growing stronger. Active.

      Success at achieving a work-life balance. Conquering the calendar. Feeling relaxed at home. Having date nights that excite you both as much as they did when you started dating. Mastering the family dinner with healthy, home-cooked meals. Sleeping well and fully. Feeling motivated daily to workout together. Setting an example of an excellent marriage for your family and friends. Having the energy and being open to spontaneous after-dinner bike rides or weekend hikes with friends. Succeeding in your career with the full support of your spouse.

      … If you’re where we were at, we couldn’t manage all this either.

      Refreshing. Spontaneous. Reconnected.

      Honestly, this is the program we wish had existed for us back when we were stuck in a rut. On the outside, it looked like we had it all — booming careers and a happy relationship — but we felt overwhelmed, stressed, and stuck. It was then we decided to use our engineering approach to bettering our happiness and life together. That meant optimizing our health by losing unwanted weight, eating better, sleeping deeply, energizing our mindset, releasing stress, and learning to communicate fully to elevate our lives and marriage.

      Ever feel the same? Don’t worry. You’re about to change everything.

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      Hey we're Ryan and Alex

      The creators of Ryan and Alex Duo Life. We are a husband-wife duo and “lifestyle engineers.”

      After eight years working in the corporate world, originally as engineers, we left our high-powered jobs to tackle our true passion — helping couples engineer their best lives.

      The synergy of our engineering minds and ten years of health coaching experience produced Ryan and Alex Duo Life. Our mission is to help you transform your bodies, minds, and relationship, as a couple.

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