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We are a husband-wife duo who left our engineering jobs to travel the world in search of scientific and cultural links to health and happiness. Through considerable research and self-experimentation, we share our discoveries with you.

After seven years in the fitness and nutrition industry, we’ve guided thousands of couples through fitness, nutrition, relationship, and lifestyle optimization programs.¬†Imagine a life where health is simply a natural by-product of doing what you love, together.


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resistance bands workout routine ryan and alex duo life

Free 8-Week Resistance Bands Workout Routine (55 Total-Body Exercises)

30-day weight loss challenge ryan and alex duo life

30-Day Weight Loss Challenge (An Engineer’s Foolproof Approach)

couple's yoga poses that you can actually do ryan and alex duo life

23 Easy, Medium, and Hard Couple’s Yoga Poses

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Is Beachbody On Demand Worth It? (A Data-Driven Review)

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Best Movies For Married Couples (That Cut Your Chance of Divorce In Half)

Couple's Workout Routine Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Couple’s Workout Routine (Including 18 Effective Partner Exercises)

at home self care retreat ryan and alex duo life a book in bed with coffee

1-Day DIY At-Home Self-Care Retreat

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Is MasterClass Worth It? (A Review of 19 Classes and All-Access Pass)

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Intermittent Fasting and Sleep

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