We’re entering our 4th year with a MasterClass subscription. Over the years, the company has grown tremendously and modified plans and pricing many times.

In this article, we’ll outline the current MasterClass price, what’s included in each MasterClass subscription, and what membership plans are available.

So, how much is MasterClass going to cost you?

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how much does masterclass cost?

MasterClass is an online course platform for students of all levels who want inspiration and direction to master a craft. That craft could be cooking, singing, gardening, entrepreneurship, climbing, running, writing or negotiating.

The MasterClass teachers are world-renowned experts at their work and MasterClass produces courses to highlight and share their wisdom.

The production quality and teachers are the best in the world, literally. Gordon Ramsey teaches cooking, Natalie Portman teaches acting, and Serena Williams teaches tennis.

Yeah yeah, but what’s the MasterClass subscription cost? Right. Here are the MasterClass price options.

  • Individual – $180 USD/year
  • Duo – $240 USD/year
  • Family – $276/year

More details on these plans and what’s included are below. By the way, there is no point in sharing the monthly price because all subscriptions are billed annually. MasterClass only sells annual subscriptions.

There is no MasterClass Monthly Subscription.

We have been members for over three years now and we share our experience in our MasterClass Subscription Review.

Our review in a few words: the time to replace your Netflix binges with MasterClass courses was yesterday.

If you have specific questions about the courses offered, who MasterClass is and isn’t for, what it’s like taking a class, and the pros and cons of the learning platform, make sure you check out the below review.

How Much Is Masterclass? 

MasterClass Price Options

There are three membership options with MasterClass.

Unfortunately, none of them is a MasterClass Free Trial. They do offer a satisfaction guarantee for 30-days after you enroll in a class. So if you’re not happy, you can get a refund.

Note that currently, as of August 2022, MasterClass is available worldwide. You can pay for your membership using a credit card or PayPal.

Here are the MasterClass Subscription options and their respective prices (MasterClass cost per year):

MasterClass Individual Plan

$180 USD per year

The Individual subscription is $15/month, billed annually at $180 USD. This includes streaming on one device at a time.

MasterClass Duo Plan

$240 USD per year

The Duo subscription is $20/month, billed annually at $240 USD. With this plan, you can have two people watching on two devices simultaneously. You’re also able to download the classes to watch offline.

This is the subscription that we have because being able to download classes is critical.

MasterClass Family Plan

$276 per year

The MasterClass Family subscription is $23/month, billed annually at $276 USD. This subscription allows for 6 different devices to stream at once, plus you can pre-download lessons for offline viewing.

Here is a snapshot of the membership plans on MasterClass.com. As you can see, the current price is lower than pictured. The plan prices were all reduced in the fall of 2022.

How much does beachbody on demand cost plan options

Any Other MasterClass Price Options?

The above plans are the only ways to buy MasterClass. There is no MasterClass monthly subscription and you can no longer buy single classes.

Also, there is no MasterClass 30-Day Trial. 

The Plus, Premium, and Standard membership options are now obsolete. As highlighted in the picture above, the best value is the MasterClass Family Plan. Basically, recruit five friends or family members and share the price!

Or, gift someone a MasterClass subscription and conveniently include yourself in the plan. Win win!

Click here to give the gift of MasterClass.

Are There MasterClass Discounts?

Does MasterClass ever go on sale?

Yes, in 2022, MasterClass started having sales. They are typically 30% off, and happen before most holidays, including Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Additionally, in the years since we’ve started MasterClass, they often publicize a buy-one-gift-one offer. So pair up with a friend and save 50%.

The 2-for-1 offer seems to span from Black Friday to Christmas.

The BOGO offer, and now the 30% off discount, are the only discounts we’ve seen from MasterClass since 2015 when they stopped offering coupon codes.

Click here for the current MasterClass sale price

Does MasterClass have a free trial?

No, MasterClass does not offer a 30-day free trial subscription. If you see websites offering a free trial, that is a fake offering so be careful.

Again, MasterClass does have a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a refund if you’re dissatisfied.

Also, if you know someone who is already a MasterClass member, you can ask them for a “Guest Pass.”

Essentially, this is a 7-day free trial of MasterClass. However, you have to enter your credit card information and you will be charged in full if you don’t cancel in time.

Since we’re members, feel free to email us about a guest pass. If we have one, we’ll happily share.

Is it worth it?

We think so, and we write our in-depth opinions in our MasterClass Review.

MasterClass is a highly reputable company doing amazing work and confidently charging a fair price. What’s more, is it’s far more competitively priced than other online class platforms, and frankly, the teachers, content, and production quality is the best by a long shot.

What’s Included in a Masterclass subscription

Now that you’re up to speed on how much is a MasterClass membership, what do you get? All three membership plans include unlimited access to everything.

The only exception is the Individual Plan (only 1 device) does not technically allow you to “Watch anywhere, anytime” because you can only stream the classes on wifi.

Both the Duo Plan (2 devices) and Family Plan (6 devices) allow you to download classes to your device and watch or listen to classes offline.

Other than that one technicality, the following features are included in every MasterClass plan:

  • Unlimited access to 150+ instructors with new classes added monthly
  • Watch anywhere, anytime on your phone, tablet, laptop, and TV
  • Audio-only mode so you can listen on the go
  • Sessions by MasterClass which is a 30-day curriculum of specific classes
  • Downloadable class guides for every class
  • 14-day guest passes to share with family and friends

For a deep dive into what to expect and what it’s like to take a MasterClass course, we recommend your read our article titled, ‘Is MasterClass Worth It?

How much does MasterClass Cost and what is included

Still on the fence?

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already familiar with MasterClass and you just want to know how much MasterClass is going to cost.

Now that you know the prices we recommend this:

When making your own decision about a MasterClass subscription, consider if there are 3-5 classes that you want to watch immediately that could help you in your life and work.

If yes, we think a MasterClass subscription is a slam dunk. 110% worth it. 

All we can say is that we love MasterClass. While it feels productive, it still has excellent entertainment value.

So much of what you learn is easy to implement. What’s more, is that many of the classes can be life-changing. In our article, the ‘Best MasterClass Courses,’ we list our top 10 favorite courses that made a life-changing impact on us.

The biggest, being Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation. The strategies we learned from Chris saved us $46,000 when buying our first home.

I have questions. What do I do?

If you have questions about MasterClass prices that we haven’t answered in this post, please ask in the comments section. We’ll do our best to help and then update the article accordingly.

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