Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12th!

While this may be only my third time celebrating Mother’s Day, thanks to our wonderful toddler, my respect for all mothers has deepened and grown. The love you feel as a mother is indescribable.

That’s why it’s so important to find a great gift to let them know how well-loved and appreciated the mother is in your life!

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Our 2024 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

True to our style, we’re still two minimalists at heart who prefer impactful and relationship-strengthening gifts. These are the gifts that we tell our friends and family about. These are the gifts that keep on giving.

Here are some special Mother’s Day gifts that we’ve personally used and loved — often from the suggestion of other mom friends! We hope these gifts make as much of an impression on the mother in your life as they have with us!

(Plus, we include discount codes when we can. Good luck!)

Let’s get to it!

Our Best Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas 

1. Completing the Puzzle – Unlimited Puzzle Subscription

Our Favorite Subscription for Monthly R&R
Mother's Day gift ideas Completing The Puzzle for monthly rest and relaxation

We love puzzles. But, we don’t love storing them, or even necessarily buying them as, mostly, they’re one-time uses for us.

When Ryan and I discovered Completing the Puzzle, it all made so much sense: a sustainable puzzle subscription.

With Completing the Puzzle, you solve the puzzle at your own pace and then send it back once done for cleaning and refreshing for the next person. Meanwhile, sit tight as your next new puzzle is already on its way in the mail.

It’s like Rent the Runway for puzzles. Finally!

We’ve been getting more into puzzles as a fun communal activity in the house with one always going in the guest room, but I love puzzling as a mother for several reasons:

1) It’s a relaxed activity that’s meditative while “exercising” both parts of your brain
2) Our toddler gets involved in sorting colors and helping out (studies show ages 3-4 is when it clicks!)
3) And my new favorite: puzzling has always been linked to improved visuospatial cognition, but a new side effect of that is reduced motion sickness — something I experience a lot now that we’ve moved onto mountain roads!

So, why not give the gift of puzzling, or maybe just some peace and quiet, while we moms have a moment to ourselves to relax, have a drink, and puzzle!

Subscriptions start at $30/month and you can save 20% with our discount code, RYANANDALEX.

Starting at $30/month

2. Yoga Mat + Couple’s Yoga Program

The Ultimate Yoga Pairing
Mother's Day gift ideas yoga mat and couples yoga program combo
Here’s a duo suggestion for your partner: our favorite yoga mat (it’s epic, the Manduka PRO) paired with our Couple’s Yoga Program.

For years we bought average yoga mats, but it wasn’t until moving to the Manduka PRO that we realized what a luxury it is to have a phenomenal mat. The mat has a thick cushion, perfect grip, and superb longevity. We even do our HIIT and sometimes weight workouts on it. Highly recommended.

To top it off, pair the yoga mat with our Couple’s Yoga Program. It all started when we filmed a Couple’s Yoga Flow Routine for YouTube with the help of Ryan’s sister, Anna — a professional choreographer, award-winning gymnast, and certified yoga instructor. Her creative and dynamic moves were so popular that we filmed a 6-week program together. Check it out here!

3. ProLon

The Unconventional Gift of Health and Longevity
Mother's Day gift guide ProLon 5-Day Fast the unconventional gift of health and longevity

This one tops the list of “unexpected,” and it will take some commitment (but no work) on Mom’s part. 

In fact, you’re giving her permission to be off the hook for cooking for five days. So if you don’t want to just buy something that will clutter the house and want to give the gift of a serious health boost and feeling of empowerment, consider Prolon’s 5-Day Program.

Taking it back a step, Prolon is a 5-day fasting-mimicking diet, and NO, that doesn’t mean you’re suggesting weight loss on Mother’s Day (although that is a natural side effect). We’ve written our full review and experience about Prolon and just gifted our parents a kit this month.

Here’s what the mother can expect to get with her Prolon kit:

  • Five days of food
  • Cellular rejuvenation
  • Metabolic reset
  • Deep ketosis and fat-burn
  • Immune system regeneration
  • Stem cell production

Not bad, huh? Pair it with a fun health or lifestyle documentary to kickstart prioritizing Mom’s health. We’ve recently enjoyed ‘Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones’ on Netflix (nominated for 6 Emmys!)

$175 from ProLon

4. Bloomsybox

Freshest Flower Delivery
Subscription Boxes for Couples BloomsyBox
Going back to a more traditional list, if you’re looking for standout flowers, we use BloomsyBox. We love that they’re ethically harvested from nearby where we live in Colombia (we promise, they’re the best!), long-lasting, and creatively curated.

Our last bouquet lasted two weeks!

Plus, being a Colombian company, you can also send along a bag of Colombian coffee, either as a one-off or as a subscription.

Before BloomsyBox, we tried using other flower services, like Amazon’s, and it wasn’t worth it. We hated that the flowers didn’t arrive fresh, so now we just go straight to the source.

For Mother’s Day, they have a 20% off sale with our link and code MOM20, and offer both one-time flowers or monthly subscriptions.

Starting at $50

5. Roomba Robot Vacuum

A Clean House and Free Time
Mother's Day gift ideas roomba for a clean house and free time
I almost hesitated putting this on the list, because I don’t want to make it seem like/promote mothers doing most of the cleaning at home… but, statistically, this is the reality. According to the Pew Research Center, only 6% of wives thought that their husbands did more housework than them.

So… consider getting the well-loved mother in your life a bit of vacuuming help with this Roomba. We love ours and use it daily. And we already bought both of our parents Roombas too. It’s just so helpful, easy, and satisfying when emptying the dust tray!

$180 on Amazon

6. Bluetooth for the Airplane & Gym

Perfect for Flying with a Lap Infant
Mother's Day gift guide bluetooth for the airplane and gym
New mothers quickly realize that a lap infant (or even a toddler next to you) makes it nearly impossible to have plugged-in, wired headphones on an airplane to watch a movie.

You always think it can be done once they fall asleep in your arms until you realize that you can’t easily bend over or move your arms to plug in your headphones.

Problem solved with the Twelve South AirFly Bluetooth Transmitter.

Not only can you now connect via Bluetooth on the airplane, but you can also bring it to the gym and use it on the treadmill there too. Or any TV or device that has an audio jack.

For moms who like to travel or plug into the gym, this little device is a lifesaver.

(Plus, there’s a DUO version if you’re like us and want to watch the same screen with two headphones, together).

$35 on Amazon

7. A Beautiful Journal

Find the Perfect Journal
Mother's Day gift ideas a beautiful journal
Ryan and I believe in the power of journaling, and research shows that journaling can help improve your mood and immunity, reduce stress, and even lower the risks of chronic diseases.

For me as a busy mom and entrepreneur with a million things on my mind, I like that journaling organizes my thoughts, helps me prioritize what’s important, and increases my productivity.

There are many topic-specific journals, but I wanted to share the ones that I already use and the ones on my wishlist.

Here’s what’s on my shelf:

Here’s what’s on my wishlist:

If you have a favorite journal, please let us know in the comments!

8. Kibou Diaper Bag Fanny Pack

Hands-down Amazing and Hands-off Gift for New Moms
Kibou Diaper Bag for New Moms Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Here’s a mom hack from one mom to another (and to another — since I originally saw this with my friend Becca).

For the past two years, Ryan and I never used a diaper bag. Instead, we shoved all the baby stuff into an old Osprey Daylite Plus backpack. It worked okay, and we only had to deal with how annoying it was from time to time when we  had to dump the whole thing out, upside down, to find the damn baby spoon. But, whatever, we moved on with our lives.

And then our friends, Becca and Dan from HalfHalfTravel, visited last month and blew our minds with their Kibou diaper-bag-in-a-fanny-pack. (Here’s their review on it!)

It’s legitimately a fully organized diaper bag in a small fanny pack, complete with a built-in changing pad and a waterproof sleeve for wipes. We loved it, and think all other new moms will too!

$78 on Amazon

9. Proper Feel-Good, Luxury Pajamas

The Best of the Best, After Many PJ Tests
Mother's Day gift ideas Desmond and Dempsey pajamas for best comfort and quality
Pajamas are ubiquitous on Mother’s Day Gift Guides — and it makes sense, they are wonderful.

But, we needed to clear the air because 95% of the guides I see recommend two brands that I personally haven’t had good or high-quality luck with Eberjey or Ekouaer. (In fact, they’re not worth the money, and the blogs recommending them probably never actually owned them.)

So here’s an insider tip from my sister and fellow mother: Desmond and Dempsey.

There are some limited prints available on Amazon, but generally, we buy them from their website or Net-a-Porter.

$170 on Amazon

10. Kindle

Create a Relaxing, Bedtime Ritual
Mother's Day gift guide Kindle for a relaxing bedtime ritual
Also a mainstay on many Mother’s Day Gift Guides, a Kindle is just a fantastic gift. For me, it gives me some relaxed, self-care to read before bed and sometimes, Ryan and I even do a “book club for two” with our favorite list of relationship books.

One fun hack: Link your local library card to the free app, Libby, where you can search and download books (and audiobooks) for free.

What are we reading right now? 8 Rules of Love by Jay Shetty, and it’s great. But if you haven’t read The 5 Love Languages yet, start with that. Reading that book is honestly a wonderful gift to the wife/mother in your life, and you can even use the techniques on your kids.

$99 on Amazon

Closing thoughts on Mother’s Day GIft Ideas

Happy Mother’s Day!

Whether you’re looking for ideas for your wife, sister, mother, friend, or yourself, we hope that this gift guide gave some new and creative ideas from one mother to another.

Everything on this list is something I’ve used and cherished for years. And several of these things I use with the rest of my family.

If you’re still itching for more gift ideas, the following resources may help. 

Is our list missing something you love? Or want to share your slam dunk Mother’s Day gift idea? Share in the comments!

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