According to science, monthly date nights are part of the secret to having a long-lasting marriage.

In our experience, subscription boxes for couples can be a fun and unique date night opportunity, or, they can be a huge flop.

There are so many monthly subscription boxes for couples flooding the internet and social media.

After reviewing and testing dozens, these are the seven best date night subscription boxes that are actually unique and quality. We’ve tried and enjoyed them all.

Subscription Boxes for Couples Ryan and Alex Duo Life

the best subscription boxes for couples

That’s right, monthly date nights are part of the secret to having a long-lasting relationship.

A 2016 study by the Marriage Foundation followed 10,000 married couples in the UK, tracking how frequently they had a date night.

Ten years later, the verdict was in:

Couples who went on date nights once per month had the best likelihood of staying together and the highest ratings of relationship satisfaction.

Surprisingly, the folks who either went on weekly date nights or rarely at all had nearly identical breakup rates (14% higher than the monthly daters).

It turns out that weekly date nights add unnecessary financial stress and take away well-needed personal time.

Considering that the average US date night costs $98 (and $150 if you live in New York City), it’s no wonder that date night can be a source of stress.

So how can you reinvent date night and show your loved one a meaningful, unique, fun, or romantic date night without breaking the bank?

Four words: subscription boxes for couples.

Our List of the Best Subscription Boxes for Couples

If you think a date night subscription box isn’t sexy, think again.

If you think date night boxes can’t be so fun that you feel like a kid again and completely lose track of time, again, think twice.

Frankly, as minimalists who take pride in our creative date night ideas, we thought subscription boxes were pretty cheesy and unnecessary.

However, these monthly subscriptions seemed like a perfect way for couples to always have a fun date night planned every 30 days. So we scoured the web, asked for recommendations, and tried over a dozen boxes ourselves.

Some of the date night boxes were so unique and fun. But, as we suspected, many others were a flop. We won’t be mentioning them on our list of the top subscription boxes for couples.

According to us, these are the best subscription boxes for couples that are absolutely worth it. 

The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Couples

The following are our top recommendations for date night boxes that suit every duo, from engaged couples to older couples with years of relationship under their belt.

Have fun with it and let us know if we missed any of your favorites in the comments below! Of course, lean into your hobbies as a couple and we hope you discover your perfect date night box as well!

1. A Beautiful, Sustainable, Unlimited Puzzle Subscription: Completing the Puzzle

Subscription boxes for couples Completing the Puzzle unlimited and sustainable puzzling subscription

Puzzles don’t need to be reserved only for a rainy day at the cabin. There’s something cozy and hygge about it, especially when pairing up to puzzle for date night.

We love puzzles. But, we don’t love storing them, or even necessarily buying them as, mostly, they’re one-time uses for us.

When Ryan and I discovered Completing the Puzzle, it all made so much sense: a sustainable puzzle subscription.

With Completing the Puzzle, you solve the puzzle at your own pace and then send it back once done for cleaning and refreshing for the next person. Meanwhile, sit tight as your next new puzzle is already on its way in the mail. It’s like Rent the Runway for puzzles. Finally!

This is an excellent date night monthly subscription box for couples who want to:

Also, while most subscription boxes on our list are for adults, Completing the Puzzle is great for the whole family.

Lately, puzzling is a fun communal activity in the house with one always going in our guest room. Our toddler gets involved in sorting colors and helping out (studies show ages 3-4 is when it clicks!)

If you need more puzzling in your life, check out Completing the Puzzles subscription boxes, starting at $28/month and you can save 20% with our discount code, RYANANDALEX.

For more info, check out our full Completing the Puzzle review

2. A Fun, Spontaneous Date Night Subscription Box for Couples: The Adventure Challenge

Best subscription boxes for couples the adventure challenge book

The National Marriage Project found that the secret to a happy relationship is strong communication, novelty, romance, commitment, and the ability to de-stress.

The same study also found that when you have “couple time” at least once a week, each partner reports being 4X happier with the relationship than those who have it less frequently. (“Couple time” was defined as one-on-one time spent talking or doing an activity.)

With The Adventure Challenge book, you have your next year of date nights already planned.

Okay, it’s not a box, it’s a journal. But it includes 50 scratch off dates, so while you buy just the one book, you’ll still get your surprise weekly date night on demand!

High-quality, spontaneous (and affordable or free) dates with the perfect mix of adventure and sentimentalism are awaiting you right now with The Adventure Challenge.

The company that went from a failed Kickstarter to a $100 million business in a few years has a seriously awesome product.

We highly recommend The Adventure Challenge: Couple’s Edition (with the camera).  It’s a journal with 50 scratch-off dates/adventures/experiences. The premise is that you don’t know what the date is until you scratch it off, and then you’re committed.

We’ve done 35 of the 50 dates so far, and they’re all fantastic with some seriously special ones in there. From painting each other’s bodies to replicating a date night that your grandparents went on, we share in our full Adventure Challenge Book review and what our dates have been like.

For a monthly subscription box, they also sell an Adventure Box that goes a long with the book.

Utilize our code RYANANDALEX with out link to get 10% off!

3. Our #1 Date Night Box for Board Gamers: Crated with Love

board games for couples - The Ultimate Game for Couples
If you’re looking for a surprise date night monthly subscription box in the mail every month for cheap ($25) this is the subscription for you. We liked it so much, that we requested our own 10% discount code for readers too below.

This subscription was a huge success for us.

We started with Madame Medora’s House of Curiosities, an escape-room-style game that was legitimately challenging in the best and most collaborative way possible. Okay, we had to take a peek at the hints… but it was really good.

In addition, they have a rotation of date night boxes with monthly themes and several games inside each. We’re on month 6 and always love receiving each one on our doorstep. Our favorites so far have been the Mix It Up Date Night Generator, Whole Latte Love, and Stranded in Love Ecuador.

At $25/month for a surprise date night game, it’s so brainless and fun, aka exactly what we were looking for in our subscription boxes for couples.

We’ve enjoyed them so much that we reached out to and met the founders: a husband-wife duo from California and small business owners who think up, create, and test all of their games. And, as a big bonus, they gave us a 10% off discount code RADL when you use our link.

We’re superfans and highly recommend Crated With Love’s date night subscription box, from one couple to another!

4. The Best Murder Mystery Subscription Box: Hunt A Killer

Subscription Boxes for Couples Hunt A Killer

Seriously, this crazy fun subscription box has our #1 vote. It’s also the best subscription box for couples on Amazon (because that’s the only place you should buy it).

While it’s not necessarily a “date night” box strictly for couples, we were delighted and surprised with Hunt a Killer. You work together to solve a murder mystery as if you’re the private investigators.

We were given instructions, access to an online portal to review the evidence, a tutorial on code-breaking, a creepy Spotify playlist, plus a packet in the mail that included things like a police report, town map, journal, and, darkly, a funeral service program.

This box felt kind of… real. Over the next 2-3 hours, we worked together to figure out where the murder took place. It was not overly hard but a genuine challenge.

Plus they provide tips and hints on their website if you need a bit of direction (and the answer, which you submit through their online portal to see immediately if you got it right before moving on!)

And the best part? Each monthly subscription box is only one part of the whole murder mystery. The boxes we solved for the murder of “Beth” on creepy Mallory Rock, Maine were part of a 6-part series.

So throughout 6-months, we got to play along (and dress the part), amass all of our evidence, and solve the murder.

Best Fun Subscription Box for Couples
Bravo, seriously well done Hunt a Killer! We had a ton of fun and it was hilarious how into it we both got! This is a straight-up cool and ridiculously fun subscription box for couples.

Hunt A Killer is the most unique monthly subscription box we’ve found. While you can still buy direct from their website to get the boxes shipped out monthly, the best deals we’ve found are buying all of their 6-game sets off of Amazon.

This offers 20-60% off, depending on the game. So, the question is, can you pace yourself?

5. Best Romantic Box for Couples: BloomsyBox

Subscription Boxes for Couples BloomsyBox

BloomsyBox has amazing quality, fresh, and creative bouquets, offering an array of subscription boxes that exceed all expectations.

We personally love the pet-safe bouquets and love the idea of ordering the gorgeous “tropical” monthly flower subscription leading up to a big vacation.

Flowers are easy to gift and something so simple that brings immense joy.

Ryan and I live in the land of flowers — Colombia, one of the world’s largest flower exporters and sources upwards of 80% of flowers in the US. So when it comes to good flowers, our bar is set high. And it turns out BloomsyBox’s owner is a Colombian as well! Go figure!

(And they offer specialty Colombian coffee subscriptions too… talk about a match made in heaven!)

Black Friday 2023 Deals for Couples BloomsyBox
The flowers from BloomsyBox are next level. There’s the New York Botanical Garden-inspired subscription which donates a portion of its sales back to plant science and conservation, and all flowers are ethically harvested.

Our last bouquet, pictured above, lasted over two weeks. To say we were impressed is an understatement. No more worrying that our flowers will arrive half-dead.

BloomsyBox offers several tiers of monthly or bi-monthly flower subscriptions depending on your budget. We also can offer a 10% off discount code when using our link and DUOLIFE10.

6. Favorite Wine Subscription Box for Date Night: MYSA

Fun Subscription Boxes for Couples MYSA Wine

Have the date night activities already planned and only missing the wine pairing?

MYSA is a couple-run company (and you know we love that!) focused on natural, sustainable wines, many of which are organic.

These are the wines we prefer, as Ryan sometimes experiences headaches from wine (and I’m not talking about over-indulgence). Did you know that more than a third of wine drinkers occasionally experience these headaches?

While there’s no silver bullet, this is heavily dependent on the type of wine and how it’s made. We find that natural wines help a lot.

With an MYSA subscription box, you can select anywhere from 3-12 wines to get shipped to you each month, starting at $84.95. All of the wines are natural, and you can pick a mixed selection or even specify all orange or red.

The subscription can be anywhere from 1 month to 1 year long.

Additionally, MYSA wine makes an excellent gift subscription box for couples. Talk about an amazing gift that is lovingly curated also celebrates smaller vineyards. As their slogan says, “Don’t drink boring!” Cheers!

7. Best for Your Sweet Tooth: Mix Box

Subscription Boxes for Couples Mix Box

Do you and your sweetie have a sweet tooth?

If you’re budding bakers and love to cook together, try out Mix Box. Each box comes with all the raw materials you need (except, perhaps, the eggs!) so you and your honey can whip up some delicious home-baked goods from scratch.

What we like about Mix Box is that the recipes push even us semi-experienced bakers further than we’ve gone before, with recipes for berry compote-filled cupcakes and cinnamon buns.

Each month features a different recipe, and one alternative if you prefer to swap it out. In addition to the recipes and raw ingredients, a video tutorial is included so there’s no second-guessing if you’re messing it up or making it right.

Honestly, that’s our biggest complaint about other date boxes we’ve tried — the recipes are too simplistic that we get lost.

Each Mix Box makes a generous 12-32 servings, so odds are your friends and family will be voting for you to gift these subscription boxes for couples!

The cost starts at $31.95 per month with up to yearly subscriptions. Up for next month: peppermint bark fudge cookies. Enough said!

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Closing Thoughts on Subscription Boxes for couples

These fun date night subscription boxes are worth your time. The reward is increased love, intimacy, and simply sharing a fun experience together.

Since monthly date nights strengthen your long-term bond, date night boxes are a great way to stay on track and spend quality time together.

You may have noticed that we didn’t include a romantic or sexy date night subscription box. We’ve found over the years that the ones we have used or liked have changed or been discontinued. Also, many seem forced and since it’s such a personal gift, you’ll want to explore them on your own.

Did your favorite couples subscription box make the list? Comment below and we’ll keep on crowd-sourcing the best boxes for you and your loved one.

For more resources for couples, such as the best apps out there for couples or how to give your partner a good massage, head over to our Healthy Couples page.

Or, download our free at-home marriage retreat guide or date night “menu” below.

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