Did you know that 1 in 3 people feel guilty taking time for themselves. And 67% report caring for others needs before their own. Self-care promotes your physical, mental, and emotional health, boosting happiness. Our challenges, printable plans, and how-to guides provide a well-rounded focus on all eight types of self-care.


Best Self-Care Apps

Best Self-Care Apps

We tested and recommend these self-care apps to improve your health and happiness

30-Day Self-Care Challenge

30-Day Self-Care Challenge

We created this 30-Day Self-Care Challenge with science backed ideas to make you happy.


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At-Home Self-Care Retreat Agenda

All you need is one day to claim a well-deserved reset. Self-care retreats are trendy for mental health, meditation, personal growth and wellness.

But you don’t need to shell out the big bucks. We created a free plan.

Our wellness retreat provides an hour by hour self-love retreat template along with tips to prepare yourself and your environment.

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Our 30-Day Declutter Challenge

Self-Care Checklist PDF

Printable Self-Care Checklist (120+ Ideas)

How to Become a Minimalist Ryan And Alex Duo Life

How (and Why) to Become a Minimalist

how to declutter as a couple ryan and alex duo life

How to Slow Down Time

Why Self-Help Books Do Not Work_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Why Self-Help Books Don’t Work

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Empower Yourself With This One Word

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