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Studies show that one meaningful date night per month is optimal rather than weekly dates which can cause financial stress. Our date night ideas, questions, and products help you plan the most quality, unforgettable date night with your partner.


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At Home Date Ideas

A creative, spontaneous, and epic date night in is easy with our “Ideas and Activity Menu.”

Questions to Ask Your Spouse Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Date Night Questions

This are our 50+ real-life, non-sappy, and open-minded date night questions to connect and laugh with your partner.


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Movie Date Night At Home

Let’s face it, the most classic date of all time is the movie date night at home. Tried and true, it will always be a go-to.

The good news is that a romantic movie date night at home with dinner and a movie can be even more memorable — without the fuss and breaking the bank.

All it takes are a few fresh, creative ideas and a bit of planning. These are our five best movie date night ideas for couples.

Would You Rather Questions for Couples Ryan and Alex Duo Life

“Would You Rather” Questions for Couples

spark fun and meaningful conversation about your relationship, personality, favorite hobbies, appetite for adventure, and career aspirations.
Subscription Boxes for Couples Ryan and Alex Duo Life

The Best Subscription Boxes for Couples

In our experience, subscription boxes can be a fun and unique date night opportunity, or a huge flop. After testing dozens, these are the best.
The Adventure Challenge Book Review

Our Adventure Challenge Book Review

After over twenty dates with The Adventure Challenge, the scratch-off experience/adventure/date journal, here’s our review and experience.


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100+ Non-Religious, Inclusive Premarital Questions

Completing the Puzzle Review_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

The Best Date Night Puzzling for Couples

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