This analysis of Shakeology alternatives is based on data, not opinion. I hope you like graphs.

My goal was to identify the best Shakeology substitute. And as an engineer, I geeked out hard.

The result is an accurate comparison of Shakeology-like products to help you decide which one is best for your goals and budget.

Shakeology Alternatives Ryan and Alex Duo Life

shakeology alternatives

You want to find an alternative to Shakeology, and you’re not the only one.

Even though I am an avid Shakeology drinker, I do my research every couple of years to ensure I am getting the best quality product for my money.

In addition, each month there are thousands of people searching Google for a good Shakeology alternative.

Shakeology alternatives google searches

I started researching products comparable to Shakeology years ago when I wrote our Shakeology Review article.

Plus, we moved outside of the few countries that sell Shakeology (US, Canada, UK, and France only as of July 2022), so we had to find an alternative.

What I found was confusing, to say the least. Websites would say that a keto meal replacement (13 grams of fat per serving) was comparable to Shakeology (3 grams of fat per serving).

Others would recommend a basic whey protein shake with some adaptogen mushrooms. While it’s probably a good product, the ingredient list is seriously lacking compared to that of Shakeology.

Mostly, I saw lower-cost alternatives to Shakeology that contained poor quality and artificial ingredients. Well, those are just not acceptable.

Given my frustration with these recommendations, writing this article was only a matter of time. And, I am a bit embarrassed about how much time I spent on this. It was not hours, but days. I really, REALLY geeked out.

For some of the products, I’ll briefly share our opinion on taste, but this is personal preference, not data. If you have any opinions (taste, texture, flavors, etc.) feel free to share them in the comments to help other readers make decisions.

While I think this is the best review of products comparable to Shakeology (definitely the most comprehensive), it can always improve with your feedback, comments, and other product suggestions.

Finding the Best Shakeology Substitutes

Our selection process was strenuous.

First, all protein shakes were excluded since they are not comparable to Shakeology. For most, we don’t recommend protein powder. Shakeology offers far more nutrition and meal replacement potential than just a protein shake.

Quality first.

We obsessed over the quality of the ingredients first, and then the nutrition facts.

No fake ingredients.

Anything with artificial flavors and ingredients was also eliminated.

Plant-based, please.

As mostly vegetarian tree huggers, we were concerned about the availability of plant-based flavors. If there wasn’t a vegan option, we didn’t analyze it (with one exception).

Some keto-friendly.

There has been a huge influx of keto shakes into the market with the popularity of the diet.

Most of them are not plant-based, and the shakes that offer vegan flavors are quite different than Shakeology. Still, we included a few because they’re so popular.

Why Trust Us?

All we are doing is presenting the data so that you can make an informed decision. Here are three reasons why you can trust our recommendations.

1. We’re not a review site.

While review sites can be great for some things, they’re not the best for supplements. Typically, they save a bunch of time (and make a bunch of money) by only recommending the best sellers on Amazon.

You probably won’t get a bad product, but you won’t get the best product for your goals and budget.

2. We did the math.

As engineers, we needed to know the real numbers. We assumed all the marketing mumbo jumbo was just noise and focused on the numbers.

We didn’t just compare nutrition labels. Everything was normalized so that we could calculate accurate numbers per serving, gram, and calorie.

3. Data-driven not commission-driven.

Our selections were data-driven (you can see the spreadsheet if you want), not affiliate program-driven. More often than not, websites recommend the product that has the best commission.

Yes, on the internet, almost every supplement recommendation has an affiliate commission attached to it. Otherwise people wouldn’t have an incentive to write review content.

These commissions have not influenced our data. That’s not our style. In fact, our number one Shakeology substitute has a 12% commission, while most of the other premium meal replacements offer 25-30%.

I don’t know why you want to find a Shakeology alternative. Maybe it’s too expensive, you’re allergic to an ingredient, the taste is not your favorite, or you started a new diet.

Whatever the reason, we have you covered in this article. So, let’s begin.

The Best Shakeology Alternatives

We did an in-depth evaluation of 27 products and a high-level evaluation of 50 plus products.

We settled on 10 shakes that were “comparable” to Shakeology. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Ka’Chava
  2. Ample V
  3. Garden of Life Meal Replacement
  4. Vega One All-in-One Shake
  5. Orgain Organic Meal
  6. Plant Fusion Complete Meal
  7. 310 Shake
  8. LYFEfuel All-In-One Daily Essentials Shake
  9. Ambronite Complete Meal Shake
  10. HLTH Code Complete Meal

All the data collected was on the chocolate flavor. Also, some brands offer whey and vegan, but we took data from the vegan flavors.

As you’ll soon see, not all of these are perfectly comparable to Shakeology.

To cut to the chase, there was only one very similar alternative to Shakeology: Ka’Chava.

But given the choice between the two, we would still go with Shakeology. Shakeology is pretty tough to beat. It’s highly nutritious and cheaper than its best substitute.

However, your reasons to drink a shake may be different than ours. So, to help you make the most informed decision, we further analyze the data in the next section, where we’ll separate them into the following categories:

  • Shakeology’s Twin Sister
  • Best Less Expensive Shakeology Alternatives
  • Best Filling Weight Loss Shakes Like Shakeology
  • Best Zero Sugar Shakeology Substitutes
  • Best Keto Alternatives for Shakeology
  • The Other Best Shakeology Alternatives 

Let’s start by comparing the price of these Shakeology alternates.

Best Shakeology Alternatives by Price

Of course, it’s useless to just look at the price per bag or canister. The price per serving is most important. So, we did the math, and here is a chart showing the price per serving.

Included is a discounted price. Typically, supplement companies offer a 10-15% discount for customers who order on a subscription or auto-shipment. Even Amazon offers a small discount if you subscribe for monthly orders.

For Shakeology, you can get steeper discounts (up to 22%) depending on how you buy, but there’s a catch. For a comparison of these Shakeology discount opportunities and an explanation of what you’re signing up for, read our article titled, ‘How Much is Shakeology a Month: ACTUAL Prices Compared.’

Shakeology alternatives price per serving

But, in my opinion, the price per serving doesn’t always tell the full story. I like to evaluate the price per calorie. In a way, this tells me how much fuel am I getting for my dollar.

Alternatives to shakeology and price per calorie

As shown, now the cost of Ambronite, a very high-calorie and filling meal shake, is much lower while the cost of LYFEfuel and 310 Shake, a low calorie and less satiating weight loss shakes, is much higher.

Alternatives to Shakeology by Macronutrients

Most of us are drinking a meal replacement shake with a goal in mind. Whether that’s weight loss, having a convenient but filling meal, or sticking to the requirements of a diet plan, the macronutrients are important.

So, here are the grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fat per serving of each alternative for Shakeology.

Shakeology alternatives macronutrient comparison
As you can see, some of these are not even comparable to Shakeology. The Ample V and HLTH Code are high-fat keto shakes. The Ambronite shake is a high calorie, filling shake, however, compared to Shakeology it just has less protein and more fat.

Fiber Comparison

Since we’re talking about meal replacement shakes, fiber is the MVP.

Not only are 97% of people in the U.S. fiber deficient, but a 2018 study concluded that adult dieters who consumed 30 grams of fiber per day lost 5 pounds without making other lifestyle changes.

Additionally, fiber is good in these shakes because it indicates that whole-food fruit, vegetable, and superfood ingredients were used rather than processed ingredients. 

Ka’Chava, Shakeology, Vega One, and Plant Fusion are all very dense in fiber, coming from between 12 and 25 grams of carbs. The Ambronite number is inflated because it contains 40 grams of carbs per serving. 

I am skeptical about the fiber in HLTH Code and 310 Shake. They both list “soluble vegetable fiber” on their ingredient list and have a very high amount of fiber respective to their carbs contents, 13 and 7 grams of carbs respectively.

This leads me to believe that it’s not naturally occurring fiber that is most beneficial for our bodies. 

Fiber is important for our health and digestion, but it’s also important for keeping us full. 

Shakeology Alternates and Hours Full

How long is a meal replacement going to keep you full? This is a great question that we should all be asking.

The two most filling components of a meal replacement shake are protein and fiber.

With these numbers, we’ve calculated an “hours full” rating per serving for each product. Additionally, calories per serving are included on the same chart.

Everyone has different goals and needs, but for most of us, it’s ideal to stay full longer from fewer calories.

Shakeology alternatives and hours full

For those of you who are curious, here is the hours full calculation:

[Grams of protein per serving + (3 x grams of fiber per serving)] / 10 = Hours full

Keep in mind that this is a made-up calculation and the hours full number is only an estimate. 

If you dislike my calculation because it doesn’t take fat into account, then please ignore it. Few studies show how filling fats are and it depends greatly on the source. 

This calculation, and the next calculation, are not favorable for high fat keto shakes. 

Total Nutrition Value of Shakeology Alternates

When asked, Alex said the most important thing to her when selecting a health shake was the total nutrient value.

I liked her thinking. After all, that’s why we have been drinking Shakeology for so many years. It’s easy for us to consume carbs, protein, and healthy fats every day, however, those micronutrients from 5-9 servings for fruits and vegetables are tricky. 

Now, there is no possible way to measure “total nutrition value” perfectly. It’s far too complex. But, I had a spreadsheet that was 11 columns wide and 49 rows deep, and a can-do attitude.

Here are the results.

Shakeology substitutes and their overall nutrient value score

For those of you who are curious, here are the factors that increased our overall nutrient score:

The ingredient list:

  • Exotic superfood ingredients (10 points)
  • Basic fruit and vegetable superfood ingredients (5 points)
  • Probiotic ingredients (5 points)
  • Digestive enzymes (5 points)
  • Adaptogen ingredients (5 points)

The sum of the above + protein + (3 x fiber) – sugar + carbs – (fat / 2)

* All the protein, fiber, sugar, carb, and fat numbers are in grams per 40 grams of powder. This provides nutrient density. 

Again, I invented this calculation. Since it doesn’t favor fat content, the keto shakes faired poorly. Sorry, I just don’t think people are lacking fat (and frankly, protein) in their diet. 

Please don’t slam me in the comments for trying my best to provide one more helpful metric. If you don’t like these numbers, ignore them. The calculation only highlights the healthiest shakes that we would choose to feed our family with.

The good news is, that outside of Shakeology and Ka’Chava, the next two highest-scoring shakes are extremely affordable!

Ranking the Top Shakeology ALternatives

After viewing the above graphs, it’s still hard to pick the best Shakeology alternative. Compared to Shakeology, some are cheap, have different macronutrients, have low fiber, or don’t keep you full as long.

So, where to begin.

Let’s categorize the shakes so you can decide what is best.


  • Shakeology’s Twin Sister
  • Best Less Expensive Shakeology Alternatives
  • Best Filling Weight Loss Shakes Like Shakeology
  • Best Zero Sugar Shakeology Substitutes
  • Best Keto Alternatives for Shakeology
  • The Other Best Shakeology Alternatives 

 Below, we’ll highlight the top shakes for each category. 

Shakeology’s Twin Sister

Shakeology was released in 2007 and has been hugely successful ever since. Despite what many reviews say, it’s the most premium quality product on the market. Frankly, the ingredient list is incredible.

I can’t believe it took five years for another company to replicate it.


Ka’Chava was born in 2012, and in almost every way it’s a substitute for Shakeology. We did a deep dive into Ka’Chava vs. Shakeology, and the ingredient list and nutrition facts are a mirror image of Shakeology.

We buy both monthly. The Chocolate and Vanilla Ka’Chava flavors taste very similar to those of Shakeology. We’ve also tried their Coconut Acai, Matcha, and Chai flavors. All were delicious except Matcha.

I prefer Ka’Chava because I like that it has more calories and is slightly more substantial. Alex prefers Shakeology because it has fewer calories which is better for her goals, and it’s a little cheaper. We both like the taste of Shakeology better, but they are very close.

By the numbers, Ka’Chava is the only shake that is comparable to Shakeology. The other options all have a less extensive ingredient list and don’t come as close to being a superfood shake.

Best Less Expensive Shakeology Alternatives

I have to admit, we did not taste-test all of these shakes. We only tried Ka’Chava, LYFEfuel, and HLTH Code. Either way, we all have different taste preferences.

So, without considering taste, these are the top three best budget alternatives for Shakeology.

1. Vega One

A lot of people buy Shakeology because it’s a high-quality meal replacement designed for maximum nutrition and weight loss.

This is our first choice because it provides that at a much more affordable price. It’s a low-calorie, nutrient-dense shake that will keep you full for a long time.

2. Plant Fusion

This was a contender for first place, however, it has nearly twice the fat content as Shakeology. This one scored very high on our overall nutrient score.

3. Garden Of Life

This is a very affordable option. It’s pretty filling and it has a high protein content if that’s what you’re looking for. For the best cheap Shakeology alternatives, this placed third because it’s lowest in fiber.

the best less expensive shakeology alternatives

Best Filling Weight Loss Shakes Like Shakeology

To identify the best shakes for weight loss, we cut out the high calorie and high-fat shakes, and compared macros, hours full, and fiber content.

According to the data, the following are the top three best shakes for weight loss as Shakeology alternatives. But, if truly weight loss is your goal, our data shows that Shakeology is still #1 in this category, and the rest take spots #2-4.

1. Ka’Chava

Don’t be afraid of the higher calories. They are calories that are beneficial for weight loss. Calorie deprivation is not the right way to do it anyway.

Ka’Chava hits all the marks for weight loss and it also has prebiotics and probiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, and insoluble fiber which are all excellent for gut health.

A healthy gut means healthy cravings.

2. Vega One

Vega One for the win again. This one will fill you up and help you achieve your weight loss goals.

3. 310 Shake

This meal replacement should keep you full like Shakeology, and for some, it’s more ideal for weight loss because it’s a lower carb option.

Best Filling Weight Loss Shakes Like Shakeology

Best Zero Sugar Shakeology Substitutes

Some people don’t want any sugar. It’s supposed to be a health shake, right?

Just remember that not all sugar is created equal. It’s the artificial sweeteners and refined sugar that are most problematic.

Personally, it’s more important to have a shake that is delicious than a shake that is zero sugar. You’re spending good money on the supplement and it should feel like a reward.

The good news is, there are four products similar to Shakeology that contain zero sugar. These are listed in no particular order

Below is a graph comparing the added sugar content in each alternative to Shakeology.

Shakeology alternatives grams of sugar per serving

Best Keto Alternatives for Shakeology

Quick reminder: these aren’t like Shakeology since they contain over four times the fat content. However, like Shakeology, these are premium quality supplements and good choices overall.

Ample V

This is a great plant-based meal replacement that fits into the keto diet. If you’re not plant-based, they also offer an Ample K that is whey-based.

I was impressed by the ingredients and it’s a very affordable option. I tried to taste test it, but they were having production shortages. It seems like the company is in start-up mode.


All the products we evaluated are plant-based with this one exception. This is a high fiber and high-calorie keto shake that will keep you full for a long time.

Although the premium ingredient list is reflected in the high price, if we were doing keto, this would be our first choice.

We have tried both the vanilla and chocolate flavors. Chocolate is normal and vanilla, especially when blended with other ingredients, is excellent!


The Other Best Shakeology Alternatives

There are three more Shakeology alternatives that didn’t rank in the above categories.

That doesn’t mean they are bad products, it just means they were designed for a more specific need.


This is an excellent quality shake and if you want something that is truly a meal-on-the-go (400 calories), this is a healthy option.


I had read great things about LYFEfuel and I was hoping it would be as good as Shakeology or Ka’Chava. Unfortunately, it didn’t rank so well in this analysis.

That’s because it’s supposed to be a low-carb, keto-friendly shake. Considering we don’t believe in the long-term health benefits of either the low-carb or keto diets, you can see why this didn’t do well with us. It’s just simple: the best nutrition and fiber source will always come from carbs.

However, LYFEfuel might still be a great option for you if you’re looking for high protein and low carbs. It contains the second-highest protein per serving (after Garden of Life) and the second-lowest amount of carbs (after HLTH Code).


Based on my analysis, this was the least impressive low-cost Shakeology alternative. It has 25 grams of carbs and only 2 grams of fiber. That’s too low…

However, it’s still a pretty healthy shake at a very low price. Give it a try and as long as you like the taste then it’s a go!

Closing Thoughts on Shakeology Alternatives

I hope you have found this analysis of shakes comparable to Shakeology useful. We will keep the article up to date with new products.

Please feel free to share constructive comments or questions below to help other readers and help us make this article more comprehensive.


We have had more time to drink some of these Shakeology alternates, including Ka’Chava, HLTH Code, and LYFEfuel. Still, the only true Shakeology alternate is Ka’Chava.

After 35+ bags and several years now, we’ve continued to purchase Ka’Chava and all the flavors except matcha are delicious. What’s more, is they taste great on the go with water in a blender bottle, or at home in the Vitamix with other ingredients.

Our next favorite is HLTH Code. The vanilla flavor tastes incredible.

If you do purchase Shakeology, feel free to do so through Alex and me. Here’s how we do things.

We never contact you with anything promotional and always respond thoughtfully to your questions through email.

Since we have been following Beachbody programs since 2008 and drinking Shakeology since 2014, we have a lot of experience.

Additionally, we have helped over 15,000 customers, and, according to Google, in 2022 our helpful Beachbody articles were read by 130,254 readers.

Lastly, since Beachbody coaching is only a small portion of our business (our lifestyle website for couples) our advice is less biased and we often share tools outside the Beachbody umbrella.

If you want, here’s how to request us as your Beachbody coaches.

For more data-backed resources, such as our cardio workout experiment or our review of the best Beachbody workouts, head over to our Beachbody Page.

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