Best 2020 Gift Ideas for the Travelers

Finding the perfect travel gift for a loved one can have an incredible impact on their trip. Whether it’s an item they would have missed, or was something they hadn’t intended to splurge on, certain travel products can really make or break a trip.

On the flip-side, travelers can be tricky to buy gifts for. They only have so much suitcase-space, and every item brought along will be very thoughtfully done.

As full-time travelers who have lived abroad for five years across South America, Central America, and Asia, we curated our must-have products that make traveling more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable. Here are our tried-and-true best 2020 gift ideas for the traveler.

best 2020 gift ideas for the traveler

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Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Adventures – $16

The only book we lug around with us across the world. For some serious adventure inspiration, this book by Lonely Planet categorizes endless adventures, with dozens of spots across different countries, all over the world. Great for inspiration and one of the best 2020 gift ideas for the traveler.

World Nomads Travel and Health Insurance

Navigating the realm of travel insurance can be tricky. It’s something that you want to have, but never want to use. Currently, we use World Nomads as our primary health insurance, since it is good protection when away just 50 miles or more from home. It can cover health incidents as well as travel issues as well, like losing a bag or getting delayed on your trip. This is a solid and thoughtful travel gift for a loved one.

Trusted Housesitters – $90/year with our 30% off discount code

If your traveler is an animal lover, what better way to give them a world of pets and opportunity? We have pet-sat for the past year, saving us $7000 in lodging while caring for a dozen amazing pets across South and Central America. Trusted Housesitters is the largest pet sitting website, with thousands of sits available around the world. We have loved our experience this year and this quickly made it onto our list of the best 2020 gift ideas for the traveler.

Want to learn more about our experience with petsitting? We tell-all in our article, TrustedHousesitters Review 2020: Our Experience and Success Tips.

Osprey Daylite Day Backpack – $50

A durable daypack is essential for comfort and safety while traveling. We have always liked the Osprey brand because of their warranty and reliable customer service. Plus, this daypack also has a slot for a water bladder, letting it double as a hiking backpack as well.

Vibram FiveFingers – $80

Our go-to sneaker, workout shoe, running sneaker, and even hiking boot. The only thing to laugh at is how versatile this shoe is. Alex has run half a dozen marathons in hers, we have hiked on the multi-day trek to The Lost City of Colombia, and waded through the Rio Grande in these. They’re great for warmer weather climates, pack light, maintain grip when wet, and can be thrown in the washing machine.

Steripen Water Sterilizer – $75

After we spent $400 on water while living in Peru for two months, we realized that we desperately needed a water sterilizing pen. Steripen is the most trusted brand. It charges by USB and sterilizes one liter of water in a minute. We always keep our pen on us, so that we never go thirsty. When in doubt, sterilize. This is an essential tool for anyone who travels abroad. We highly recommend this best 2020 gift idea for the traveler.

32 oz. Nalgene Water Bottle – $11

The day we lost our Nalgene last month, was a very bad day. Our water bottles are always glued to our hands, and is a constant reminder to keep hydrated. Nalgene bottles are incredibly durably, handy, and its measurements help immensely while cooking over a campfire. This wide-mouthed Nalgene bottle is the perfect size to match the Steripen water sterilizer above.

Shakeology – $130

Our all-in-one nutritional health insurance. We carry dozens of bags with us whenever we move overseas. What’s the point of traveling if you’re too sick or tired to be active? As you know, we’re adventure junkies, and we make sure that we’re healthy and in tip-top nutritional shape with this shake. Plus, it works like magic in a pinch when you’re stuck without dinner on an overnight bus. To stay healthy and nourished on the go, this is one of the best 2020 gift ideas for the traveler.

Camera and iPhone Tripod – $24

How do we get our magical travel shots, you ask? With the help of this lightweight, travel tripod of course! Extending from a height of 25″ to 60″, rest assured that your friend’s travel photos will be well captured. Note that an iPhone holder will need to be purchased separately. We took one off an old tripod of ours, and it screwed right in.

Gift an Experience through AirBnb Experiences

For the couple who has everything. Our recent go-to for everything that’s happening where we tragvel is the experiences section of AirBnb. From pottery classes to farmer’s markets tours, a whole variety of activities can be found in one place. Find one that suits your favorite couple, and gift them a day they’ll always remember and cherish.

Resistance Bands – $12

Even when we’re on vacation, getting a workout energizes us for an epic day of travel. Replace your free weights with resistance bands to stay on top of your exercise. Travel is not an excuse to put exercise on the back burner. Keep your loved one active with this best 2020 gift idea for the traveler.

Don’t know where to start? We wrote up a Resistance Bands Workout Routine that can be done from a hotel room.

YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat – $62

These yoga mats have been our mainstays for the past two years. They’ve traveled with us across five continents. We’ve exercised with them on sand, grass, cement, gravel, and airports. We can’t say enough great things about them. They’re light, pack well, easily hand-washed, and have a great thickness.

Beachbody On Demand – $8.25/month

We stream our workouts through our laptops and iPad while traveling, around the world. These at-home and gym workouts are as flexible as our travel schedule is. Give the gift of fitness, even when at the ends of the earth. This is an incredible fitness solution, and one of the best 2020 gift ideas for travelers. 

Anker Portable Charger – $19

A portable charger is critical while traveling, as so many travel documents and directions are now being stored on our phones. Make sure no GoPro or Steripen water sterilizer goes uncharged. This small charger from Anker tops up our phones about four times every charge.

North Face Thermoball Puff Jacket – $200

The most versatile jacket we own. It kept us comfortable and dry in 50 F degree weather in Ecuador and kept us warm and cozy atop snowcapped volcanoes in Argentina. We prefer the North Face jacket to its competitor, Patagonia, because of the fitted shape.

Marmot Precip Rain Jacket – $100

The best, lightweight rain jacket that money can buy. After living in Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ecuador – all during serious rainy seasons – this jacket came out on top. We’ve compared this jacket alongside Patagonia’s Torrentshell jacket, and the Marmot jacket stayed drier and warmer.

Dream Essentials Silk Sleep Mask – $11

Ryan takes sleep extremely seriously after his sleep debt lead to alarming health issues. Over the past two years, we’ve tried at least three different sleep masks, and this one comes out on top for comfort, staying-in-place, and durability. You never know when you need to catch a snooze on a bus or in a hammock while on the road. Quality sleep is even more important when traveling. Ensure your loved on is well rested with this best 2020 gift idea for travelers.

MyPillow Travel Pillow – $30

These patented pillows grace our bed as well as in our suitcases. They roll up, making them easy to stuff into a backpack, and can be washed in the washing machine. We prefer their interlocking filler to any memory foam pillow on the market.

GoPro Hero 8 – $400

Our favorite mementos from our travels are our GoPro videos. After each trip, Ryan takes some time to compile our best moments in a memorable, music video style film, like our adventure of a lifetime into the Amazon jungle.

Are you interested in a GoPro but don’t know where to start? Ryan compiled a How to Make GoPro Videos 101 guide, free for download.

GoPro 3-Way Grip and Tripod – $40

Easy to pack and hold – even while scuba diving and horseback riding – make sure that your GoPro is safe but can get the best shot. Don’t worry, we won’t tell you that it’s a fancy selfie stick, but it kind of is.

Audible – $15 monthly

Give the gift of hands-free, eyes-free books with a subscription to Audible. As much as we love reading, it’s a lot more efficient to listen to an audiobook while traveling. With one subscription, couples can listen with the same account. Help  your loved one stay productive and entertained while on the go with this best 2020 gift idea for travelers. 

Kindle – $90

Give the gift of unlimited reading when your traveler is in faraway lands, with no English books at any store. We prefer reading on the Kindle instead of our iPads to avoid glare, since our reading time is typically right before bed.

Note: Ryan and Alex Duo Life believes in transparency on the web so we are disclosing that there are product links in this document that will earn us affiliate commissions for purchases you make. All products are the exact same products that we purchased after careful review and use regularly. We have not been given any free products by companies in exchange for mentioning them. They are just products we love and use. Enjoy!

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