How much is Shakeology a month? Excellent question!

With the company jargon constantly in flux and coaches who want to lock you in as a long-term customer, the answer gets confusing.

There are ways to save money and get Shakeology cheaper, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth it for you. 

There are only two ways to get Shakeology cheaper. In this article, we will give you the exact pricing of each (including shipping, estimated taxes, and other fees), to help you decide if the savings is worth your time and effort.

We’ll give you just the facts (and some graphs).

Plus, we promise not to try to convince you that shakeology is not expensive (because it is) or that you need to buy it (because it’s not for everyone).

How much is shakeology a month


Such a simple question deserves a simple answer. 

There are four ways to buy Shakeology, two of which are discounted. Before we explain the four options, here is a graph comparing the cost of each, both before and after taxes, fees, and shipping and handling (S&H).

As you can see, the cost of shakeology per month is quite variable.

You can spend $125 to $175 per month depending on how you buy, which is between $4.17 and $5.83 per serving (if you buy the 30 serving bag).

Also, since there are various fees, S&H costs, and taxes, it’s important to compare the price of Shakeology after these are calculated in.

How much does a bag of shakeology cost including fees

Lastly, to help you make the most informed decision, the next graph shows you the percent savings with each option.

How much is shakeology a month saving and discount opportunities

Compared to the BODi retail price, buying Shakeology on Amazon is 15% more expensive. 

Conversely, purchasing Shakeology from BODi with a monthly subscription or as a coach or preferred customer is 7% and 22% cheaper respectively.

How much Is Shakeology? 

While 22% savings sound really nice, you can’t base your decision off of this information alone because (like always) there’s a catch.

Next, we’ll summarize what you are signing up for to get these Shakeology discounts.  

1. How much is Shakeology on Amazon?

It’s $175 after taxes.

Shakeology prices on Amazon are subject to change hourly. However, I checked several times throughout the week and the cost was between $165 and $170 per bag. There was never an option to subscribe and save 5% and as a Prime Member shipping was included.

So, while the cost on Amazon is 15% higher than BODi’s retail price, it’s an option. A no strings attached to Beachbody option.

2. What’s the BODi retail price for a one time Shakeology purchase?

The second option is to buy Shakeology from Beachbody for approximately $152 (taxes and shipping vary slightly).

If you buy one bag from BODi without signing up to automatically receive more bags, you pay about $9 more per bag.

By paying more, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to cancel or delay your next shipment if you don’t like Shakeology or if you’re not ready for a new bag. Changing your order takes time, and time is money.

If you have never tried shakeology before, this is a good option for you.

3. How much is Shakeology as a monthly subscriber?

When you buy Shakeology as a monthly subscriber (auto-shipments or Home Direct) you pay about $143 per month. That means that every 30 days a new bag of Shakeology will ship to your address unless you cancel or delay.

If you plan to drink shakeology daily for months, this is a logical way to save $9 per month.

I always thought the savings were more substantial since you save $12 on standard delivery shipping (5-7 business days), however as a monthly subscriber there is still a $3 S&H fee.

In our opinion, this is the most simple way to reduce the price of Shakeology. The next option decreases the price most drastically, but there are more strings attached.

4. What’s the Shakeology price as a Coach or Preferred Customer

If you have been around Beachbody for a while, you have probably heard this referred to as the “discount coach” price. If you haven’t, it’s a bit confusing what you are signing up for.

As a coach or preferred customer, you pay about $125 per month after taxes, fees, and shipping & handling.

While this is the best price by far, it is also what every coach (BODi independent distributor) wants you to do because it’s best for their income. However, in our opinion, this option is not for everyone.

Instead, it’s only for those who have been drinking Shakeology for months and know that they want to drink it daily for a long time.

What’s the catch?

By signing up as a preferred customer, it means that you’ll pay a monthly membership fee, but you’ll save 25% on Shakeology (and other BODi products). Actually, it’s now changing to 20% in 2024.

Keep in mind that this $15.95 (we actually pay $17 in our state) membership fee is charged every month, so if you don’t buy Shakeology (or some other products from BODi) every month, the savings are diminished.

Conversely, if you buy other supplements or two bags of Shakeology a month then you save even more.

The “preferred customer” price is the same price that coaches or partners pay for shakeology. Signing up as a preferred customer is a great option if you’re in it for the long haul.

Or, if you love Shakeology (and the BODi workouts) so much that you want to become a coach, you can start a business. Just read our honest review of team Beachbody coaching first.

But again, the coach price and the preferred customer price are the same. If someone tells you that you can get Shakeology for free as a coach, that is false and misleading.

What you can do as a coach is sell three bags of Shakeology per month and earn enough commission to pay for your own bag of Shakeology.

Closing Thoughts on How much Is Shakeology

That’s it. That’s how much shakeology is a month.

You may have also heard that Shakeology is majorly discounted if you purchase a Total Solutions Pack (previously called a Challenge Pack). This is a bundle option including a BODi subscription (all the workouts) and Shakeology (or other supplements)

However, this is a bit misleading because you’re signing up for the monthly subscription of Shakeology and after the first month you’ll be paying the full price again. It’s only a good option if you’re already planning to buy the workout membership.

Do you have more questions?

If so, please leave them in the comments and we’ll help. However, if you have any of the following questions, we’ve already answered them in a different article.

Is Shakeology worth it?
Why is Shakeology so expensive?

Those are also valid questions that we discuss in depth our article titled, “Our Honest, Unbiased, Positive, Negative, and Biased Shakeology Review.”

What are some Shakeology alternatives?

Alex and I have been drinking Shakeology since 2014 but since 2020 we have been doing extensive research (spreadsheets, math, and graphs are involved) to make sure we are still getting the best product for the money.

Based on our research, there are 10 products on the market that are similar to Shakeology, and after years of testing and tasting, we recommend only a handful.

For details on each supplement and how we evaluated them, you’ll need to visit this article: ‘The Best Shakeology Alternatives Based On Data.’

The most similar competitor to Shakeology (taste and nutritional quality) is LyfeFuel, which is also significantly lower-cost.

What are the most effective BODi products?

We answered this question in a separate article to help you eliminate decision fatigue and find the most effective products that Beachbody has ever released. We only have 6 products.

According to results, these BODi products are the most valuable.

Do you want us as your coaches?

If you do purchase Shakeology, feel free to do so through Alex and me. Here’s how we do things.

We never contact you with anything promotional and always respond thoughtfully to your questions through email.

Since we have been following Beachbody programs since 2008 and drinking Shakeology since 2014, we have a lot of experience.

Additionally, we have helped over 15,000 customers, and, according to Google, in 2022 our helpful Beachbody articles were read by 130,254 readers.

Lastly, since Beachbody coaching is only a small portion of our business (our lifestyle website for couples) our advice is less biased and we often share tools outside the Beachbody umbrella.

If you want, here’s how to change your Beachbody coach online.

For more honest and non-biased information on Beachbody tools, such as the 8 Best Beachbody Workouts of all time or our results with and review of Shakeology, check out our Beachbody Page.

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