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Our flagship program, which for a limited-time, is FREE. Transform your mind, body, and marriage using small, systematic steps. These tried-and-true techniques have been taken from our research and personal experiments to reconnect, get healthier, and add spontaneity into your relationship.

  • "Daily Duoables" to keep progress simple and easy
  • Access to our exclusive Duo Life Community app to stay accountable for your fitness and nutrition
  • Monthly guides to put it all together

We're willing to commit a year on you, are you ready to commit a year on you? Made for couples by couples.

Free for a limited time ($300 value)

Couple's Fitness Analysis

How fit are you really? Is your time at the gym and going out for a jog really paying off? Take our fitness quiz and learn about the tools that Ryan and Alex use to commit to working out consistently. As engineers, they made it as simple and efficient as possible. 

  • Take the Fit Test: How Fit Are You?
  • General fitness evaluation/discussion by Ryan and Alex via email
  • 2-week fitness calendar specific to your combined goals and interests


Or, start the conversation.

Couple's Clean Week

A 7-day kickstarter for couples to "try out" a healthy lifestyle.

  • Daily videos with "real talk" about common excuses and a roadmap to get on the same page as a couple
  • 30-minute, at-home video workouts 
  • Nutrition and grocery shopping guide
  • Bonus content made specifically for couples

When you successfully complete Couple's Clean Week, your enrollment is refunded. Make a bet with yourself to stick to healthy habits for 7-days.

$60 per couple, with 100% money back for couples truly committed to a healthy week.


Duo Life Letter

Friday morning emails, sent weekly with our fresh fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle optimization tips. As engineers, we're continuously researching, experimenting and sharing with our Duo Lifers.


private coaching

Couple’s Consultations “Life Audit”

Are you and your partner looking for a personalized support with your fitness, nutrition, finances, business mentoring, and/or relationship? We’ve worked with thousands of couples and believe that a customized approach can be the most powerful when looking to make longterm, sustainable change.

  • Two 60-minute sessions, one-on-one with Ryan and Alex through video chat or on the phone
  • An audit on all areas of your lives together
  • Customized 1-year plan with personalized guides and tracking sheets with built-in accountability
  • Unlimited support for the first year through email and periodically scheduled follow-ups based on your goals
  • Access to our exclusive Duo Life Community app for fitness and nutrition accountability


free downloads

The Ultimate Healthy Food Guide And Shopping List (PDF)

Do you ever wonder which foods have the highest nutritional quality or "bang for their buck?" Check out our guide and prepare for success before your next grocery store visit. We list our pantry staples, and healthy foods in order of the highest nutrition value. 

Or, download for free.

New Year's Resolution Tracker for 2020

Start your new year not just with a bang, but with a plan. A tool that Ryan and Alex have used since 2016, document, track, and create an accountability system for your New Year's Resolutions for 2020. Don't be like the 80% who give up on their resolutions by January!


Monthly Habit Tracker (PDF)

Ever commit to a new habit yet find, just two days later, you can't stick with it - no matter how small? Download and print this free PDF to help you commit up to 15 new healthy habits a month. Leave it on your nightstand and track your accountability daily.


Beginner's Guide To Making GoPro Videos (PDF)

Our GoPro videos bring us more happiness as a trip memento compared to the photos we leave on our hard disk drive, untouched.

Get insight not only into the equipment that we use to create our GoPro adventure videos, but a process on how we to film, edit, and tell your story through video.

Or, download for free.

free challenges

30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

As engineers with ten years of health coaching experience, we needed to create a data-driven way for our clients to sustain weight loss. The number on the scale matters for weight loss, but other numbers are significantly more important. 

Too many weight loss challenges involve a long list of what you can, cannot, and need to do every day. We’ve reduced the overwhelm and only require you to track five numbers a day — calories, steps, fiber, sleep, waistline. In this 30-day weight loss challenge, you'll track five numbers daily to give you the highest return for sustainable weight loss.

Or, download for free.

Resistance Band Workout Routine

Download and instantly access the full workout calendar, complete with written and video guidance for each exercise.


  • Videos of 35 leg, core, back, arm, shoulder, and chest exercises with resistance bands.
  • Professional written instruction to ensure proper form.
  • A weekly Resistance Band Workout Routine calendar so you know what exercises to do and when.
  • Access to all future revisions to the program.
  • Support. We're always here to help.
Or, download for free.

14-Day Couples Yoga Challenge

This challenge aims to reconnect you to your health and help you appreciate your body. Practicing yoga as a couple is an opportunity to connect and be present in a way apart from your normal, busy lives.

The customized yoga workout calendar was curated by us to expose couples to a variety of yoga styles and instructors as well as practicing yoga from home.

Or, download for free.

Skiing 2-Week Fitness Plan

This Downhill Skiing 2-Week Fitness Plan is a full-body workout plan designed for the intermediate athlete to get in the best possible shape for a ski trip, and fast. All major muscle groups needed for skiing are targeted in a calendar optimized to build strength, flexibility, and stamina. Our skiing 2-week workout plan comes with a calendar, free access to the workouts, and support from the Ryan and Alex Duo Life team. As avid skiers ourselves, this is a proven plan to train hard for the best ski trip ever. 

Or, download for free.

Backpacking 2-Week Fitness Plan

This Backpacking 2-Week Fitness Plan is designed for the intermediate athlete to get in the best possible shape for a multi-day trek, and fast. All major muscle groups needed for backpacking are targeted in a calendar optimized to build strength, flexibility, and stability. The plan comes with a calendar, free access to the workouts, and support from the Ryan and Alex Duo Life team. As avid backpackers ourselves, this is a proven plan to train hard for a trekking adventure. 

Or, download for free.


Duo Lifers


After years of post-collegiate sports I got lazy and added pounds on the scale. I “finally” came to Ryan and Alex for help and dragged my wife along. We started an in-home fitness and nutrition program together and got hooked. I have lost 20 lbs of fat and gained it back in muscle. Now that we had our second baby, we are excited to raise our girls in a healthy household. As far as the Duo Life team, though? Yeah, they’ll help you get results.

- Seth & Kelley


The "Daily Duo'able" emails in the Just Duo It program have been great. We've enjoyed that they're short and sweet and give you the right amount of motivation and awareness for the day ahead. Highly recommend this program for couples!

- Jenna & Erik


One day I left the doctor knowing that if I didn’t change my habits I wasn’t going to be around to watch my children grow up. I found Ryan and Alex Duo Life on Facebook and was surprised to find real people on the other end. A couple eager to help. They have been mentors to us for years. I lost 87 pounds and went from a size 24 to a size 8. More importantly, husband joined me on my journey and the energy have is amazing!!

- Sarah & Andrew

I am so proud because I’ve actually been reading the Just Duo It, Daily Duo'ables! I love how quick and simple the emails are, how there are daily themes and only one is work out related, how Ryan and Alex are nonjudgmental, and more related resources are available if you want to read further. It’s an excellent mix of unique material. Since it's and short and sweet we both read and discuss daily!

- Ellie & Jason

Ryan and Alex are the most adventurous couple I know. Colin and I love all things active and outdoors. That's what attracted us to this Duo! We know that couples who train and experience new things together have a better relationship! We needed to change our fitness and nutrition and they helped us find the perfect plan for our combined goals. Now we work out together more than ever, have shared great results, and are more in love!

- Allison & Colin

We love the Just Duo It program. Super excited for more date night recipes to meal prep! Loving the program! The Daily Duo'ables are helping us focus on smaller goals and challenges. I definitely look forward to my daily email to guide my day. Chris and I spend a lot of time apart and we always enjoy reviewing together on our nightly FaceTime date.

- Amanda & Chris

My husband and I love the Duo Life Community! Within days we felt the benefits of better nutrition and an actual fitness plan. Ryan and Alex got us started on a yoga challenge and we added in Shakeology, which tastes amazing! We've already scheduled in a harder challenge when we finish. Thanks for helping us every step of the way and being quick to provide support. If you need support in your Duo Life, you're in right place!

- Rachelle & Pete

Hey we're Ryan and Alex

The creators of Ryan and Alex Duo Life. We are a husband-wife duo and “happiness engineers.” After eight years working as corporates engineers internationally, we left our high-powered jobs to tackle our true passion — leading couples to engineer their best lives. The synergy of our engineering minds and ten years of health coaching experience produced Ryan and Alex Duo Life. Our mission is to help you transform your bodies, minds, and relationship, as a couple.

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