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We are a husband-wife duo who left our engineering jobs to travel the world in search of scientific and cultural links to health and happiness. Through considerable research and self-experimentation, we share our discoveries with you.

After seven years in the fitness and nutrition industry, we’ve guided hundreds of couples through fitness, nutrition, relationship, and lifestyle optimization programs. Imagine a life where health is simply a natural by-product of doing what you love, together…

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Just Duo It Program

Created by couples for couples.

With the Just Duo It program, level up your mind, fitness, nutrition, and relationship. Discover our proven formula to bury the bad habits that are keeping you from prioritizing your health as a duo.

One Week Of Clean

Ready to “try on” a healthy lifestyle?

Before making it a lifestyle, make it seven days. In Couple’s Clean Week, focus on clean eating, daily workouts, and bonus lifestyle tips with video tutorials to build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

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Couples Case Studies


After years of post-collegiate sports I got lazy and added pounds on the scale. I “finally” came to Ryan and Alex for help and dragged my wife along. We started an in-home fitness and nutrition program together and got hooked. I have lost 20 lbs of fat and gained it back in muscle. Now that we had our second baby, we are excited to raise our girls in a healthy household. As far as the Duo Life team, though? Yeah, they’ll help you get results.

- Seth & Kelley


The "Daily Duo'able" emails in the Just Duo It program have been great. We've enjoyed that they're short and sweet and give you the right amount of motivation and awareness for the day ahead. Highly recommend this program for couples!

- Jenna & Erik


One day I left the doctor knowing that if I didn’t change my habits I wasn’t going to be around to watch my children grow up. I found Ryan and Alex Duo Life on Facebook and was surprised to find real people on the other end. A couple eager to help. They have been mentors to us for years. I lost 87 pounds and went from a size 24 to a size 8. More importantly, husband joined me on my journey and the energy have is amazing!!

- Sarah & Andrew

I am so proud because I’ve actually been reading the Just Duo It, Daily Duo'ables! I love how quick and simple the emails are, how there are daily themes and only one is work out related, how Ryan and Alex are nonjudgmental, and more related resources are available if you want to read further. It’s an excellent mix of unique material. Since it's and short and sweet we both read and discuss daily!

- Ellie & Jason

Ryan and Alex are the most adventurous couple I know. Colin and I love all things active and outdoors. That's what attracted us to this Duo! We know that couples who train and experience new things together have a better relationship! We needed to change our fitness and nutrition and they helped us find the perfect plan for our combined goals. Now we work out together more than ever, have shared great results, and are more in love!

- Allison & Colin

We love the Just Duo It program. Super excited for more date night recipes to meal prep! Loving the program! The Daily Duo'ables are helping us focus on smaller goals and challenges. I definitely look forward to my daily email to guide my day. Chris and I spend a lot of time apart and we always enjoy reviewing together on our nightly FaceTime date.

- Amanda & Chris

My husband and I love the Duo Life Community! Within days we felt the benefits of better nutrition and an actual fitness plan. Ryan and Alex got us started on a yoga challenge and we added in Shakeology, which tastes amazing! We've already scheduled in a harder challenge when we finish. Thanks for helping us every step of the way and being quick to provide support. If you need support in your Duo Life, you're in right place!

- Rachelle & Pete


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