If you’ve ever enjoyed a massage and you love your partner, this couples massage class is for you.

We never regret going to the spa for a couples massage, but these outings are reserved for special occasions. 

Getting a massage from your partner has far more benefits, is more accessible, and costs a fraction of the price.

But, to bring that spa experience into your home, you (and your partner) have to learn how to massage. Here’s how. 

Couples Massage Class

the best couples massage class

There’s no other way to say it: knowing how to give a good massage is a critical life skill.

Marrying an accomplished masseuse is just as much of a jackpot as marrying a professional chef. But for all of our years together, Ryan was NOT that person… until now.

What can I say? I’m picky. With Ryan, I scratch his back, and he’ll purr like a kitten. As for me, I’m a bit more discerning.

Frankly, I’ve spent much of my adulthood (and a considerable amount of my money) in the search for the perfect massage.

Benefits of A Couples Massage Class

The last couples massage we had was spectacular… but it put us back $290.

And, honestly, you miss out on a lot when getting a massage done at a spa, mainly the intimacy, conversation, and connection.

Think about it. During couples massage therapy at a spa, the only words I speak to Ryan the whole time are, “You good?”

And when the massage is over, we typically hang out in a spa lobby sipping tea or just slipping into our clothes to head out. It’s kind of a waste of that amazing, blissed-out feeling that’s the hallmark of an amazing massage.

Instead, we would much rather relax, connect on a deeper level, have a great conversation, be playful and get intimate.

While having a massage done professionally feels decadent and luxurious, I can assure you that you’ll get all of the same feelings and more with couples massages at home with your partner.

Before we learn how to massage our partners, here are our favorite benefits of massage.

The Benefits of Massage for Couples

We all know that a massage feels 100% amazing. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, 88% of survey participants said that massages reduced pain.

Here, we’ll summarize the key benefits of an individual massage, couples massage, and getting a massage from your partner.

As you can see in the graph below, the benefits peak when you’re getting (or giving) a massage from your partner.

Couples massage class benefits

Individual Massage

1. Relaxation

Massage helps with depression and anxiety. These are the key benefits of massage therapy, and the only ones that are backed by solid scientific data.

Studies show that consistent massage therapy reduces depression over time, and a single massage session significantly reduces anxiety.

Like yoga, massage releases a chemical called GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid.) GABA is an inhibitor of neural activity and is a natural anti-anxiety drug.

This state of relaxation from massage spills over into all areas of your life, making you feel confident, more present, clear-headed, and comfortable in your own skin.

2. Mobility

While the science here is less conclusive, there is no doubt that massage makes you feel less tense and more limber.

One breakthrough study (although slightly controversial) concluded that massage reduces post-workout inflammation and jumpstarts healing.

We like to include self-massage with a foam roller in our workout routines. At least for us, it makes a huge difference.

Short, tight muscles lead to poor mobility, injury, and nerve compression, which is often the culprit for back and neck pain.

Long, soft, relaxed, and pliable muscles are much healthier. They help us maintain good posture and better joint alignment. 

Tom Brady is a good example. His long-lived football career would have ended a many years ago if he didn’t adopt what he calls “pliability training,” a dynamic form of massage.

Couples Massage

Couples massage is when you and your partner get a massage together, usually at a spa, but with two separate masseuses. 

Couples massage includes the above benefits and the following.

3. Increased Relationship Satisfaction

Fun, stress-relieving, relaxing, and novel activities are great to do with your partner.

When you get a massage together, your bodies are flooded with serotonin, dopamine, and the “love hormone,” oxytocin. The production of cortisol stops and you feel amazing.

Since you’re experiencing it together, your brain connects that heightened mood to being with your partner. This strengthens your emotional bond, physical attraction, communication, and satisfaction with your relationship.

We love to take advantage of this phenomenon by practicing couples yoga, going on backpacking trips together, and working out together.

Massage From Your Partner

When you receive (and give) an exceptional massage from your partner, you get all of the above relaxation, mobility, and relationship benefits plus more.

However, unless you’re already a skilled masseuse, you’ll need to learn how to give a ‘great’ massage. A couples massage class should be a bucket list item for every couple. It’s the relationship slam dunk.

Here are the additional benefits of learning how to massage your partner at home.

4. Physical Touch

Every square inch of human skin has more than 1,000 nerve endings to sense touch, temperature, and pressure.

Swedish researchers found special nerve fibers in the skin that signal the brain when our skin is being slowly stroked. Massage is an incredible sensory experience. 

Additionally, we know babies require physical touch for optimal development. Older adults have lower stress levels and fewer symptoms of depression when they receive physical touch like hand holding or hugging. 

Physical touch is powerful. So isn’t physical touch from that stranger at the spa good enough? Actually no, the stranger might not cut it. 

A University of Virginia study put women through mild electric shocks (yes, really!) and scanned brain regions activated by stress and pain.

The participants were either alone, held a stranger’s hand, or held their spouse’s hand. The results were shocking — see what we did there?

When women held their spouse’s hand, the pain was dulled as much as if they were on a pain relieving drug. The effect was even more pronounced in the strongest marriages (including same-sex marriage as well).

Physical touch is significantly more powerful when it’s coming from your spouse or partner. 

Plus, if it’s not already obvious, this study suggests that massaging your partner can improve your sex life. 

Even for couples who are not touchy-feely, massage is clearly a beneficial activity.

5. Affordable and Accessible

While it would be great to experience the benefits of a couples massage monthly, it’s not great on the budget. 

Even though they are incredibly enjoyable, we reserve them for special occasions.

Now that we have taken (and will continue to revisit) the Melt Massage Masterclass, it’s much more affordable and accessible. 

How much is a couples massage compared to an online couples massage class?

Our last couple’s massage was $290 and the online Melt massage course is $299 for lifetime access. That’s a great value considering our local masseuse offers in-person couples massage workshops for $390.

Obviously, giving your partner a massage is pretty accessible whenever you’re with them. It definitely doesn’t need to be reserved for a special date night.

Instead, it could be scheduled weekly before bed or a spontaneous foot massage on the couch while watching TV.

So how did Ryan and I go from mediocre to fantastic massage-givers? On to our Melt massage review. 

Melt Couples Massage Class Review

“Simple, beautiful massage techniques couples can learn at home.” — Denis Merkas, couples massage coach and creator of Melt

Melt: Massage for Couples is an online couples massage class that teaches you and your partner how to give deep, therapeutic, professional-quality massages at home.

Ever since Ryan and I started, it was like love at first sight all over again.

We actually feel relaxed at the end of the day and it’s something that we look forward to a few nights a week. It’s like a moment in the day where we can just focus on ourselves and our relationship.

We know many who also use it as their weekly date night go-to. It’s pretty special and incredibly accessible.

The Melt couples massage class video series teaches techniques including:

  • Which massage oil to use and why
  • Comfortable positions to massage from (no massage table needed!)
  • The basic massage strokes
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Short routines to massage your partner’s heads, hands, and feet
  • Full body massage routines spanning from 5 minutes to 30 minutes with easy-to-follow instruction

What Ryan and I like most about the class is the professionalism of the couples massage coach and instructor, Denis Merkas.

In an activity that could come off as too corny or too horny, these videos don’t at all. His production quality is just as good as the ones done by MasterClass.

So think of this Melt massage course as your master class for learning and understanding the techniques to make your partner feel sensational.

The videos for Melt can be watched on their online streaming portal. The videos include easy-to-follow tutorials like the ‘Head Massage’ (11 minutes), ‘Foot Massage Follow Along’ (7 minutes), ‘Upper Arms – Kneading’ (2 minutes), and ‘Massage Routine’ (30 minutes).

We review Melt massage so highly because we finally know with confidence that we’re giving each other a great, loving massage, and one that we can do anytime and anywhere.

What We Learned from The Melt Couples Massage Class

We have been giving each other massages for years. But, usually on the bed with lotion or water-based massage oil. After our first few Melt massage therapy lessons, everything changed.

1. The best place for a massage is not the bed

Think you should be giving your partner a massage on the bed? Think again. The massage coach, Denis, modeled his favorite (and very comfortable) massage position from the famous pottery scene in Ghost.

Talk about turning up the heat.

Sitting behind your partner like this gives you full access to their back and their ears and neck, so get up close and personal. It’s very sexy.

As for Melt’s sensual foot massages, I love that you can be seated on the couch with your partner on the floor. It’s a natural, no-fuss massage that is oh-so delightful.

Do you know how everyone says you should be standing or doing crunches while watching TV? Well, that never happens. However, giving and receiving a foot massage will give you the incentive to make the most out of your TV time.

2. Use less oil for a better massage

This isn’t a water park, so there’s no place for excessive slipping and sliding.

For years, Ryan and I have tried the odd bottle of massage oil, and it always feels a bit icky. We definitely were using the wrong type and far too much of it.

In the Melt massage e-course, we learned that almond oil is the number one option. Try this $5 sweet almond oil on Amazon, or Melt even makes its own unscented oil

Also, while it seems like a small tip, always pour the oil into your hand first, not directly on the body. This lets you warm it up first for your partner and to control it better.

3. Use the whole hand, not just the fingers

Before writing this Melt massage course review, I couldn’t give Ryan a long massage.

After a few minutes of pummeling his big back, my small hands would be dead tired. Also, I mostly stuck with his back, rarely gave him a foot massage, and never a head massage.

After some time in the Melt massage studio, we’ve realized how inefficient we used to be and all of the missed opportunities. Denis even calls out one of my former techniques in his video ‘Troubleshooting: Common Problems and How to Fix Them.’

I used to pinch the top of Ryan’s shoulders and it used to tire me out and didn’t even feel great. (Sorry, Ry!)

After the first few minutes of the Melt couples massage class, I had a better understanding of how to use my hands in a more effective and easier way.

From pushing with the palms, contouring, utilizing the sides of my hands, and learning how to properly knead, I was able to give more satisfying, longer, and less tiring massages while making Ryan feel better than ever.

4. Keep it fun and playful

While it’s incredibly romantic to light a few candles and get your favorite playlist going, couples massages don’t need to be reserved for date night or special occasions.

Some of my favorite moments are when I’m working at my desk and Ryan surprises me with ‘The Money Shot’ neck massage. It’s heaven.

We’ve also started giving each other foot massages whenever we’re on the couch watching TV.

Now that we know how to give a nice massage, it’s easier to slip into the routine and give a few nice squeezes and contours whenever we feel like it.

Plus, we’ve memorized the basic 5-minute massage routine for Melt. It really can’t get any easier.

Ryan and I review Melt massage for couples so highly because it makes couples massage simple, enjoyable and accessible. 

5. Use the massage to speak their Love Language

Ryan and I know that The 5 Love Languages is a huge part of maintaining our relationship. It’s kind of mushy, but the psychology behind it works.

The Melt couples massage courses hit all of the marks.

Ryan’s Love Languages are physical touch and quality time. Check and check.

My Love Languages are acts of service and receiving gifts. Receiving a massage is something so simple but you feel so loved and pampered.

Finally, couples massages even cover words of affirmation. Melt demonstrates a technique called the ‘hairdresser’ for a decadent head massage.

What better time to ask about your partner’s day and slip in some heartfelt words of affirmation than this?

Why We Recommend the Melt Massage Course for All Couples

Is couples massage a good idea? Absolutely.

And taking the Melt couples massage class by Denis Merkas is an even better idea.

Ryan and I have been paying for couples massages since we started dating in 2011. And Melt has them beat. There’s nothing more special than getting massaged by your loved one.

We also love to give each other massages. And while any massage is a good massage as long as it feels good, we’ve become much better at it.

Not only does it feel better, it’s easier for us, making it seem less like a production and more of a daily, spontaneous occurrence.

Melt has been the key, and we enjoy our massages so much more now.

In the past, we’ve dabbled with free YouTube instructional videos on massage techniques, but Melt is superior on all counts.

It’s like what we say with our fitness: never cobble together a DIY exercise routine! You just end up wasting time, will have sub-par results (believe us, we tried in our best cardio workout experiment), and it’s inexpensive to get professional programs online. So just do it!

Ryan and I feel the exact same way with Melt massage. Our short and sweet Melt couples massage review is this: It’s a no-brainer.

Melt offers structured, well-thought-out courses, coming from Denis Merkas’s experience as a professional masseuse who spent years teaching in-person couples massage workshops.

He knows what couples want, where they need the most help, how to keep it beautifully simple, and when to add a pinch of romance to strengthen the relationship.

Melt Massage Prices

Melt offers a variety of subscription packages, from quarterly, yearly, and lifetime access.

We went all-in with the lifetime access which includes the bonus ‘Head, Hands, Feet Signature Series.’ Here are the prices as of June 2021:

  • Quarterly, all-access subscription: $34.95 USD
  • Yearly, all-access subscription: $99.00 USD
  • Lifetime, all-access: $299.00 USD

There are no Melt massage coupons or discount codes currently, but they do offer sales occasionally. Click here to to view the current Melt massage prices. 

Considering our last couple’s massage was $290 and that our local masseuse offers in-person couples workshops for $390, the lifetime access has been the most fantastic gift that Ryan has given me.

We wholeheartedly recommend checking out the couples massage course, Melt! Trust us, it couldn’t be any easier and you won’t regret it!

I have questions. What do I do?

Ask away in the comments section and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible and address your question in this article accordingly.

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