Couple’s Clean Week

what is couple’s clean week?

What if you could “try on” a healthy lifestyle with your partner to see if it fits? Now you can. Before making it a lifestyle, make it seven days with Couple’s Clean Week.

Made for all fitness levels, Couple’s Clean Week is a seven day, step-by-step program introducing nutrition guides, daily at-home workouts, and goal setting worksheets specifically designed for couples to kick-start a healthy, and sustainable, lifestyle.

We’ve optimized Clean Week for duos for double the accountability, double the motivation, and double the momentum for a healthier future together.

what’s included?


Set the foundation with 30 minutes of daily workouts. For all fitness levels, with limited equipment/space requirements.


Grocery shop and prepare meals to eat intentionally. You’ll receive our nutritional guidelines to help you adopt a healthy eating mindset.



Gain access to our portal where you’ll post your daily workouts and assignments. You have direct access to us!


Lay the foundation of successful, healthy habits in your household. Set weekly goals together with our worksheets.

how does couple’s clean week work?

The course includes 3 days of preparation, 7 days of at-home workouts, and 1 day of closing.

Each day comes with 10-20 minutes of Couple’s Clean Week Assignments on top of the 30-minute workouts.

We include a Couple’s Clean Week Worksheet for monitoring progress, journaling fitness and food, and setting goals for the week.

Listed on the Worksheet, are the nutrition guidelines you’ll be following throughout the week. 

Additionally, through videos, we’ll cover critical health topics for couples, such as managing your diets, finding the motivation to stay active together, keeping healthy drinking habits, and prioritizing sleep.

Couple's Clean Week FAQs

What fitness difficulty level is this program?

The Clean Week workouts through Beachbody On Demand are intermediate. There is a modifier to follow in each workout if you are a beginner, and an intensifier to increase the difficulty if you are more advanced.

If you work out every day and consider yourself to be in great shape, this will still challenge your balance, flexibility, range of motion, and strength.

What are the equipment requirements?

The strength routine (2 of the 7 days) requires weights. Alex typically uses 5-15 pound dumbbells, and Ryan usually uses 15-25 pound dumbbells. All other days require no equipment.

However, a padded surface like a yoga mat is nice to have. If you don’t have access to weights, you can still do Couple’s Clean Week. Resistance bands, soup cans, water bottles, and fire extinguishers work well. Creativity is encouraged.

Where should we workout?

That’s up to you. Most couples prefer to do the Couple’s Clean Week workouts at home. You can do the workouts at the gym, but it’s not necessary.

If you do, bring your phone, laptop, or tablet to stream the workouts. Or, download them for offline viewing on the Beachbody On Demand app.

If we workout at home, how much space do we need?

The more, the better, but you don’t need much. We regularly complete these workouts together in a 6’x10′ space.

What is the best day to start?

This is up to you. Monday is typically a good day to start the workouts (keep in mind there are 2-3 days of preparation work), but it depends on your schedules.

You will be working out, completing assignments, and staying on track with the nutrition guidelines for 7 days straight. It’s best if you can do the workouts together.

If not, you can still both login and follow the same workouts each day.

What is the meal plan?

A day to day, meal by meal eating plan is not provided. Instead, we provide nutrition guidelines, grocery shopping recommendations, and simple, healthy recipes to meal prep.

What is Beachbody On Demand?

Think of it as the Netflix of workout programs. During Couple’s Clean Week, you’ll only have access to the seven workouts, although you can browse which other programs are available through Beachbody On Demand. 

How do we start and win the bet?

When you enroll, you’ll have full access to the Couple’s Clean Week Portal and us. Before starting preparation, we will discuss your goals and pick a start date.

To win the bet, you must complete the daily assignments, follow the nutrition guidelines, and finish the workouts in 7 consecutive days.

We’ll track your progress while you post your accountability in the Couple’s Clean Week Portal.

Do I need to share before and after photos?

While you are required to take them so that you can best track your progress, nobody needs to see them but you. 

Ryan and Alex are fantastic during Couple's Clean Week! If you and your partner want to get fit together, give this kickstart plan a try. Their plan and accountability was huge for us.

Jonny and Erin

I lost 6 pounds and we're determined to keep going after Couple's Clean Week! The workouts were much harder than I thought. Thanks for the motivation Ryan and Alex!

Laura and Luc

During Couple's Clean Week, we both increased our exercise by 50% and ate 3X more healthy evening meals together. Thanks for getting us started on this journey together!

Alistair and Francesca

couple’s clean week bonuses

Since we launched our Couple’s Clean Week program, we have learned a lot from our duos. To help you engineer your best lives, we created Bonus Tools, only available through Couple’s Clean Week.

First, we learned that the majority couples were struggling with weight loss because they were consuming too few calories. That’s right, they were gaining or struggling to lose weight because they were under-eating.

BONUS #1 – Couple’s Clean Week Report Card

So, we created the Couple’s Clean Week Report Card. As engineers, it had to be a calculator. This report card crunches calorie numbers for him and her based on age, weight, height, activity level, and daily caloric intake.

In your Couple’s Clean Week Report Card, we explain what all the numbers mean, and how you need to adjust your diet to boost metabolism and muscle gain, and, therefore, burn body fat faster.

Your report card is a complete game plan with meal and snack recommendations to help you hit your calorie numbers.

Example Couple’s Clean Week Report Card:

Bonus #2 – Couple’s Clean Week Food Calendar

The second tool is something that tons of couples requested. It’s a comprehensive food calendar to follow during Couple’s Clean Week (and beyond).

Included with this bonus, are simple, healthy recipes, a one-week meal calendar, and a grocery list for the week. 


Couples Clean Week Content Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Couple’s Clean Week

A 7-day kickstarter for couples to “try out” a healthy lifestyle.

  • Daily videos with “real talk” about common excuses and a roadmap to get on the same page as a couple
  • 30-minute, at-home video workouts 
  • Nutrition and grocery shopping guide
  • Bonus content made specifically for couples

When you successfully complete Couple’s Clean Week, your enrollment is refunded. Make a bet with yourself to stick to healthy habits for 7-days.

$60 per couple, with 100% money back for couples truly committed to a healthy week.

Enroll in Couple’s Clean Week

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