Weight Loss

As engineers turned health coaches, we take a data-driven approach to weight loss. Based on science, our experimentation, and a combined 12+ years of helping thousands of people lose weight, this is what we offer. 


30-day weight loss challenge ryan and alex duo life

30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

A data-driven approach to losing weight. There is no weight loss plan like this. Just track these five numbers daily, hit our recommended targets, and enjoy tracking your progress.

How to Lose 20 Pounds Ryan and Alex Duo Life

How to Lose 20 Pounds (The Right Way)

And how long should it take? The best weight loss strategies should cost you nothing. Forget fads and marketing nonsense. Instead, follow these 15 strategies to lose weight sustainably

weight plateau ryan and alex duo life

Beat a Stubborn Weight Plateau

Fix and prevent those stubborn weight loss plateaus with these solutions. They start with your lifestyle and mindset, then switch to nutrition and fitness optimization. 


Measure For Weight Loss Ryan and Alex Duo Life

How to Measure for Weight Loss Accurately

Weight loss happens differently for everybody and every body. As engineers, we always like to say, “What gets tracked gets improved.”

Much more than just the scale and body measurements, these 7 methods give you data to accurately track your weight loss journey.

Now you know when to adjust and when to celebrate!

Zero Calorie Foods Ryan and Alex Duo Life

48 Zero Calorie Foods that are Weight Loss Friendly

alcohol and weight loss ryan and alex duo life

Alcohol and Weight Loss, How to Enjoy Both

the problem with fad diets ryan and alex duo life sad face plate

Why Fad Diets Don’t Work (Science vs. Willpower)

beachbody on demand worth it ryan and alex duo life

How Long Should it Take to Lose 20 Pounds

Shakeology Alternatives Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Meal Replacement Shakes that are Actually Healthy

How to eat out and lose weight - ryan and alex duo life

Tips and Tricks to Eat Out and Still Lose Weight

how to stay healthy during holidays ryan and alex duo life sparkler celebration

Stay Healthy and Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

Thermogenic foods that burn fat

Thermogenic Foods That Help Burn Belly Fat

Walking to Lose Weight Chart Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Walking To Lose Weight: 8-Week Plan Calendar

How Much to Walk According to BMI

Walking According to BMI to Lose Weight


Couples Clean Week Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Couples Clean Week – Fitness + Nutrition Support

Ready to “try on” a healthy lifestyle with your partner to see if it fits? Before making it a lifestyle, try seven days with the Duo Life Team.

Made for all fitness levels, it’s a seven-day, step-by-step program introducing nutrition guides, daily at-home workouts, tracking, and goal setting to kick-start a healthy, and sustainable, lifestyle.

30-day weight loss challenge ryan and alex duo life

A 30-Day Weight Loss Program

Based on only five numbers, this is an engineer’s approach to losing weight.

This free online weight loss challenge is for the analytical person who is willing to target and record numbers using a 30-day weight loss challenge tracker.

Walking to Lose Weight Chart Ryan and Alex Duo Life

An 8-Week Walking to Lose Weight Program

Walking and general daily movement are the healthiest activities you can do for your body. Lose weight, relieve stress, and improve your body’s robustness.

Includes charts on how much you have to walk to lose weight, as well as our 8-Week Walking Plan. 

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