These Christmas gifts for married couples are the best, most practical, and sometimes unusual gifts for couples who have everything.

We’ve got you covered in our 2023 holiday gift guide for couples, filled with our favorite, tried-and-true list.

Why listen to us? We’ve filled our list with items backed by science and our own recommendation to help couples propel their health and happiness in 2024.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

christmas gift ideas for married couples

As humans, we tend to overcomplicate things.

Studies by behavioral scientists found that we try to outsmart our recipients, put too much emphasis on “wow” factor, and aim to prove how well we know the recipient with overly unique gifts.

Luckily, science also shows what you can do to become a better gift-giver.

The Science of Good Gift-Giving

If they have a wish list, follow it. Researchers at Emory University found that people are more likely to go rogue if they know the person well. Don’t.

Give useful objects that provide joy over a long time. While a large bouquet of flowers might bring a big smile immediately, a desk cactus may have longer-lasting sentimental value.

The verdict is mixed on gifting experiences vs. presents, but new research suggests that the presents win out. While experiences can be shared, physical gifts can evoke modest but happy memories continuously for years to come.

So, what do you get your loved one who never wrote up a wishlist? As extremely practical engineers-gone-minimalist, these are the best Christmas gifts for married couples.

Good Christmas Gifts for Couples

Our lists, with full descriptions below, are in no particular order. But, we use every one of these products and highly recommend them for all couples.

These Christmas gifts for married couples are categorized into three lists: gifts for relationship, the home, and health.


Couple Gifts for Relationship

  1. Date night subscription box with Crated with Love (10% off with RADL)
  2. Hey Ritual, our favorite couple’s therapy app (20% off with promo code RYANANDALEX20)
  3. Couples yoga program
  4. The Adventure Challenge, a year of surprise dates (10% off with RYANANDALEX)
  5. The 5 Love Languages book
  6. Bucket list journal for couples
  7. Couples massage courses with Melt
  8. MasterClass for couples who want to learn to cook, garden, drink wine, have sex, and more
  9. Our nightly ritual, a 1-line-a-night couple’s journal
  10. Greatest card game for couples

Couples Gifts for Health

  1. Real-time, metabolism tracker by Lumen ($80 off with RYANANDALEX)
  2. Best fasting program with ProLon to kickstart the new year (25% off with RYANANDALEX)
  3. Our favorite shake to transform your health with LyfeFuel (10% off with RYANANDALEX)
  4. At-home workouts with BODi (we’re doing Dig Deeper next in 2024)
  5. A stellar yoga program with Man Flow Yoga – but it’s great for everyone (20% off with RYANANDALEX)
  6. The Blue Zones book

The Best Christmas Gifts For Married Couples – Relationship

Hunt a killer review mallory rock

Crated with Love

Monthly, at-home date nights on the cheap.

Made by couples for couples, Crated with Love’s monthly date night box includes challenging but funny games. Nothing corny, just some seriously good date nights to come. Keep it simple and enjoy!

Discount code: 10% off with RADL

Hey Ritual Best Self-Care Apps for Relationships

Hey Ritual Couple’s Therapy App

Do something that will make a difference.

Just as we have fitness coaches to get stronger and meet your health goals, so why not consider a coach for your relationship? It’s important to invest in yourselves, and out of the dozens of apps we’ve tried, Hey Ritual is the best. Here’s our full Ritual app review and how Ritual solved our 12-year recurring problem.

Discount code: 20% off with RYANANDALEX20

Shop Ryan and Alex Duo Life Yogo Yoga Mats

Couples Yoga Program

The first-ever couples yoga program.

The program includes five unique and creatively challenging classes, made for couples by couples. All levels are welcome! For more information on the program, head over to our Couples Yoga Program page.

just duo it course ryan and alex duo life 5

The Adventure Challenge

Give the gift of adventure and spontaneity.

We highly recommend The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition (camera included). This book includes scratch-off adventures that once you scratch off, you have to do them.

Discount code: 10% off with RYANANDALEX.

christmas gift ideas for married couples bucket list journal

The Ultimate Bucketlist Journal

Plan the best memories of your life.

Our fill-in couple’s journal, planner, and keepsake gift item will inspire you and your spouse to create goals that reflect what matters most in your marriage.

Melt couples massage class

Couples Massage Masterclass

The best online course to learn couples massage.

Melt: Massage for Couples is an online couples massage class that teaches you and your partner how to give deep, therapeutic, professional-quality massages at home. See our review and why we think it’s worth it.

Holiday Gift Guide The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages Book

A must-read for all couples.

This book teaches you how to show your partner love. If their language is different than yours, you’re not filling up their “love tank.” It’s the Christmas gift idea for married couples that keeps on giving.

Shop Ryan and Alex Duo Life MasterClass Subscription

MasterClass 2-For-1 Offer

Learn valuable skills from the world’s most skilled.

Masterclass has been a fun and productive way to replace our Netflix time over the past two years. It’s the best Christmas gift for couples who have everything. We share our favorite classes so far here.

QA journal ryan and alex duo life gift guide

3-Year Journal for Couples

Our favorite nightly ritual.

The most valuable and entertaining way to celebrate your relationship before bed each night, with a new question a night over 3 years.

Card Games for Couples Love Lingual

Love Lingual

Great conversation for great relationships.

While most couple’s games incorporate conversation starters and questions, these are the best of the best. Even after years of marriage, this is an incredibly practical gift for couples.


The Best Christmas Gifts For Married Couples – Health

Lumen metabolism tracker review what comes in the box

Lumen Real-time Metabolism Tracker

Hack your metabolism, once and for all.

Living with your partner means being influenced by their eating habits, for better or for worse. We think everyone in a couple should have a Lumen to understand how to manage their diet properly, even while together. For more details, see our 3-month metabolism experiment.

Discount code: $80 off with RYANANDALEX

Christmas Gifts for Couples_Prolon

Prolon 5-Day Program

All the benefits of fasting, without the burden.

For couples on the intermittent fasting train, we highly recommend Prolon’s 5-day mimicking fast program, which covers all food and nutrition in the right proportions to mimic a fast… except with food. All based on science. Our full review is coming shortly.

Discount code: 25% off with RYANANDALEX

Strawberry Shakeology Recipes - Going to the Greek


We’ve looked at 50+ shakes… this is one of the greatest.

High-quality ingredients, the right macros for metabolic flexibility, and an excellent price. For the couples always on the go, gift them a shake that will keep their health in top shape despite being on the go. Read our full thoughts here.

Discount code: 10% off with RYANANDALEX

shop ryan and alex duo life beachbody on demand


Meet your fitness goals this year, together.

In our data-driven review we talk about how BODi (formerly Beachbody On Demand) saves you significant cash while delivering better results in less time.

Manflowyoga members area and app review

Man Flow Yoga

Excellent yoga… and not just for men.

We rave about this yoga program to anyone who will listen. Refreshingly different, thorough, and with superb instruction, Man Flow Yoga is our go-to. Here’s our full review and results after 6 weeks.

Discount code: 20% off with RYANANDALEX

Holiday Gift Guide The Blue Zones

The Blue Zones

The ultimate healthy lifestyle.

Give the gift of wisdom this year with The Blue Zones. Gain insight from the world’s healthiest and longest-lived populations.

This book covers it all: nutrition, social life, purpose, and movement.


The Best Christmas Gifts For Married Couples – HOME

Shop Ryan and Alex Duo Life Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Paperwhite

Our favorite way to consume books.

The perfect gift for readers (or aspirational readers) in your life.

If they already have the kindle, but not the new version with the screen light, they deserve an upgrade.

You can also gift a kindle unlimited membership.

Subscription Boxes for Couples BloomsyBox


Colombian coffee and flowers, monthly.

Our favorite subscription that sends gorgeously curated flowers that are ethically harvested and arrive so fresh our last bouquet lasted 2 weeks. Colombian coffee is also on offer (the founder is Colombian-American!) for subscription. Matchmade in heaven.

Discount code: 10% off with DUOLIFE10

Holiday Gift Guide Bodum Coffee French Press

French Press

Our favorite way to make coffee.

Classic and simple, we find the best cups of coffee are made freshly ground with a French Press. After living in Colombia for many years, we’ve side-by-side tested cups of Chemex, V60, and more, and we both agree that the French Press gives the best depth.

Fun Subscription Boxes for Couples MYSA Wine

MYSA Natural Wine

Our top choice for wine clubs.

After living in Argentina and drinking a lot of wine, we came to appreciate natural wine. We always felt better after drinking it and appreciated more the process of creating it. MYSA is another couple-run, small business that we love to support.

Holiday Gift Guide Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet

A win-win situation.

Looking for a fun, long-term game where you don’t have to compete all of the time? Instead, try out Codenames Duet, where you work together to beat the board.

A campaign map keeps this fun game going for nights on end. An excellent Christmas gift idea for couples!

Black Friday Deals 2021 iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba

The world’s cheapest cleaning person.

A few years ago, we decided that not wanting to vacuum wasn’t lazy — it was efficient. We were right. And this one is. a steal!

Shop Ryan and Alex Duo Life Instant Pot

6-QT Instant Pot

Essential for every kitchen.

Fast, gourmet, and perfectly done recipes in the Instant Pot make it a staple in our kitchen. You barely need an oven these days.

Black Friday Deals 2022 Air Purifier

Winix Air Purifier

No more allergies or congestion from bad air.

We’ve done a ton of research on air purifiers so you don’t have to. This is the one that we have in our baby’s room. It’s excellent..

Closing thoughts on Christmas GIft Ideas for Married Couples

We hope our gift guide has helped you select the perfect Christmas gift. As a couple, we use all of the products recommended. Therefore, if you have any questions feel free to reach out.

If you want more gift ideas, the following resources may help. 

If there’s a sweet product you know and love, we’d love to try it. Let us know in the comments. Otherwise, thanks for reading our Christmas gift ideas for married couples and happy holidays. 

For more helpful tools for couples, head over to our Healthy Couples page.

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