Healthy Lifestyle

Health is far more than just fitness and nutrition. It’s a lifestyle that includes your mental and social health as well. Use these resources to level up all areas of your life.


at home self care retreat ryan and alex duo life a book in bed with coffee

DIY Self-Care Retreat

One day to claim a well-deserved reset. Our DIY wellness retreat provides an hour by hour plan along with tips to prepare.

30 day gratitude challenge ryan and alex duo life

30-Day Gratitude Challenge

It takes 30 days of gratitude before the effects are felt. Our challenge covers health, nutrition, fitness, relationships, and soul.

working from home tips for success ryan and alex duo life

Work From Home Tips

As the world works from home during the Coronavirus pandemic, these 11 tips will help you work more productively at home.


Is Masterclass Worth It_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Is MasterClass Worth It? Our Review After 1 Year and 19 Classes

MasterClass is online learning platform from world experts. While we still love learning from podcasters and authors, we feel spoiled learning from the best in the world. 

We loved learning about conservation from Jane Goodall, negotiation from Chris Voss, cooking from Alice Waters, and adventure photography from Jimmy Chin. In this article we rank our favorite classes. 

Productive Things To Do Ryan and Alex Duo Life

45 Productive Things To Do In Your Free Time

Should I Get A Standing Desk_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Should You Get a Standing Desk? How to Transition

Caffeine Withdrawal Timeline Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Our Caffeine Withdrawal Experiment (Hour By Hour)

how to declutter as a couple ryan and alex duo life

Our 30-Day Declutter Challenge For Couples


How to Fix Forward Head Posture Ryan and Alex Duo Life Resistance Band Exercises

How to Fix Forward Head Posture (aka “Nerd Neck”)

environmentally friendly lifestyle habits ryan and alex duo life

Habits to Live a More Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle

how to overcome analysis paralysis ryan and alex duo life

How to Overcome Analysis Paralysis in a World with Options Overload

The Importance of Sleeping Well Ryan and Alex Duo Life

The Importance of Sleeping Well and Tools to Promote Quality Sleep

how to keep your new years resolutions

How to Set, Track, and Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Why Self-Help Books Do Not Work_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Here’s Why Self-Help Books Don’t Work

create and manage a winning to-do list ryan and alex duo life

How to Create and Manage a Goal Achieving To-Do List

upright go 2 review posture trainer experiment ryan and alex duo life

Our Data-Driven Review of the UPRIGHT GO 2 Posture Trainer

How To Not Have Hangovers_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

How to Not Have Hangovers

Vibram FiveFingers Review Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Vibram FiveFingers Review: Our 10-Year Case Study

How to make the best coffee in a French press. Freshly picked ripe coffee fruits.

Making the Best French Press Coffee (Colombia-style)

unplug from technology ryan and alex duo life macbook watch iphone

Unplug from Technology with a 7-Day Digital Detox

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