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Become more consistent with your fitness goals. Our advice, tools, and plans will get you the best results, in the least amount of time, and for the least amount of money. 


beachbody on demand worth it ryan and alex duo life

Streamed Fitness Programs

Following individual workouts is not a plan. You need a full program. Our experience and review of Beachbody On Demand.

Couples Clean Week Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Home Workouts For a Week

Sign up for our Couple’s Clean Week Program (free for a limited time) to test out an at-home exercise program.

How to Build A Home Gym_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

How to Build a Home Gym

Whether you want a full home gym or equipment to fit in a carry-on suitcase, here’s what we recommend.


Resistance Bands Benefits_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

The Benefits of Using Resistance Bands Compared to Weights

The $5000 Gym Visits_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Our Home Gym Vs. Gym Membership Cost-Benefit Analysis. Save $39,939 In 8 Years

what is the best cardio workout ryan and alex duo life

What’s The Best Cardio Workout According to Two Engineers? Our Experiment


resistance bands workout routine ryan and alex duo life

8-Week, Total Body Resistance Band Workout Routine

This free, at-home workout program includes a printable program calendar along with video guidance on proper form. These are the 55 best resistance band exercises for total body fitness and muscle fatigue.

This is the most extensive free guide to resistance band exercises in existence, so get ready to pump elastic!

Third Trimester Training Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Pregnancy Workout Plan by Trimester

Couples Yoga Flow Routine Partner Yoga Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Workouts Designed for Couples

30 Day Ab Challenge Ryan and Alex Duo Life

30-Day Ab Challenge With 30+ Core Exercises

backpacking 2 week fitness plan ryan and alex duo life

Backpacking 2-Week Fitness Plan


7 ways to level up your running ryan and alex duo life runners on a track

7 Ways to Level Up Your Running

How to use resistance bands ryan and alex duo life

How to Use Resistance Bands to Get Results

Fitness Test_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

How Fit Are You? Take Our Fitness Test

what time of day to workout

What is The Best Time of Day to Work Out?

find your why ryan and alex duo life couples yoga at sunrise

5 Steps to Finding Your WHY for Exercise

Optimize Your Workouts_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

How to Optimize Your Workout Routine

Fitness Tracking Body Measurement Chart_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Tracking Your Fitness Progress With a Body Measurement Chart

Intermittent Fasting and Morning Workouts Ryan and Alex Duo Life Ryan Paddleboard

How to do Intermittent Fasting and Morning Workouts

body beast transformation

Alex’s Weight Lifting Transformation Story (Why All Women Need to Lift)

BODgroups_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

What is a BODGroup and Why Join One?

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