These Christmas gift ideas for married couples are the best, most practical, and sometimes unusual gifts for couples who have everything.

Calling all gift procrastinators! We’ve got you covered in our 2021 holiday gift guide for couples, filled with our favorite, tried-and-true list of practical gift ideas.

Why listen to us? We’ve filled our list with items backed by science and our own recommendation to help couples propel their health and happiness in 2022.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

christmas gift ideas for married couples

As humans, we tend to overcomplicate things.

Studies by behavioral scientists found that we try to outsmart our recipients, put too much emphasis on “wow” factor, and aim to prove how well we know the recipient with overly unique gifts.

Luckily, science also shows what you can do to become a better gift-giver.

The Science of Good Gift Giving

If they have a wish list, follow it. Researchers at Emory University found that people are more likely to go rogue if they know the person well. Don’t.

Give useful objects that provide joy over a long time. While a large bouquet of flowers might bring a big smile immediately, a desk cactus may have longer-lasting sentimental value.

The verdict is mixed on gifting experiences vs. presents, but new research suggests that the presents win out. While experiences can be shared, physical gifts can evoke modest but happy memories continuously for years to come.

So, what do you get your loved one who never wrote up a wishlist? As extremely practical engineers-gone-minimalist, these are the best Christmas gifts for married couples.

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Married Couples

Best Journal

QA journal ryan and alex duo life gift guide

3-Year Journal for Couples

Our favorite nightly ritual.

The most valuable and entertaining way to celebrate your relationship before bed each night.

This journal asks a new question a day, with spaces to let you answer for three years. It’s been so funny to review our prior years’ answers.

Best Travel Inspiration

Holiday Gift Guide Lonely Planets 1000 Ultimate Adventures

Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Adventures

Our go-to adventure vacation planner.

2021 has been the year of travel restrictions. This Christmas gift for couples will inspire adventurous vacations once the world opens back up.

Best Entertainment

Shop Ryan and Alex Duo Life MasterClass Subscription

MasterClass Annual Membership

Learn valuable skills from the world’s most skilled.

Masterclass has been a fun and productive way to replace our Netflix time over the past two years. It’s the best Christmas gift for couples who have everything.

There are dozens of courses by industry leaders and geniuses, sharing their skills and what they learned along the way. We share our favorite classes so far here.

Best Couples Game

Card Games for Couples Love Lingual

Love Lingual

Great conversation for great relationships.

While most couple’s games incorporate conversation starters and questions, these are the best of the best.

They’re not corny and cover a wide range of topics for couples to better know each other even after years and years of marriage. An incredibly practical gift for couples.

Best Massage Class

Melt couples massage class

Couples Massage Masterclass

The best online course to learn couples massage.

Melt: Massage for Couples is an online couples massage class that teaches you and your partner how to give deep, therapeutic, professional-quality massages at home.

This is the best, most unique gift idea for couples to do together.

Best Yoga Program

Shop Ryan and Alex Duo Life Yogo Yoga Mats

Couples Yoga Program

The first-ever couples yoga program.

The program includes five unique and creatively challenging classes, made for couples by couples. All levels are welcome!

For more information on the program, head over to our Couples Yoga Program page.


Best Relationship Coach

Relish relationship coaching app

Relish Relationship App

The app that makes your relationship the best it can be.

This isn’t couples therapy. This is relationship coaching to strengthen the bond of all couples.

A thoughtful and practical gift for any couple.

Best E-Reader

Shop Ryan and Alex Duo Life Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Paperwhite

Our favorite way to consume books.

The perfect gift for readers (or aspirational readers) in your life.

If they already have the kindle, but not the new version with the screen light, they deserve an upgrade.

You can also gift a kindle unlimited membership.

Best E-Books

Holiday Gift Guide Audible

Amazon’s Audio Book Gift Membership

How we make the most of our downtime.

Give the gift that makes any commute or household chore more entertaining. The best value is the 12-month membership.

Best Sleep Mask

Shop Ryan and Alex Duo Life Sleep Face Mask

Dream Essentials Escape Sleep Mask

A dark night sleep is a quality night sleep.

The fit is comfortable and snug. We don’t go a night without them. 

Best Tech

1Password Best Apps for Married Couples Ryan and Alex Duo Life

1Password Protection Plan

Only remember one password.

Know someone with a handwritten list of passwords? Gift them 1Password and help them keep their information safe.

Literally, help them set it up. They’ll probably need your tech-savviness. 

Best For Cooking

Shop Ryan and Alex Duo Life Instant Pot

6-QT Instant Pot

Essential for every kitchen. 

Fast, gourmet, and perfectly done recipes in the Instant Pot make it a staple in our kitchen. You barely need an oven these days.

Best Posture

upright go 2 review posture corrector experiment with adhesive and necklace

UPRIGHT Posture Trainer

Better posture for anyone who sits at a desk.

We tested these posture correcting devices this year and were impressed with the results. 

If you know someone who works at a desk, this is the most effective way to improve posture.

Best Board Game

Holiday Gift Guide Azul


An award-winning game for two or more.

We recently played Azul together after friends brought it over and instantly loved it. 

Best Coffee

Shop Ryan and Alex Duo Life JavaPresse

JavaPresse Specialty Coffee Membership

The best coffee we’ve found (outside of Colombia).

The best coffee = light or medium roast arabica, specialty grade, and roasted less than a week ago. JavaPresse delivers every time. 

Best Gardening

how do you grow sprouts to eat sprouting seeds and supplies

Sprouting Jar

The healthiest veggies. No garden required.

Fresh sprouts at home without any dirt! You can also gift them the seeds and refer them to our guide to sprouting.

Best Course

just duo it course ryan and alex duo life 5

The Just Duo It Program

Our flagship program for couples.

Transform your mind, body, and marriage using tried-and-true techniques based on science.

Receive daily actions and monthly road maps to reconnect, get healthier, and add spontaneity into your relationship.

Best Unusual

just duo it course ryan and alex duo life 5

Bidet Toilet Attachment

The most practical but unusual gift idea.

While scary at first, a bidet is life-changing. This is the most unusual Christmas gift idea we have, but we guarantee they will thank you for it for years to come. 

Best Fitness

shop ryan and alex duo life beachbody on demand

Beachbody On Demand

Meet your fitness goals this year.

These streamed workouts are our secret to staying consistent with exercise, especially during 2021.

In our data-driven review we talk about how Beachbody On Demand saves you significant cash while delivering better results in less time.

Runner-up Christmas Gifts for couples

Holiday Gift Guide The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages Book

A must-read for all couples.

This book teaches you how to show your partner love. If their language is different than yours, you’re not filling up their “love tank.” 

It’s the Christmas gift idea for married couples that keeps on giving.

Holiday Gift Guide Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet

A win-win situation.

Looking for a fun, long-term game where you don’t have to compete all of the time? Instead, try out Codenames Duet, where you work together to beat the board.

A campaign map keeps this fun game going for nights on end. An excellent Christmas gift idea for couples!

Holiday Gift Guide Why We Sleep

Why We Sleep – Matthew Walker

Unlocking the power of sleep and dreams.

Quality sleep is step one to a healthy lifestyle. Gift this to a loved one who geeks out over sleep, has difficulty sleeping, or is sleep deprived. 


Off Topic

A hilarious night awaits.

One of our new favorites to play as a couple or with a group. Off Topic is like Scattergories for adults that can quickly spiral out of control!

Holiday Gift Guide The Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge

Get cozy. Get happy.

Written by the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, learn the secrets of the Danes and how you too can have a happier year.

Holiday Gift Guide Tripod

Lightweight Phone Tripod

It’s time to up your social media game.

Whether you love posting on Instagram – or just love to snap family photos – this lightweight tripod comes in handy. Capture your special moments like a pro.

Holiday Gift Guide The Blue Zones

The Blue Zones

The ultimate healthy lifestyle.

Give the gift of wisdom this year with The Blue Zones. Gain insight from the world’s healthiest and longest-lived populations.

This book covers it all: nutrition, social life, purpose, and movement.

Holiday Gift Guide GoPro

GoPro Hero9 Black

Make your own adventure videos.

One of our favorite ways to commemorate each trip we take is with a GoPro video, and the memories it stirs are the best gift anyone can give.

Holiday Gift Guide GoPro Tripod Selfie Stick

GoPro Tripod and Selfie Stick

Your GoPro’s best friend.

Get even more adventurous with your GoPro with this handy accessory.

Black Friday Deals 2021 AirPods Pro

Apple AirPod Pros

Wireless pods are game-changing.

If you know, you know. We love our Apple AirPod Pros and they keep us multi-tasking. Listen to your books wire-free while working out, washing the dishes, or gardening!

Holiday Gift Guide Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 3

Track and optimize.

We geek out about data and love the calorie, heart rate, distance, and time trackers that the Apple Watch brings to our workouts.

Plus, on top of many other practical benefits, you can put songs on your watch and go for a jog without taking your phone.

Holiday Gift Guide Anker Portable Battery Charger

Anker Portable Battery Charger

Never lose a device to low battery.

We love this Anker portable battery charger and bring it on all of our vacations and camping trips. It holds a great charge for days and is a solid investment.

Board Games for Couples Ryan and Alex Duo Life Talk Flirt Date

Talk Flirt Dare

Spice it up.

An excellent card game to raise the ante as your own relationship progresses, from getting to know each other to straight-up dares. Get as dirty or intimate with this one as you desire.

Closing thoughts on Christmas GIft Ideas for Married Couples

We hope our gift guide has helped you select the perfect Christmas gift. As a couple, we use all of the products recommended. Therefore, if you have any questions feel free to reach out in the comments.

Thanks for reading our Christmas gift ideas for married couples, and for more helpful tools for couples, head over to our Healthy Couples page.

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