Your partner tells you that s/he would like to go on separate vacations this year. What would be your reaction?

Your layover flight is delayed by eight hours. What would be your reaction?

I would only quit my job if I’d already found another one to replace it. Agree or disagree?

These are all questions from the couples quizzes we took together over the past week. Not only do they make you think and discuss sometimes awkward scenarios, but each relationship quiz is fun, helpful, and based on science and psychology.

In this article, we list the best couples quizzes to take together. 

Couples quizzes to take together

the best couples quizzes to take together

The last time we took a quiz – a real quiz with a number 2 pencil and a bubble sheet – was more recent than you might think.

We were 40 hours into our required marriage prep course for our church when they handed us identical tests with nearly 200 questions.

Our jaws dropped. Talk about the ultimate couples quiz.

While filling in those little bubbles had our hands aching, it was fascinating. We were asked intimate questions like our thoughts on pornography to financial spending styles.

Going over our answers together — and learning our “compatibility” — was beyond helpful and brought along meaningful discussions.

Believe it or not, it was probably the most important quiz we’ve ever taken in our lives (sorry, SAT).

The Best Quizzes for Couples

Fortunately, you can take similar tests — no pencil needed. We’ve scoured the internet to compile the highest quality couples quizzes to take together.

Communication is key, and by taking these important relationship quizzes that cover topics from forgiveness styles to love languages, you’ll be well on your way to strengthening your relationship.

All of these relationship quizzes are free. What’s more, is we list our favorite online couples quizzes in the following categories. 

1. Relationship

These are fun couples quizzes that help you learn the health of your relationship and identify ways to improve.

2. Lifestyle

These quizzes help you and your partner understand your combined parenting and money habits.

3. Health and Wellness

Your health and well-being as individuals are critical to the health of your relationship. These are fun quizzes for couples because they cover healthy lifestyle habits, happiness, physical fitness, and sex.

4. Ice-Breaker or New Couple Quizzes

In this category, you’ll take relationship quizzes to learn about your personality, compatibility, and how well you know each other.

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Relationship Couples Quizzes

How strong is your relationship?

While these relationship quizzes for couples can’t definitively tell you whether or not your relationship will succeed, they are exceptional quizzes that are based on relationship science and psychology.

For most of these quizzes, you’ll take them one by one and compare your answers.

The relationship quiz of all relationship quizzes. Optimize how to give and show love to your partner.

We try to take this quiz every six months or so, because we all grow and change constantly. Plus, if you haven’t read the book that this quiz is based on yet, we promise you it is time well spent.

This is the most fun and beneficial relationship quiz of all time!

Couples quizzes to take together 5 love languages results

We recommend taking the quiz through Love Nudge, the official app of the 5 Love Languages. This app was awarded the “Best Overall Relationship App” in our article on apps for married couples. Additionally, the app is totally free. 

How do you process and handle emotions? Take this quiz from Pysch Central to better learn how to communicate emotionally with your partner.

Read through various scenarios to evaluate the trust, security, and conflict resolution compatibility in your relationship.

This is an interesting test that really makes you question how you’d respond to different events. It’s the ultimate couples love quiz!


Overall, how is your relationship? What we love most about these healthy relationship quizzes is that they’re family-specific: do you or do you not have kids?

There’s a lot of research showing that, odds are, having children can reduce relationship satisfaction short-term, but increases your overall joy and life purpose.

Knowing this, these quizzes are written specifically with this in mind.

Couples quizzes relationship health

Once you’re finished, you’ll each be given a graph showing how fulfilled, appreciated, and loved you feel in your relationship. 

Next, it’s important to look at the graphs together and read the summary to learn about opportunities for improvement. 

Relationship health quiz results

How do you each handle conflict and, more importantly, forgiveness?

Take this quiz to understand the “language” you speak when needing to give or receive forgiveness. If you can improve how you handle problems, you’ll improve the health of your relationship.

The Forgiveness Quiz is excellent for married couples. 

In our experience, this is the most useful couples quiz out there. It helped us solve our 12-year recurring argument. However, to get the most out of the quiz created by Ritual, you must enter your email address to create an account and enroll (use promo code RYANANDALEX20 for 20% off).

While it’s a free couples quiz, signing up will put you in touch with a highly skilled relationship therapist. For us, 20-minutes with a Hey Ritual therapist was groundbreaking.

Read our review for our full story and experience.

Lifestyle Couples Quizzes

These quizzes help you and your partner understand your combined parenting and spending habits.

A point of contention between couples can be their parenting styles. Well, it’s time to embrace your differences and learn more about how you want to (or already are!) raising your children.

This is an 81 question, true or false quiz. We recommend printing it out. Once you finish, some counting is required to see if your style is dismissing, disapproving, laissez-faire, or emotion coaching.

Differences in financial spending is commonly listed as one of the top reasons for divorce. Therefore, it’s critical that couples are on the same page.

Take this quick, ten-question quiz to see how compatible you are. Just know, beyond compatibility, good spending habits are important. We share more tips in our Couple’s Finance Guide.

Health and Wellness Quizzes for Couples

Your health and wellness as individuals are essential to the health of your relationship.

These are fun couples quizzes to take together because they cover healthy lifestyle habits, happiness, physical fitness, and sex life.

Another goodie by the Gottman Institute, with a list of hard-hitting questions about your intimacy.

This quiz probes not just if you’re feeling satisfied, but if you feel genuinely desirable and loved. The Gottman Institute takes a science-based approach to relationships, making this one of the best couple quizzes out there.

If you only have time to do a few quizzes today, make this one of them.

The Blue Zones longevity quiz is eye-opening and gives incredibly helpful, science-backed tips on how to live the healthiest life you can together.

Measure for weight loss with longevity test

How happy are you, as a person? While this is less about the relationship, individual feelings of happiness and accomplishment contribute to the overall health of the relationship.

Take this quiz to see if there are any areas where you can help your partner (and yourself) improve. A team is only as strong as their weakest link!

From one of our favorite organizations, The Blue Zones, this happiness test gets straight to the point.

Want to learn more about the science behind happiness? Don’t miss their excellent book, The Blue Zones of Happiness.

Fun couples quizzes for happiness

Okay, this one isn’t exactly a quiz… it’s a physical fitness test.

There’s just no way to sit this one out, so grab your partner and see where you’re at physically. Discuss your results and talk about any differences openly.

Of course, there are incredible relationship benefits of working out with your spouse (including increased arousal and intimacy) and we want you to have the best.

Sorry, the fitness test isn’t that fun. There’s not much we could do about that. To make it up to you, here are two couple workouts that are much more fun.

1. Our Couples Workout Routine (fun but challenging)

2. Our Couples Yoga Program (fun, relaxing, and flowing)


Ice-breaker and New Couples Quizzes

Next, you’ll take relationship quizzes to learn about your personality, compatibility, and how well you know each other.

This 55-question quiz is one of the most comprehensive we could find.

Grab a pen and paper as you each answer questions about each other’s past, future, and values. Can you get over 40 questions right?

Another great way to get to know your partner is with these “would you rather” questions for couples

This is a fun, side-by-side test to take together. It’s the best couple compatibility quiz we’ve found.

While no test can capture whether you and your partner are compatible, this fun couples quiz dives into how different personalities interact together, giving you a heads up on your strengths and potential weaknesses.

Couples quizzes to take together relationship compatibility

If you could name three adjectives to describe you and your partner, what would they be?

It’s a pretty tough question, so why not just take a quiz? Everyone’s personality is unique, so take this fun couple personality quiz and celebrate what makes you and your partner special.

Are you ready to commit and take your relationship to the next level? If you’re unsure, this assessment will help you answer that question. 

Closing Thoughts on relationship Quizzes for couples

These fun couples quizzes will increase love, intimacy, respect, and understanding. It’s a great opportunity to spend quality time together, strengthening the foundation of your relationship.

What’s more important than taking these quizzes together as a couple, is discussing your results. It’s these discussions that cement what you learn.

For more resources for couples, such as the best two-player card games for couples or the most exciting couples challenges, head over to our Healthy Couples page.

Or, download our free at-home marriage retreat guide or date night “menu” below.

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