According to our experience and data, Beachbody (recently rebranded to BODi) workouts are the most effective and efficient way to exercise. We’ve created custom workout calendars utilizing their workouts, as well as reviewed Shakeology and the Team Beachbody Coaching (now called BODi Partner) opportunity.


beachbody on demand worth it ryan and alex duo life

Our Data-Driven BODi Review

Proven, structured workout programs that get results. How effective are the variety of programs and why are they most efficient? Here’s our data-driven review.

Shakeology Review Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Shakeology Nutrition Shake Review

The premium nutrition supplement formulated with 70 superfood ingredients. Our daily health insurance that we pack in bulk as we travel the world. Here’s our unbiased review.

Team Beachbody Coach Review

Team Beachbody Coach Review

We were successful coaches for many years but now focus on a broader business plan. Is the opportunity right for you? Here’s our honest perspective of the pros and cons. 


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Start your BODi Free Trial

BODi workouts are the foundation of our Duo Life. They’re efficient and offer the variety we need to remain successful long term.

As 12-year veterans, we’re thrilled to help you get started. They offer a 14-day free trial that requires your credit card information.

Or, there is a “no-strings-attached” option. We’ll walk you through sign up and provide tips to get the most value from the BODi platform.

start your beachbody on demand free trial ryan and alex duo life

Browse the Best BODi Products (Based on Results)

Beachbody hasn’t just rebranded to BODi but they also merged with several fitness companies, like OpenFit and MYXfitness exercise bike, to increase their workout portfolio.

Additionally, Beachbody also offers a selection of physical products including shake powders, supplements, and fitness equipment.

With the hundreds of products on the BODi website, these are the six that will help you show up for life.

BODgroups_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Accountability With BODgroups

 Support, accountability, tracking, and community. Join our group for free and request us as your coaches.  

Best Beachbody Workouts Ryan and Alex Duo Life

The Best Beachbody Workouts

These are the top Beachbody workouts programs that deliver results.  

how much is beachbody on demand Ryan and Alex Duo Life

How Much is Beachbody On Demand?

The membership options, cost per country, what’s included, and how to maximize your purchase.

Shakeology Alternatives Ryan and Alex Duo Life

The Best Shakeology Alternatives

We analyzed all comparable meal replacements. According to the data, these are the best.

How much is shakeology a month

How Much Does a Bag of Shakeology Actually Cost?

These are the discounts or ways to save. Plus, what’s the catch?

body beast transformation

Body Beast for Weight Loss

Alex’s surprising pre-wedding workout results. Weight lifting for weight loss.


Third Trimester Training Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Pregnancy Workout Plan By Trimester

This Pregnancy Workout Plan was designed by mothers (some who worked out two days before giving birth) for mothers.

It’s a comprehensive, full-body plan designed for the new mom-to-be during her first, second, and third trimester. There’s no equipment required, and all pregnancy workouts can be done at home.

The pregnancy workout routines are Beachbody workouts that are low-impact to promote the health of the mom and baby.

backpacking 2 week fitness plan ryan and alex duo life

Backpacking 2-Week Fitness Plan

A two-week calendar for the avid hiker to get in the best shape possible before a trip.

As avid hikers ourselves, this backpacking fitness program is the most efficient way to get legs and core in shape for the best backpacking trip of your life.

30-minute workouts and no equipment required.

2-week skiing booster training program cover

Skiing 2-Week Fitness Plan

This plan is a comprehensive, full-body workout plan designed for the avid skier to get fit for skiing in 2-weeks. 

All major muscle groups are targeted in a calendar optimized to build strength, flexibility, and stamina. The plan includes a calendar, free access to the workouts, and our support.

30-minute workouts and no equipment required.

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