So, you’re wondering, “What is the best MasterClass?” Well, you’ve come to the right place.

While we’ve taken 40+ MasterClass courses, we have retaken several classes and “sessions” because they add measurable value to our lives.

As MasterClass users for 5+ years, we share our top 10 best MasterClass courses and sessions and why we’ve repeated the episodes multiple times.

Best MasterClass Courses Ryan and Alex Duo Life

the best masterclass courses

As full-time, live-out-of-our-backpack nomads, we didn’t ask for anything for Christmas in 2018. So, my creative sister found a wonderful gift for us to bring along on our trip: MasterClass.

Since then it’s been rewarding to “learn from the best.” Each year we take full advantage of our unlimited membership. We’ve completed 40+ classes and sampled episodes from nearly every class.

If you’re not already a member, read our in-depth MasterClass review for our experience, how to use MasterClass and the pros and cons of MasterClass.

Too many MasterClass reviews are a regurgitation of the class description. Therefore, we promise to avoid doing this and instead share the story that each teacher tells and how it impacted our lives.

Selecting the Best MasterClass Courses

Both of us have completed each of these MasterClass courses and they were so helpful, that we repeated the entire course or brushed up on our skills with specific episodes.

They made the cut because, based on our experience, they produced the most life-changing results.

It was tough deciding how to rank these courses. While we have enjoyed (nearly) all of the classes we’ve taken, some of them were purely entertaining. Others (like the ones on this list) had a bigger impact on improving our lives.

For us, these are the most life-changing classes. But, as always, take our experience with a grain of salt because you’re not us.

For example, Alex’s father loved Aaron Franklin’s MasterClass on how to BBQ. We didn’t even take it because we’re vegetarian at home (and Alex is full-time).

We have taken 40+ courses (our full list provided below) and have opinions and comments for all of them. However, if they’re not discussed in detail on this list, we don’t highly recommend them for one reason or another.

It doesn’t mean those classes are bad, but they’re not the ones that really stand out for us. If you have questions about a MasterClass course or session we didn’t rank in the top 10, leave a comment and we’ll share our honest thoughts.

As a side note, MasterClass now offers “sessions” as of 2023. Sessions are interactive classes that take immersion to the next level. In a session, you’re supposed to actively participate, can upload homework, and discuss with other students.

While you can do that in a course too, a session is far more hands on while still being low-stakes and enjoyable. It’s really, really cool and we’ll include some favorites in our list below.

The Best MasterClass Courses ranked from Best to “worst”

During our first year with an annual MasterClass subscription, we made a New Year’s Resolution to watch eight classes. 

Well, we got hooked and have now completed 40+ classes five years later.  We’ve learned a lot and enjoyed them immensely.

Here are the best MasterClass courses ranked in order of how much we loved each class. Of course, we’re partial to our interests and want to clarify that all of the classes were thoughtful, deep, and engaging.

Again, if there are classes not on our list that have made an impact on you, please enlighten us in the comments!

The Top 10 Best MasterClass Courses

Our top ten list of MasterClass courses inspired us more than we bargained for. Chris Voss’s class on negotiation is the best class on MasterClass, but all of these teachers changed our lives and inspired us to share.

  1. Chris Voss teaches the art of negotiation
  2. Dr. Jane Goodall teaches conservation
  3. Emily Morse teaches sex and communication
  4. Alice Waters teaches the art of home cooking
  5. Ron Finley teaches gardening
  6. Jessie Krebs Teaches wilderness survival
  7. David Sedaris teaches storytelling and humor
  8. James Suckling teaches wine appreciation
  9. Kelly Wearstler teaches interior design
  10. Jimmy Chin teaches adventure photography


Our Runner-Up Classes

We completed all these classes in full and while they added tremendous value, they didn’t make our list of the best MasterClass courses. 

If the class is not on this list, it’s either because the subject was not of interest to us, or it was a class that we started but decided not to complete. 

11. Michael Pollan teaches intentional eating
12. James Clear teaches small habits that make a big impact on your life
13. Shea McGee teaches design a space you love *session*
14.Tan France teaches style for everyone
15. Jay Shetty navigating change
16. Gabriela Camara teaches Mexican cooking
17. Alexis Ohanian teaches building your start-up
18. Robert Reffkin teaches buying and selling real estate
19. Malcolm Gladwell teaches writing
20. Matthew Walker teaches the science of better sleep
21. John Kabat-Zin teaches mindfulness and meditation
22. Jocko Willink teaches critical leadership training
23. Wayne Gretzky teaches the athlete’s mindset
24. Esther Perel teaches relational intelligence
25. Mastering the Markets with noted investors
26. Corey Damen Jenkins teaches interior design
27. Joan Benoit Samuelson teaches the runner’s mindset
28. Bobbi Brown teaches makeup and beauty
29. Sara Blakely teaches self-made entrepreneurship
30. Apollonia Poilâne teaches bread baking
31. Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein teach advertising and creativity
32. Annie Leibovitz teaches photography
33. Gordon Ramsey teaches cooking 1
34. David Axelrod and Karl Rove teach campaign strategy and messaging
35. John Douglas teaches think like an FBI profiler
36. Crypto and the Blockchain with noted experts
37. Doris Kearns Goodwin teaches U.S. presidential history and leadership
38. Judd Apatow teaches comedy
39. Howard Schultz teaches business leadership
40. Jen Atkin teaches style your own hair for any occasion *session*
41. Indra Nooyi teaches leading with purpose
42. Frank Gehry teaches architecture
43. LeVar Burton teaches the power of storytelling

Next, let’s take a deep dive into why the top 10 best celebrity classes were so life-changing for us.

 The Top 10 Best Masterclass Courses Of All Time

The following are our top ten favorite MasterClass teachers. The value we derived from each of these ten classes has been priceless.

In fact, the negotiation skills we learned through Chris Voss’ MasterClass saved us $46,000 when we put an offer in on our first home together. 

And that’s only one reason why we love his MasterClass! If you ask us “Which is the best MasterClass,” you’ll hear a resounding CHRIS VOSS!

If you’re not already a MasterClass member but are dying to take one of these courses, we’d love to help. If you leave a thoughtful comment below about what craft you’re looking to master, we’ll happily share one of our 7-Day Guest Passes.

1. Chris Voss Teaches the Art of Negotiation

“Your life could be in a completely different place just by improving how you negotiate.”

Watch the Chris Voss MasterClass trailer

Is MasterClass Worth It Ryan and Alex Duo Life Chris Voss Top Ten Best

Chris Voss MasterClass Review:

This is the best class on MasterClass. Many Reddit comments on the best MasterClass courses corroborate our number one ranking.

Voss’s MasterClass videos watched like a thriller, showing clips of Voss, who was a former FBI negotiator, as he bargained with bank robbers, gunmen, and even the Sunni insurgents who had kidnapped American journalist, Jill Carrol, in Iraq.

He talks you through, step-by-step, how he negotiated with the captors, and it was ground-breaking for us. He never asks “why” (people get defensive) but only asks “what” and “how” we all got into this situation.

He shares how he uses a “late-night FM DJ voice” to keep everyone calm while using his inflections strategically.

Voss also tells you when to play your trump card, and how to use that to get what you want, whether it’s a promotion, salary increase, or that used bike off Craigslist for $50.

His is a show that I want to rewatch, again and again, and after his MasterClass, we immediately read his book, Never Split the Difference.

How it made a difference:

Since this class made such an impact on us, we’ll give you a freebie: this is Voss’s price negotiation schedule.

Here’s how to negotiate a price:

Offer #1: Very apologetically offer 65% of the target price that you want to pay. Make them know in advance that you’re embarrassed even to tell them.
Rejected? Hem and haw and write numbers down on a piece of paper.

Offer #2: Add 20% of the target price you want to pay to Offer #1.
Rejected? Moan and groan, and calculate more numbers.

Offer #3: Add 10% of the target price you want to pay to Offer #2.
Rejected? Wring your hair and make a phone call.

Offer #4: Add 5% of the target price you want to pay to Offer #3. This should now equal your target price.
Rejected? Continue employing tactical empathy, as each price increase is a real burden.

Final Offer: Finish with an odd number, like you’ve counted every last penny to make it to $97.33. Throw in a non-monetary item to show how you’re utilizing all your resources.

In summary, Chris Voss’s MasterClass is definitely worth it! The skills we learned from these best MasterClass videos were a huge motivation to write this MasterClass review in the first place.

Chris Voss predicts that everyone has 4-7 negotiations a day. Turn these into collaborations and you’ll not only get to a better outcome but learn to increase your emotional intelligence along the way.

2. Dr. Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation

“I went to Africa as a scientist. I left the jungle as an activist.”

Watch the Jane Goodall MasterClass trailer

Is MasterClass Worth It Ryan and Alex Duo Life Jane Goodall Top Ten Best

Jane Goodall MasterClass Review:

Having never listened to Jane Goodall speak before, I was immediately mesmerized by her calm, slow voice.

I also immediately watched her 2017 documentary, Jane, on Netflix and dressed up as her for Halloween (for real, I even pinned a chimpanzee balloon to my khaki shirt).

Dr. Goodall shares her conservation efforts around Gombe Stream National Park and how her activism has changed in recent years.

She has immense understanding and empathy and is so creative in how she opens communication between groups. Talk about an incredibly strong and inspiring woman.

The biggest epiphany for Ryan happened one night at dinner. While usually vegetarian, we went out to a fancy steakhouse, so he decided to indulge in a sirloin. It came out tough and overdone.

Ryan turned to me and said, “I feel bad that an animal had to die for this. It’s not a good meal, and it wasn’t worth it.”

After watching Jane Goodall that day, I knew what he meant, and he would have never said this before.

Overall, Jane Goodall’s MasterClass watched like a 30 lesson TedTalk and was fascinating, deep, and moving from start to finish.

This was one of the longer best MasterClass courses we watched, and it didn’t just inspire us, it made us think (and feel ashamed, sometimes).

How it made a difference:

In addition to the overdone steak incident, a “WWJD” (“what would Jane do”) phrase starting springing up at home, since she shared ways that we can change to help the earth, every day.

Our Jane Goodall MasterClass review: we highly, HIGHLY recommend this course. This MasterClass is worth it for everyone, especially kids who will make a huge difference in our world.

We weren’t particularly knowledgeable or interested in conservation, but we want to be good humans and environmentally friendly. Goodall talks about farming, transportation, medicine and drug testing on animals, and sustainability.

She also turns ideas on their heads about how to communicate between warring groups and understanding motivations. Jane Goodall’s MasterClass was a favorite.

3. Emily Morse Teaches Sex and Communication

“Sexual wellness is an important pillar of our overall health and well-being. When you’re not truly fulfilling your sexual desires and living true to your authentic self, it’s going to impact your entire life.”

Watch the Emily Morse MasterClass trailer

Is MasterClass Worth It Ryan and Alex Duo Life Emily Morse Top Ten Best

Emily Morse MasterClass Review:

Emily Morse’s MasterClass is a knockout. Few people talk openly about sexual health and wellness — even us, and we run a couple’s website!

In fact, our first article venturing into sex was inspired by Emily Morse’s MasterClass with our article, ‘How to Spice Up Your Marriage.’

First off, the MasterClass, Emily Morse Teaches Sex and Communication, is for everybody and every body, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Her major themes surround understanding the facts (such as only 20% of vulva-owners orgasm through penetrative sex) so you can start understanding how to take control of your own pleasure.

Emily Morse also covers topics like masturbation, consent, and kink, but the bulk of the course simply empowers you to make your own sexual destiny.

How it made a difference:

From learning how to (and not offensively and not embarrassingly) communicate your desires to your partner to methods on how to keep your desire alive (including toys and positions), this best MasterClass course is a must for every adult human being.

We’re not sure about you, but the sex education we undertook at our high schools was completely lacking (and, that’s typically the first, last, and only times a sex class is taken).

There was no discussion on how important sex can be to your health and relationship.

This is the class we wish we could have taken instead. It’s incredibly unique and actionable (no pun intended). We highly recommend the MasterClass, Emily Morse Teaches Sex and Communication.

4. Alice Waters Teaches the Art of Home Cooking

“You can never think about food in the way you may have thought about it in the past. It’s how to use every part of an ingredient very, very simply.”

Watch the Alice Waters MasterClass trailer

Is MasterClass Worth It Ryan and Alex Duo Life Alice Waters Top Ten Best

Alice Waters MasterClass Review:

Despite her frail, soft-spoken voice, her words rang loud and true with us! Mother of the ‘farm to table’ movement, Alice Waters describes food and cooking like a romance novel. And we were all in.

Alice Water’s way of simple cooking by focusing on the flavors of in-season, locally-grown, organic vegetables really resonated with us.

She uses her hands more than any other utensil, adds some oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper… Voila! It was almost sensual. She was like a real-life Juliette Binoche from the movie Chocolat.

Her method is simple: when Waters goes to the farmer’s market, she picks whatever is freshest.

Then, after placing all of her goodies on the table—from rhubarbs to rutabagas to all of the other delights that one can pick up at the Berkeley farmer’s market—she thoughtfully groups them into meals.

How it made a difference:

In our opinion, Alice Waters’ gave the best cooking MasterClass, but that’s only because her style resonated with us most.

This MasterClass was especially worth it to us now that we are living in Colombia with Sunday farmer’s markets year-round. We shop, meal prep, and cook just like Waters, eating what is fresh and in season.

Here is our produce haul from the farmer’s market last Sunday.

Best masterclass courses cooking with Alice Waters

For Ryan, his favorite portion of Alice Waters’ MasterClass were her shopping tips, recipes, and activism programs teaching children where real food comes from. Bravo!

In summary, we found this to be a well-balanced and insightful class. It didn’t watch like a cooking show.

Yes, there were recipes shown, step-by-step, but Waters shared practical tips on the equipment she uses, how she selects food, why it’s essential to talk to your farmers, and all while covering cooking and handling techniques.

This MasterClass is worth it for a beginner to a budding restauranteur. She covers it all.

Ryan and I are currently writing our first cookbook with the help of a friend, who is a professional chef. We learned so much from Alice Waters, and plan to keep it very simple but incredibly flavorful.

5. Ron Finley Teaches Gardening

“To me, gardening is gangster. Soil is gangster. Air is gangster as fuck! You can’t get no more gangster than air. Mother Nature serves us all, so we have to have respect and help Mother Nature do what she do.”

Watch the Ron Finley MasterClass trailer

Is MasterClass Worth It Ryan and Alex Duo Life Ron Finley Top Ten Best

Ron Finley MasterClass Review:

Ron Finley’s MasterClass on gardening was a game-changer for us and the plants in our life.

Finley, also known as “The Gangster Gardener,” hosts this class in his boulevard garden in what used to be a rough part of Los Angeles.

By trade, he was a fashion designer until he got pissed off in 2010 when he had to drive 45 minutes to buy an agrochemical-covered tomato. From there, his inner-city gardening revolution blew up.

The course begins with Ron Finley showing you the difference between good and bad soil. Soil is gangster, so don’t you dare call it dirt. 

After encouraging you to be creative by showing you how to turn an old dresser drawer and an ex-boyfriend’s boot into a garden, he moves on to composting, which is gangster AF.

How it made a difference:

If you’ve ever said, “I just don’t have a green thumb,” or “I kill every plant I buy,” then this class is your ticket to plant.

Ryan loved this class so much that he binge-watched it on a Saturday afternoon and he’s rewatched several lessons since.

During the class, he made a list of what we needed to buy for our garden. By the end of the following day, our fingernails were packed with soil, and we had completed the following:

– Planted a full herb garden
– Re-potted four of our plants that were root-bound
– Propagated one over-sized plant into five separate pots
– Began sprouting peas, garlic, sweet potatoes, and turmeric to plant in a loamy soil-filled coffee sack
– Started filling our compost bins with food scraps, coffee grounds, and plant trimmings.

Here’s our new terrace garden.

Best masterclass courses ron finley gardening

Whether you just want to learn how to not kill your plants or you want to start a garden to feed your whole neighborhood, you need this class.

By the way, speaking of neighborhood gardens, did you know that plants and green spaces are scientifically proven to lower the crime rate?

What’s more, is now that our terrace is bursting with green, we’ve enjoyed visits from countless new birds and butterflies.

As a relatively experienced green thumb, Ryan found this class game-changer even though the advice was simple, bite-sized, and easily actionable. It’s the best MasterClass course for aspiring to experienced gardeners.

For those who need to dive deeper into understanding their zone, reading a heat factor map, and preparing worm tea, there is a 41-page workbook for that!

6. Jessie Krebs Teaches Wilderness Survival

“The core of the class is going to revolve around the five basic needs of a survivor — signaling, personal protection, sustenance, navigation, and health. “

Watch the Jessie Krebs MasterClass trailer

Is MasterClass Worth It Jessie Krebs Top Ten Best

Jessie Krebs MasterClass Review:

It doesn’t get much more hands-on than this. We loved this class.

Sure, it may be more relevant to us than others as backcountry campers and hikers, but everyone should know the basics of wilderness survival.

Before this class, it crossed our minds that, as familiar as we were with the outdoors, things can change fast. Most think of food, water, and shelter but, according to Jessie Krebs, the most important thing is signaling (and with food being the last).

She shares story after story of people getting lost in the wilderness when they were SO close to home.

How it made a difference:

We never want that to happen to us, and we dutifully stocked up on her essential recommendations (rope, knives, mirrors, emergency blankets, and the like) and practiced tying knots and setting up shelters.

Okay, we got really into it, but regardless of how likely you’ll be out in the woods, just watching this class brings a whole level of awareness and ways to combat stress to survive.

Just remember, Jessie says that most fatal hiking trips happen to day hikers — not multi-night trekkers — because they carry less gear. Having something as simple as some duct tape and a razor blade in your pack could make all the difference.

10/10 and Jessie is such a fun teacher to listen to!

7. David Sedaris Teaches Storytelling and Humor

“The danger is writing something that just stops instead of something that ends.”

Watch the David Sedaris MasterClass trailer

Is MasterClass Worth It Ryan and Alex Duo Life David Sedaris Top Ten Best

David Sedaris MasterClass Review:

I’ve been a fan of David Sedaris’ books and essays for years, and his MasterClass didn’t disappoint.

Outside of his hilarious personality, Sedaris shares real-talk on what it’s like to write about people — people you know and people you don’t know.

He also reminds you that it’s an everyday process. He wrote every day for 15 years before publishing his first book. In our opinion, this was the best MasterClass for writing.

Ryan’s favorite portion is when he reminds us that boring questions beget boring answers. David Sedaris hates nothing more than checking into a hotel and having the receptionist ask how his flight was. Blah, blah, yawn.

So instead, Sedaris only asks good questions: “Do your children shower?” ‘Who is the drunkest customer that you’ve had today?” “When was the last time you touched a monkey?”

How it made a difference:

This laugh-out-loud MasterClass is worth it because it contained his insight into why you should write, as well as his personal stories and regrets. Don’t hold back, David Sedaris for sure doesn’t.

David Sedaris’ MasterClass was one I loved watching with a glass of wine, or temptation bundling while washing the dishes. If you’re a professional comedy writer, this might be too high level for you.

However, everyone should watch this one. Not only are his life stories hilarious, but it also makes you think of the incidences in your life that are genuinely freaking funny and appreciate them in a new light.

If you want light and humorous, these are the best MasterClass episodes.

8. James Suckling Teaches Wine Appreciation

“The easiest way to get into wine is to invest in a corkscrew.”

Watch the James Suckling MasterClass trailer

Is MasterClass Worth It Ryan and Alex Duo Life James Suckling Top Ten Best

James Suckling MasterClass Review:

Easily in our top ten best online MasterClass courses was James Suckling’s course on wine appreciation. As the master says himself, “All you need to do is love wine.”

James Suckling’s class is part field trip through iconic Tuscan vineyards and part schoolroom. In several episodes, Suckling sits down with students to talk about flavors and aromas in a wine tasting.

You’re invited too, all you need is a few bottles of wine (and probably some friends).

His comprehensive workbook discusses your wine vocabulary (body, tannins, acidity, finish) and how to run your taste test. Suckling shares the exact bottles of widely available wine you can buy to taste along with him. How amazing is that?!

In your workbook, James Suckling shares a cheat sheet on how to identify color, aromas, and palate as you taste your wines.

How it made a difference:

Ryan and I spent several nights enjoying this course together. In the end, we had a deepened appreciation for where the wine comes from and how it’s made.

We learned tips on how to talk the talk and make better-informed choices with our money at the grocery store (and no, good wine doesn’t have to be expensive)!

If you like wine, you’ll love James Suckling’s Wine Appreciation. Additionally, it’s a class that you can take over and over again to stay fresh.

9. Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design

“Good design is important because it helps us live better. It helps us feel better.”

Watch the Kelly Wearstler MasterClass trailer

Is MasterClass Worth It Ryan and Alex Duo Life Kelly Wearstler Top Ten Best

Kelly Wearstler MasterClass Review:

To Kelly, excellent design is like an excellent story. It touches all of the senses, from what you hear to what you smell, and wraps you up in the adventure and romance.

What? You didn’t design your half-bathroom considering sounds, smells, and romance?

As first-time homeowners undergoing a full renovation from the concrete walls and floors, Ryan and I were amped up to learn from Kelly Wearstler. Her MasterClass was highly relevant and worth it.

From personal experience, we know how many overwhelming decisions have to be made, particularly when designing a home from scratch as we did. Where do we even begin?

How it made a difference:

Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass on interior design breaks it down to the basics: how to find and build design inspiration to introducing color, textures, and materials.

She shares how she makes the space functional yet beautiful and how to be true to your own, personal design style.

Our biggest takeaway is to start collecting objects we love, whether it’s a fabric, rock, or piece of art. Put them all into a tray and start playing around, designing a room, and designing the story.

So, what’s in our tray?

Best masterclass courses kelly wearstler interior design

For our half bathroom, we have pieces of natural oak alongside industrial concrete, polished marble, and tropical, green plants.

Our story is that of a luxurious jungle retreat. Thanks to Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass, we’re feeling confident in making decisions with our renovation that showcases our unique styles and needs.

10. Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography

“Set the bar higher. What are you willing to do to get there?”

Watch the Jimmy Chin MasterClass trailer

Is MasterClass Worth It Ryan and Alex Duo Life Jimmy Chin Top Ten Best

Jimmy Chin MasterClass Review:

Okay, I knew of Jimmy Chin before MasterClass, but WOW. He is a badass.

Incredibly inspirational, Jimmy Chin’s life has revolved around photography, and he has put everything on the line to get there. As outdoorsy types, we were immediately drawn to his class, his work, and his documentaries “Meru” and “Free Solo.”

How it made a difference:

Like the spectacular superhumans he captures on film, I found his discussion of preparation, technical shooting, and climbing to be just as impressive.

Outside of being in awe, Chin’s down-to-earth discussions about photography, from framing to selecting photos to editing in Adobe Lightroom, to be incredibly helpful.

Hopefully, our small place on the world wide web and Instagram reflects the things we’ve learned from Jimmy Chin!

In addition to Jimmy Chin’s MasterClass, I took the only other available photography course by Annie Leibovitz. Her course was well structured, even with homework assignments, but I found it to be more for professionals instead of an amateur like me.

Many of Annie Leibovitz’s MasterClass topics went over my head while I was able to follow along better and act on Jimmy Chin’s lessons. In our opinion, this is the best photography MasterClass.

 Runner-Up Masterclass Courses

We completed all these classes in full and while they added tremendous value, they didn’t make our list of the best masterclass courses.

If the class is not on this list, it’s either because the subject was not of interest to us, or it was a class that we started but decided not to complete.

Here’s a brief description of each:

11. Michael Pollan teaches intentional eating

Healthy eating (especially in the USA) is an incredibly confusing subject. Michael Pollan’s course on healthy eating makes it really simple. 

First he clears up the confusion around diets and processed foods and then he gives you simple rules to help you grocery shop and eat confidently.

12. James Clear teaches small habits that make a big impact on your life

While already fans of his book, Atomic Habits, we were fully engaged in James Clear’s MasterClass on becoming 1% better every day. There’s so much in the book that you forget as your focus changes, and this course was an excellent refresher.

This MasterClass is a wonderful mix of memorable and relevant storytelling with simple ways to develop healthier habits one day at a time. So even if you haven’t read his book, we say go straight to the MasterClass. James Clear lays out the processes to follow so that time becomes your friend while you set a foundation of healthy habits.

13. Shea McGee teaches design a space you love *session*

Okay, sessions are AWESOME. We loved Shea McGee’s session so much and would have ranked it higher except the competition was fierce.

Shea McGee walks you through, step by step, redesigning a room in your home. We chose our primary bedroom, and following her process, had “homework” each class that really forced us to go through each step. You aren’t supposed to progress to the next step until you upload and share your inspiration board, layout plan, etc.

While each MasterClass has a student discussion, this was next level because you could comment on each other’s “homework” each class.

We were impressed how interactive and immersive this course was. So many other courses you can listen to mindlessly, and think, “Great tip!” and hope not to forget it. But with a session, you have to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

Super impressive and enjoyable.

14. Tan France teaches style for everyone

What I love about Tan France’s MasterClass on style is how unexpectedly accessible it is.

Tan France shares how he still wears the jeans he bought when he was 16 (he puts them in the freezer instead of the washing machine to clean them) and his favorite leather jacket is already years and years old.

As a couple who never paid much attention to our clothes or, frankly, paid much money, this was a relief.

Since college, we have worked in dirty manufacturing plants and now work from our couch. Why spend money on clothes?

So it was comforting to see that our clothing budget can remain small while still making a big impact.

France shares his thought process when he goes shopping and explains how to build your go-to “capsule” closet (for men and women) for all of your mix-and-matching needs.

Laced throughout are the common fashion tips to always listen to and what to ignore.

Tan Frances’s MasterClass is fun, fresh, and always relevant. We all feel our best and most confident when we’re dressed our best, and he helps bring us there. And of course, he brings all of his Queer Eye hilarity with him!

15. Jay Shetty teaches navigating change

Less a course than simply one long class, this was a new format for us and we loved it.

Jay Shetty spends an hour interviewing scientists and researchers about love, change, and everything in between. Already fans of his book, 8 Rules of Love, we’ve always appreciated his approach on spirituality and ancient wisdom in dealing with the modern world.

This is one of the cooler and more impactful classes we’ve taken and very much enjoy this style.

16. Gabriela Camara teaches Mexican cooking

This was the second-best MasterClass for cooking. We loved the homemade, family approach to cooking. Plus, Camara’s salsa recipes are incredible — we use them on everything!

What we love most is that Gabriela Camara’s course is accessible and easy-to-follow. Nothing too fancy, but with incredible taste.

17. Alexis Ohanian teaches building your start-up

While we were familiar with Alexis Ohanian — otherwise known as the founder of Reddit and the husband of Serena Williams — this was the first time that we had ever listened to him speak. And it was enrapturing.

Funny, honest, and helpful, we learned a lot about what he thinks makes a successful business. This isn’t just from the perspective of having started Reddit in college, but as an angel investor in so many household names.

Fascinating, enjoyable, and a great motivator.

18. Robert Reffkin teaches buying and selling real estate

Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase of your life. Here’s how to do it right, which markets to watch out for, and how to be confident that you’ll avoid “buyer’s remorse.”

19. Malcolm Gladwell teaches writing

For us, Gladwell’s course was the second-best MasterClass for writing (and there are a lot of writers featured on MasterClass).

We loved learning about Gladwell’s process and approach to writing, and why he hates the semicolon (;). If you have something to say, just say it!

20. Matthew Walker teaches the science of better sleep

If you’ve never read Walker’s book, Why We Sleep, this MasterClass is a great introduction and shares much of the same information.

Learn how to maximize your sleep quality, why you should drink coffee before a nap, but how to look out for caffeine’s half-life.

21. Jon Kabat-Zinn teaches mindfulness and meditation

Jon Kabat-Zinn’s MasterClass resonated with us in ways that no other meditation session has before. We’ve tried meditation apps and videos before, but we never felt like we were doing it “right.”

What we love about this class is that Dr. Kabat Zinn explains why there are no right or wrong ways to meditate. In fact, he believes that simply being mindful of the present is a form of meditation.

This class includes hours of meditation as well as hours of explanation and how, if we can breathe, we can meditate. Given the astonishing benefits of meditation and mindfulness in reducing stress and pain in our lives, this is one MasterClass not to be missed.

22. Jocko Willink teaches critical leadership training

We didn’t know what to expect from Jocko Willink’s class, given his intimidating CV from the military. But we were surprised by his gentleness, commitment, and goal #1 of fostering his team’s success.

While we have only ever worked in Corporate America and now as entrepreneurs for ourselves with a team of two (just us!) we realize that we’ve needed this direction and reframing of perspective not just for work, but for personal life.

With our daughter comes a small staff (our full-time nanny) and we’re reminded for both how to help manage and support their development, together.

This class is for anyone who manages relationships… so everyone. Highly recommend.

23. Wayne Gretzky teaches the athlete’s mindset

Wayne Gretzky’s MasterClass is one of the most inspiring classes on this list (second only to Jane Goodall).

A contender for the top ten, we enjoyed Gretzky’s class because of his riveting storytelling, heartwarming love for his sport, and his modesty.

If you need a pep talk to put your head down and put in the work to be the greatest of all time, this is the MasterClass for you. This is the best MasterClass course for kids.

24. Esther Perel teaches relational intelligence

Esther Perel’s MasterClass is the best overall course to help you improve your relationships in the bedroom and the boardroom.

She teaches you how to tackle difficult conversations and shares a lot of research about how you’re always more critical of others than you are of yourself.

25. Matering the Markets with noted investors

This was the first MasterClass “series” we took, and it was an exceptional 4-class intense lecture series.

Given by four different teachers from Ray Dalio to Joel Greenblatt, all giants in the investing arena, they share not just their overall philosophies on investing but they get down to the nitty-gritty.

They discuss how they set up their portfolios, what percentages they live by when diversifying, what their investing “themes” are, and how to utilize area-specific knowledge to beat the markets.

Use this class as a way to dive deeper into financial literacy and know-how to strengthen your investments. It will be worth every penny!

26. Corey Damen Jenkins teaches interior design

As we were renovating and starting to decorate our home, Corey Damen Jenkins’ MasterClass was as drool-worthy as you would expect. Part inspirational story, part practical tips, and 100% eye candy, this course had more action items than most.

From space planning to mood boards, the class was almost like a “day-in-the-life” working for residential clients. While we’re not sure we have the same gut instincts as Corey Damen Jenkins, we are inspired to get a bit more bold and wild with our decorations.

Now having watched both Kelly Wearstler’s and Corey Damen Jenkins’ MasterClasses, they are sufficiently different that I would recommend both.

We preferred Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass a bit more solely because her design style — heavy on materials — is more like our own. However, both cover the designers’ philosophies, step-by-step process, and where they find inspiration.

As Corey Damen Jenkins says, “My philosophy is that while you’re here, we all deserve to live the very best lives possible. You’re worth the investment.”

27. Joan Benoit Samuelson teaches the runner’s mindset

If this course doesn’t inspire your to run a marathon, or at least break out the old running shoes, nothing will.

Joan is a running legend, and she teaches you how to become an athlete who enjoys the sport for the long haul, avoiding injury along the way.

She also provides great tips on how to train for a race, what to expect on race day, and how to have the right mindset when the gun goes off.

28. Bobbi Brown teaches makeup and beauty

Incredibly useful for Alex, Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass is as practical as you can get. Brown goes through makeup techniques for every skin color and age, plus shows you how should we put on makeup if she only had one minute.

Since first watching this MasterClass years ago, it’s one that Alex refers back to time and time again. Very useful.

29. Sara Blakely teaches self-made entrepreneurship

After Chris Voss’s MasterClass on negotiation, this was the second-best MasterClass course for business.

Blakely discusses how she pushed for her idea, drummed up PR for her brand, handled unbelievable growth, and tackled challenging overseas manufacturing situations.

There are several episodes where she mentors and gives advice to novice entrepreneurs. Her advice is practical and poignant, even if you’re not an entrepreneur.

Bob Iger’s MasterClass is also worth your time. We enjoyed it but it was too high-level and more inspirational than actionable.

30. Apollonia Poilâne teaches bread baking

One of our favorite cooking classes on MasterClasses, Poilâne teaches you the art of baking.

While she shares recipes, she shines in conveying how the ingredients react to each other, what tools you need, and understanding what happens and why.

Ryan had already been baking bread for a year before he took this class, and he learned a lot about the art of making bread.

31. Jeff Goodby & Rich Silverstein teach advertising and creativity

Goodby and Silverstein pair up to open up about their careers in advertising over the past decades. They discuss the simplicity of what made their TV ads so memorable and how they convey a brand in just a word.

It’s fascinating to hear them breakdown their famous ad campaigns (like “Got Milk?”). Creative, funny, and inspiring. A fun choice.

32. Annie Leibovitz teaches photography

This was the first MasterClass we took, and we were blown away by the quality and depth of the lessons.

Leibovitz’s class is more focused on professional photographers, so it was over my head. But, I liked the “homework” she gave. It challenged me to put extra thought into the technical aspects of my photos (like the use of sunlight).

For better photographers than me, this is an excellent MasterClass.

33. Gordon Ramsey teaches cooking I

Another excellent cooking MasterClass, Ramsey’s MasterClass watches like a regular cooking show.

Filled with tons of recipes and advice dropped in along the way, this was another very practical course. Our favorite episode was “7. Make: Elevated Scrambled Eggs.” Delicious!

34. David Axelrod & Karl Rove teach campaign strategy

Axelrod’s and Rove’s MasterClass was incredibly interesting. It watched like a TV show while I did my chores.

So while it wasn’t so relevant to my daily life, it was fascinating to hear everything that goes into creating a political campaign.

During the next presidential election, I felt like I had a better understanding of the candidates’ advertisements and speeches.

35. John Douglas teaches think like an FBI profiler

This was a great course with a 10/10 entertainment value. We loved listening/watching while cleaning the house and cooking…

So, while we loved it, we didn’t learn as much from it. The goal is learning how to avoid being manipulated, and while that’s great, the examples are out of proportion. Albeit fascinating.

John Douglas’ classes follow his real-life work profiling the Son of Sam, Charles Manson, Ed Kemper, and the likes, so it’s beyond jarring when he changes gears to share tips on how you can avoid becoming a victim.

36. Crypto and the Blockchain with noted experts

Crypto 101, but as a discussion panel of experts who are both for and against the idea of crypto.

I (Alex) admit that while we own a modest amount of crypto, I don’t have a complete understanding of it. This was a good refresher and something that I’ve since re-listened to again. It’s less a course — technically it’s a series — and more just a few short episodes of a range of experts commenting about the future of crypto and blockchain.

37. Doris Kerns Goodwin teaches U.S. presidential history and leadership

A good class for all Americans to take. Kerns Goodwin’s MasterClass is like the history class you wish you had in high school.

There were excellent leadership lessons and entertaining stories — perfect to put on while gardening — but the class wasn’t incredibly memorable or relevant to daily life.

38. Judd Apatow teaches comedy

Apatow’s MasterClass was super entertaining. Since I’m not planning on becoming a comedian or working in Hollywood, I enjoyed the content but the advice and stories didn’t have the same impact.

It does make me appreciate his movies more!

39. Howard Schultz teaches business leadership

Out of my favorite MasterClasses for business, Schultz’s didn’t make the top of my list.

It felt shorter and less focused than both Jocko Willink’s Sara Blakely’s. While the subjects were just as hard-hitting, like an episode on “10. Don’t Manage. Lead.” it felt softer, more fluffy, and less actionable than others we had watched.

Compared to both Sara Blakely and Chris Voss, I personally didn’t find this MasterClass too helpful.

40. Jen Atkin teaches style your own hair for any occasion *session*

Alex felt like this session was fun, but less helpful for someone who knew zero about hair (her). Sure, many MasterClasses are geared towards professionals and aren’t for the completely clueless person, and this was one of them.

Still fun, but it wasn’t so memorable for Alex. Perhaps you’ll have a different experience!

41. Indra Nooyi teaches leading with purpose

For us, this fell a bit flat just like Howard Schultz’s course. Maybe it’s because it felt more theoretical and existential than a concrete strategy. Also, it was less applicable to us as a business of two. Maybe that’s because we already feel a full sense of purpose with our website!

Anyways, we’ve always enjoyed listening to Indra Nooyi on podcasts before, but think that if you’re working on leadership, the best MasterClass is Jocko Willink’s.

42. Frank Gehry teaches architecture

I was really excited for Frank Gehry’s class as we were going through a full home renovation.

However, this MasterClass was geared more towards professional architects. It was interesting, but out of my league. For home renovators and DIYers like me, stick with Kelly Wearstler’s MasterClass.

43. LeVar Burton teaches the power of storytelling

Growing up watching PBS and Reading Rainbow, I was really excited for LeVar Burton’s MasterClass.

He discusses how to communicate better in daily life, and even how to grow a podcast. However, I felt that his class was more spiritual and woo-woo than I bargained for.

I picked up some tips, but unless you’re a professional actor, I don’t think this MasterClass is too relevant.

Closing Thoughts

So, there you go, our best MasterClass courses!

If a class you’re interested in didn’t make our list, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad MasterClass course.

We simply share the exceptional, standout ones from our perspective, but are happy to write our opinions on other classes we’ve tried if you leave a comment below.

MasterClass offers tremendous value for the price, especially if you can share the membership with loved ones. For complete pricing details, head over to our article titled, “How Much Is MasterClass?

While MasterClass does not offer a free trial, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. Also, instead a free trial, you can get a “Guest Pass” from someone with a MasterClass membership.

Since you’re taking the time to read our best MasterClass courses list, if you leave a thoughtful comment below about what craft you’re looking to master, we’ll happily share one of our 7-Day Guest Passes.

What’s The Best MasterClass You’ve Taken?

Let us know in the comments below. If you have constructive opinions on MasterClass courses or your own class recommendation, post them below as well.

Cheers to being lifelong learners!

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