This article is our in-depth Hunt A Killer review and experience with the game. We worked together to solve a murder mystery as if we were private investigators, and it all felt kind of… real.

It wasn’t overly hard but a genuine challenge. After the first Hunt A Killer box, we were hooked. So throughout 6-months, we got to play along (and dress the part), amass all of our evidence, and solve the murder.

Our Hunt A Killer review will help you decide if signing up to be a detective is right for you.

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hunt a killer review

Board games. Puzzles. Murder mysteries tracking down a calculated killer over six months.

The pandemic re-shaped how so many of us spend our time. From hanging around with family to cooking more meals at home, we hope to maintain a few of these routines.

One of the biggest areas that brought us joy and stress relief was playing games. And we know we’re not the only ones.

There’s something unexpectedly thrilling about the childhood comeback of playing games and spending a night without phones, TVs, and computers. We write extensively about our top board games for couples, but you’re here to learn about our genuine #1: Hunt A Killer.

Hunt A Killer is F-U-N, and the numbers speak for themselves. In 2020, Hunt A Killer killed it by taking the #6 spot on Inc.’s Top 5000 List, with revenue growth of 20,484.9% in three years.

Given this revenue growth, of course, the Hunt A Killer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, scoring a 4.6 on Trustpilot with 4,883 reviews.

Hunt a killer reviews on trustpilot

I remember seeing countless Facebook ads for Hunt A Killer a few years back. Like most people, I ignored them for months. I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to games because so many aren’t as fun as they’re cracked up to be.

However, Hunt A Killer isn’t like any game we’ve played before. I’m dead serious.

What You’ll Learn in This Hunt A Killer Review?

We began as Hunt A Killer detectives, assigned to the Mallory Rock case, in January 2022. In the process of testing dozens of subscription boxes for couples, we tried episode 1 of their membership plan. 

We put on our detective outfits, turned on Spotify, rifled through evidence, marked up the town map, deciphered code, completed our first assignment, and had a freaking blast.

Hunt a killer review mallory rock

Of all the date night subscription boxes we tried, Hunt A Killer was the clear winner. After completing the full season, we are writing our Hunt A Killer review to share our experience.

The goal of this review is to share our experience, show you what to expect, answer some FAQs, and help you decide if signing up for a Hunt A Killer subscription is worth it for you.

Of course, if you still have questions when you’re done reading, feel free to ask in the comments.

What Is The Hunt A Killer Game?

There are tons of positive Hunt A Killer reviews out there because this is genuinely a unique game. It’s all-consuming, really makes you work for the answer, and is, simply, a really good time.

Hunt A Killer has a huge selection of bundles, games, premiums, and box sets on their website, but we highly recommend the “Membership Plans.”

What is hunt a killer products games, bundles, sets, and memberships

Like a throwback TV show where you had to wait before the next episode is released, Hunt A Killer’s Membership Plans deliciously drag out the game for a full month until the next “episode.”

Each plan encompasses six Hunt A Killer boxes over six months, with each filled with plot twists and little hints that build on each other throughout the season as you work to solve the murder mystery.

The Hunt A Killer website explains it pretty well:

Hunt A Killer is a murder mystery subscription box where a detective enlists your help in solving a murder. This detective sends you a box with letters, documents, clues, and evidence every month. With each box, you’ll be able to eliminate a suspect and get one step closer to cracking the case. You’re a part of this fictional world and we’re relying on your detective skills to piece together this story and catch the killer!

We just finished up the Mallory Rock season. Here’s a fun introduction:

Hunt A Killer REview: OUr Experience

For the Mallory Rock series, set on a creepy island off the coast of Maine where the islanders seem a bit too inbred, each Hunt A Killer box works you through a different detail of the murder.

First, where was Beth murdered? Next, when was she murdered? And so on until the whole crime unravels.

While you don’t need to paste the suspects’ photos on the walls, connected with balls of string like you see in movies, it’s not far off. You’re given maps, playlists, brochures, and even tutorials on code-breaking. It’s truly all-immersive and it’s impossible not to get into it.

Here is a picture of all the physical evidence and documents that came with Episode 1 of the Mallory Rock season.

Hunt a killer review what is included

In addition to this physical evidence, we were given access to password-protected portals and received emails from Gwen, the victim’s sister, to help us piece together the case. 

Hunt a killer emailed evidence

What is also unique about Hunt A Killer is the length the game goes to make everything seem realistic. There are website portals to log in, and you have to send an email with what you think the answer is after each episode. It’s different and very cool.

It’s no secret that we love board games and subscription boxes, but Hunt A Killer was an all-out new experience.

Granted, it had been a while since we had tried a home mystery — frankly, I probably haven’t done one since my third-grade birthday party (true story). But we loved how this was set up and kept the thriller going for months.

The hardest part about solving each Hunt A Killer box is that you have to wait a month to start the next. But the game was designed well. We all need to practice patience.

Hunt a killer box episode 1 solved

Who is Hunt A Killer for?

I wouldn’t normally call us crime junkies, or even board game junkies, but there was something so satisfying in using your collective brainpower to work out a fairly tricky puzzle.

And, dang, do you feel accomplished once you figure out the answer. *Patting ourselves on the back.*

It’s so different than a typical game, even great ones like Monopoly or Euchre. You learn new skills, communicate, and cooperate with your partner and friends without fighting them over sheep, real estate, or hands.

And there’s something intimate and fun about that.

Hunt A Killer is for everyone who enjoys a fun problem-solving activity. It can be a cooperative game, if you’re all detectives on the same team, or competitive if you each race to solve the case.

We chose the cooperative route and loved playing Hunt A Killer as a couple specifically.

There were tons of opportunities to cheer each other on or see which bits of evidence they latched onto (Ryan was really into dissecting the Spotify playlist and drawing it out on the map!)

But, this game is for all — just on your own or in a group.

Ryan and I started looking forward to our monthly date night with Hunt A Killer, which, coincidentally, is the sweet spot for what researchers have found as the perfect number of date nights for couples.

How Long Does It Take?

Since each episode can take up to three hours or so, we’d start before dinner with cocktails (when you use this link to sign up for a membership you get two mugs and a “Killer Cocktails” recipe book), and take a break halfway through to eat, discussing our theories.

Why would Beth do this? Why was she so cryptic with her sister? Why would she marry such a dud in the first place? Why were the tides on the east side of Mallory Rock not charted?

Generally, plan on 1.5—3 hours for each episode, meaning each season includes up to 18 hours of play.

And if you’re stumped or an episode is taking a bit too long, you can log into Hunt A Killer’s portal for a few hints to nudge you in the right direction.

So don’t worry if an Hunt A Killer box set is particularly tricky. You will solve it!

Is Hunt A Killer a good date night?

Yes, one of the best date night ideas we have found!

As Dr. Eli Finkel, the renowned relationship psychologist and director of Northwestern University’s Relationships and Motivation Lab, puts it, “If we’re trying to rekindle a sense of passion, one good option is to pursue novel, exciting activities together.”

What better way to rekindle passion while tracking down a murderer?

Don’t think pursuing killers is your cup of tea? Think again, because Hunt A Killer is much more than that.

You’ll work up a sweat putting together all the pieces of the puzzle together, using your analytical and creative thinking skills while also learning what it could be like being a full-time detective — without actually seeing the gruesome parts!

It’s not a good date night. It’s an EPIC date night!

Hunt a killer products and pricing

As mentioned, Hunt A Killer has a huge selection of bundles, games, and box sets on their website. We haven’t tried everything, but even so, we highly recommend the “Membership Plans.”

We’ll also highlight the most popular (and best-selling) game and box set.

Hunt A Killer Membership Plans

There are three Hunt A Killer subscription plans.

The most popular (and the one we did) is the 6-month plan.

It is $195.00 billed upfront (for a monthly price of $32.50) and includes free U.S. shipping. At the end of your 6-month season, your subscription will automatically renew with the next season unless you cancel 3 business days before renewal.

Below is the pricing for all three membership plans as of May 2022. The half season membership is the best way to try the Hunt A Killer game before committing to the full season.

The subscriptions are designed to automatically ship every month, however, if you want the next Hunt A Killer box sooner or later, you can expedite or pause shipments.

Hunt a killer subscription cost

Hunt A Killer Premium Games

The premium games by Hunt A Killer don’t require a subscription and they are designed to be solved in one night. Each game has a difficulty rating and is recommended for 1-6 players.

The most popular game by Hunt A Killer is called “Death at the Dive Bar.”

Hunt a killer death at the dive bar

Hunt A Killer Box Sets

The box sets include all the episodes of a previous season. They are shipped to you all at once so you don’t need a subscription and you can solve each episode at your own pace. Each game has a difficulty rating and is recommended for 1-6 players.

Hunt A Killer’s most popular series of all time, now available in the “Curtain Call” box set. This series is incredible. If you’re interested in trying a throwback box set, check out the Curtain Call Promo Video (viewed over 10 million times on YouTube!)

Hunt a killer curtain call

Is Hunt A Killer Worth it?

Now that we have shared our Hunt A Killer review and experience, as well as the cost, is it worth it?

As you know, we give Hunt A Killer rave reviews. It’s a treat for all couples or gamers and makes a fun and unexpected gift. Who knows, you and your loved ones could have a whole new hobby together… playing games that is — not hunting down psycho killers!

Playing Hunt A Killer is a great way to invest your time. But, is it worth the price? We think so, and we recommend this game for couples any change we get!

Considering date nights ran an average of $100-$150 USD in 2021, consider each $30 episode date night box a gift to your relationship and wallet.

Our research on relationship satisfaction and happiness focuses on several key components: trying new things releases endorphins as does working together, communicating, and monthly date nights.

Hunt A Killer ticks off all the boxes.

If you don’t like the price tag, consider sharing the cost and planning a double date night!

Hunt A Killer Game REview FAQs

How long does it take to complete a box?

Each Hunt A Killer box includes one episode. Each season consists of six episodes. One box will take 1.5-3 hours. Therefore, each season takes roughly 9-18 hours.

What is the best Hunt A Killer Season?

That is a tough one. We loved the Mallory Rock season, now playing. However, the Curtain Call season (only available in the box set) was the best-selling season of all time.

Where to buy the Hunt A Killer games?

Some of the games are available on Amazon or at Target, Walmart, or Barnes & Noble. The Membership plans are exclusively available on the Hunt A Killer website.

Our recommendation: Hunt A Killer is an innovative company that over-delivers on quality and creativity. Support their work by buying their games at

Is there a Hunt A Killer discount code?

Yes. If you use FLASH20, you will get 20% off your first box. Make sure you apply that Hunt A Killer discount code at checkout.

If you use this link to buy your membership, you’ll also get two mugs and a “Killer Cocktails” recipe book as a free gift.

Is Hunt A Killer kid-friendly?

Some episodes can be a bit graphic so this is up to the parents. Hunt A Killer says that it is closest to a PG-13 rating.

How many people can play Hunt A Killer?

We played most of the episodes as a couple. We also hosted a double date game night and did one episode with friends. Both were extremely enjoyable. Hunt A Killer recommends playing with a maximum of 6 people.

Are there Hunt A Killer alternatives?

Yes, there are a handful of Hunt A Killer alternatives and we plan to try them in the future. However, right now we are hooked on Hunt A Killer. If you have a favorite, please make a recommendation in the comments section!

Is there a Hunt A Killer game free trial?

No, there is not. However, they do offer a free sneak peak into the Mallory Rock case. Click here and then sign up for the “Free Mallory Rock Prologue.” Or, click the image below.

Hunt a killer review free trial

I have questions. What do I do?

If you have questions that we haven’t answered in this post, please ask in the comments section. We’ll do our best to help and then update the article accordingly.

Also, if you have an experience with Hunt A Killer games to share with readers, please do so in the comments.

Closing Thoughts on Hunt A Killer

Bravo, seriously well done Hunt a Killer! We had a ton of fun and it was hilarious how into it we both got! This is a straight-up cool and ridiculously fun box, especially for couples.

There’s a good reason over three million boxes have been sent out — give it a try and see for yourself!

Hunt A Killer is the most unique monthly subscription box we’ve found. Therefore, we think it’s the best gift subscription box to share with special couples in your life.

Game on!

For more resources for couples, such as the best couples massage course or the most fun and helpful quizzes for couples to take together, head over to our Healthy Couples page.

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