Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

valentine’s day gift ideas for Couples

It’s taken years of giving Valentine’s Day gifts to get us to this unique and well-curated list today. As two minimalists at heart who prefer gifts that will better our life and relationship together, these are the things we use, love, and recommend to our closest friends.

In the past we’ve had the normal, run-of-the-mill things (nothing bad about that!) like robes, bath caddies, and so forth. But now we are focused on the products that won’t come up in every Google search, and will really make an impact on your lives.

Here are the best Valentine’s Day gifts, in no particular order, that will make a lasting impression and improve your relationship. We’ve loved them so much that we’ve partnered with a few and include discount codes where we could snag them:

  1. Hey Ritual, our favorite couple’s therapy app (20% off with link)
  2. Lumen “Duo” Plan Metabolism Tracker ($50 off with RYANANDALEX)
  3. Monthly Colombian flowers and coffee with BloomsyBox (10% off with DUOLIFE10)
  4. Our Couples Yoga Program
  5. Our bucket list journal for couples
  6. Monthly date nights delivered with Crated with Love subscription (10% off with RADL)
  7. Couple’s massage course by Melt
  8. MasterClass for couples who want to learn to cook, garden, drink wine, have sex, and more
  9. A favorite card game for couples: Love Lingual
  10. Couple’s journal, one line a day. Surprisingly awesome
  11. Codenames Duet, a cooperative game for two
  12. Best, relationship-enriching read: The 5 Love Languages

Let’s get to it!

Our Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Couples

Hey Ritual Best Therapy App for Married Couples

Ritual Relationship App

The real relationship strengthener. This is what truly matters.

If we had to pick one gift for our partner, it would be this.

Rephrase thinking about it as couples therapy. Instead, it’s like coaching or getting a trainer to grow, strengthen, and coach your relationship to make it as strong, adaptable, and solid as can be.

Over the years, we’ve used many apps and sessions for couples coaching. Ritual stands out a head above the others. The app is focused on your video sessions with a couples coach, as well as offers guided lessons, quizzes, and even homework assignments that truly make a difference.

For us, our never-ending, recurring argument of 12 years finally got settled. Here’s our full experience and Ritual app review.

Discount Code: 20% off with promo code RYANANDALEX20

Starting at $195

Lumen metabolism tracker review what comes in the box

Lumen Metabolism Tracker

For getting on your healthy A-game.

We’re excited to announce that Lumen now has a special duo plan for couples. Just introduced, you can buy one Lumen device and link it to 2 different accounts. (And if you already have one, you can add an account now!)

Sure, an unorthodox gift for Valentine’s Day, but if you and your partner love tracking and improving your health, there’s no better tool than Lumen.

Lumen shares your metabolism in real-time, so you can track how your diet, workouts, stress, and sleep affect your body. With the subscription, diet recommendations are given to optimize your meal plan for your metabolism. Here’s our experience and full Lumen review.

Discount Code: $50 off with code RYANANDALEX

Starting at $249

Subscription Boxes for Couples BloomsyBox

BloomsyBox Flowers

Colombian coffee and flowers, monthly.

A home run here for any loved one on Valentine’s Day.

When we order flowers, whether on a subscription or as a one-off, we go with BloomsyBox.

Our flowers have been so fresh that they’ve lasted over two weeks. We love that all bouquets are exceptionally creative and ethically harvested.

Plus, BloomsyBox also offers bags of Colombian coffee on subscription as well. Win-win for us!

Discount Code: 15% off with our link and code MEARLYVDAY15

Starting at $50

Shop Ryan and Alex Duo Life Yogo Yoga Mats

Couples Yoga Program

The program includes five unique and creatively challenging classes, made for couples by couples. All levels are welcome!

For more information on the program, head over to our Couples Yoga Program page.


christmas gift ideas for married couples bucket list journal

The Ultimate Bucket List Journal

Enrich your relationship and plan the most memorable moments of your lives together.

We stand by this book… and yes, we’re the ones who wrote it.

We used to move a lot, and we found that every time we made a bucket list for our new city, we had a deeper, more intentional, and meaningful experience. This transformed into our love for bucket lists, which act as a vehicle for planning life’s best experiences together. In other words, the ones that can’t be missed.

But too often we miss them because they’re not discussed or brainstormed together to even get the idea started, or given a time, place, or budget. Use this journal as a template to build your list of lifelong memories to share, together.

$13 on Amazon

Best Fun Subscription Box for Couples

Crated with Love – Date Night Subscription Box

Monthly game night, delivered.

Research says the longest-lasting relationships have monthly date nights.

So, we recently trialed a dozen subscription boxes for couples and our favorite was Crated with Love. Specifically, we loved the game Madame Medora’s House of Curiosities.

The small business owners are a couple themselves, and they’ve experimented for years on creating the best games possible (and sometimes quite challenging!) for couples. We love the surprise of what we’ll receive every month.

Discount Code: 10% off with our link and code RADL

$25 Per Box

Melt couples massage class

Couples Massage Course

Melt: Massage for Couples is an online couples massage class that teaches you and your partner how to give deep, therapeutic, professional-quality massages at home.

This is the best, most unique gift idea for couples to do together.

Packages Start at $35

Valentines Day Gift Guide Ryan and Alex Duo Life MasterClass

MasterClass on Sex and Communication

This is the sex education that every couple needs.

Emily Morse is a sex therapist, author, and podcaster, with more than 1 million listening to Sex with Emily. Her class is guaranteed to spice up your marriage.

Masterclass has been a fun and productive way to replace our Netflix time over the past two years. We share our other favorite classes so far here. You don’t need to learn about sex.

Up your date nights with cooking classes, gardening lessons, photography, and loads more.

Starting at $142

Card Games for Couples Love Lingual

Love Lingual: Card Game

These cards are the best we’ve found, and we try hard to curate the best couple’s games.

Love Lingual: Card Game was inspired by couple’s therapists and psychologists.

Dive into a variety of topics concerning love, romance, and intimacy with your partner. This game keeps on giving and makes for a perfect at-home date night.

$25 on Amazon

QA journal ryan and alex duo life gift guide

3-Year Journal for Couples

Writing in this journal is our favorite nightly ritual (for the last 4 years).

The journal is the most valuable and entertaining way to celebrate your relationship before bed each night.

It asks a new question a day, with spaces to let you answer for three years. It’s been so funny to review our prior years’ answers.

$7 on Amazon

Holiday Gift Guide Codenames Duet

Codenames Duet

Looking for a fun, long-term game where you don’t have to compete all of the time? Instead, try out Codenames Duet, where you work together to beat the board.

A campaign map keeps this fun game going for nights on end. It’s a win-win situation.

$25 on Amazon

Holiday Gift Guide The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages Book

This is a must-read for all couples.

The book teaches you how to show your partner love. If their language is different than yours, you’re not filling up their “love tank.” 

$9 on Amazon

Closing thoughts on Valentine’s Day GIft Ideas

Wishing you and your loved ones a great Valentine’s Day! We hope this gift guide gave some fresh ideas, from one couple to another. Again, these are the products we use and love ourselves — some of them, like the Q&A journal, for almost a decade!

If you’re still itching for more gift ideas, the following resources may help. 

Is our list missing something you love? Or want to share your slam dunk Valentine’s Day gift idea? Let us know in the comments!

For more helpful tools for couples, head over to our Healthy Couples page.

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