This free Printable Resistance Band Exercise Chart PDF includes the 55 most effective resistance tube exercises for your legs, back, core, triceps, shoulders, chest, and biceps.

If you want to get in shape with resistance bands, look no further than this printable resistance band exercise PDF. You don’t need a gym membership or a rack of dumbbells to build strength. Resistance bands are safer and in many cases, more effective.

After quitting our jobs as engineers in 2017, our traveling lifestyle forced us to learn how to use resistance bands to increase strength and mobility. Since then, we have achieved amazing results and helped 3,700+ do the same.

In this post, we’ll give you the free resistance band exercise PDF and provide tips and a plan to get results. 

printable resistance band exercise chart pdf ryan and alex duo life

Our Free Printable Resistance Band Exercise PDF (55 Full-Body MOves)

We advocate for workouts that can be done anywhere. Given our lifestyle, having freedom from a gym or heavy equipment keeps us consistent.

We love bodyweight strength training too, but variety is important to prevent boredom, injury, and plateau. Bands are the best way to add resistance and do strength training anytime, anywhere.

But, you’re here to download the printable PDF. So, here you go! For more tips on how to best utilize this tool, keep reading.

printable resistance band exercise chart pdf

Download The Printable Resistance Band Exercise Chart

This free PDF chart includes 55 of the best resistance band exercises. Print the exercises and start the included workout plan. We're just an email away for support!

What To Love About Resistance Band Exercises

We use these resistance band exercises to supplement an optimized workout plan that includes cardio, flexibility, and bodyweight strength training.

Resistance training with bands is often referred to as “functional fitness.” Simply put, it means that bodyweight exercises train your body to function and perform better in the real world.

Therefore, if you want to go out and ski, hike, run, chase your kids, and play softball at a higher level without getting injured, resistance bands are incredibly helpful.

Besides being lightweight and portable, there are 3 things we love most about resistance tubes.

1. Multi-plane resistance

With resistance bands, you’re not limited to gravity forces in the vertical plane. You get multi-plane resistance, which is excellent functional training for activities like swinging a baseball bat in the horizontal plane.

The below, are excellent ab exercises with bands that are not possible with dumbbells.

resistance band exercises printable resistance in multiple planes

2. They keep you honest and safe

With resistance tubes, you can’t cheat. Tension forces are not influenced by momentum. Resistance bands force you to have better form, which makes them considerably safer to use.

Many people use momentum to throw heavy weights overhead while doing shoulder presses. This causes a lot of injuries. Not with resistance bands.

resistance band exercise pdf safe and no momentum

3. Your muscles work harder

Resistance bands deliver a variable force. As the band lengthens, the force increases. For example, with free weights, at the top of a bicep curl, your muscles relax as the weight falls toward your shoulder.

With resistance bands, your muscles experience the highest tension at the top of a bicep curl. Since the resistance and muscle strength curves (strength is highest when the bicep is shortest) are matched, resistance bands make your muscles work harder.

Success With These Printable Resistance Band Exercises

Having a plan is critical if you want to get results. And not just a basic daily plan to repeat over and over until you’re bored out of your mind.

A quality workout plan offers variety and periodization (a fancy word for increasing difficulty over time). Also, to consistently challenge your muscles, you need track reps and resistance. Then, next time, matching or increasing that weight ensures progress.

1. You need a plan

And, wait for it, we already created one for you and it’s also free. Check out our 12-Week Resistance Band Training Program.

In addition to a plan, you also need 3-5 good resistance tubes with handles and a door attachment, which is used often in the Printable Resistance Band Exercise Chart PDF.

2. Good gear is highly recommended

We have a strong opinion here because we have had more than one client get injured. We do not recommend using any resistance tubes that are 5+ years old or manufactured by some random company on Amazon. 

The only bands we will ever use are Bodylastics. If you’re doing your resistance band workouts alone, you just need this set of Bodylastic resistance tubes.

Typically, Alex and I are completing resistance band workouts together. We can share the bands since we’re usually using different resistance levels, however, we need two sets of handles and door attachments.

If you’re working out with a partner and one of you uses more resistance than the other, you can get this set of Bodylastic resistance tubes.

3. Learn proper form first

Each exercise requires a proper form to prevent injury and maximize results. Therefore, please review the written and video instructions for each exercise thoroughly (when you download the Printable Resistance Band Exercise Chart PDF we’ll share them).

Lastly, these resistance exercises are beginner-level through advanced. Each exercise can be modified or intensified so we’ll share those options too.

printable resistance band exercise chart pdf

Download The Printable Resistance Band Exercise Chart

This free PDF chart includes 55 of the best resistance band exercises. Print the exercises and start the included workout plan. We're just an email away for support!

Closing THoughts on The Printable Resistance Band Exercise PDF 

With these tips, workout plans, and resistance band exercises printable, we hope you have success.

Do you have any questions or feedback? Feel free to ask in the comments.

Cheers to your transformation! For more helpful resources, such as our Bodyweight Workout Plan or the Gym Workout Plan for beginners, head over to our Work Out At Home page.


12-Week Resistance Band Training Program PDF

Download and instantly access the printable resistance band exercise program chart and resistance tracker sheet.

- A 12-week calendar with built-in variety and periodization
- Videos of 55 full-body resistance band exercises
- Professional instruction to ensure proper form
- We're an email away for support

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