9 Tips To Eat Healthy On Date Night

Whether you’re eating out on a Wednesday or it’s an anniversary, we all know it’s hard to stay healthy when dining out on a date night. We want the wine, the dessert, all the appetizers, and often your partner is an enabler!

Here are 9 TIPS TO EAT HEALTHY ON DATE NIGHT to help keep your nutrition in check the next time you’re out on the town.

9 tips to eat healthy on date night

1. Plan Ahead

To eat healthy on date night, pick out the restaurant, and check the menu. Decide on an entrée selection before you leave the house. That way, you’ve settled on a nutritious choice that won’t make you feel guilty in the morning. It also leaves room for some date night spontaneity in choosing the appetizers and desserts together. 

2. Go 2 out of 3

To dine healthy on date night, commit to having just two out of the three choices of appetizer, dessert, and a drink. You’ll still feel satiated without being too full. Otherwise, your date night dinner may keep you from enjoying the rest of your night.

3. Choose Wine

Red wine, in particular, is a healthy choice on date night. Red wine contains antioxidants to support heart health and improve cholesterol. After that, white wine and beer are the next best option with their array of micronutrients.

As for cocktails, they’re not good because of their high sugar. Just remember, for every alcoholic beverage you drink, follow it up with a glass of water to rehydrate your body and make sure you don’t have a hangover.

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4.  Watch Your Portions

Chances are, if you are eating out in the U.S., you are over-served. One method would be to proactively box up half your meal before it arrives at the table. Another technique, which is slightly less high maintenance, is to eat slowly and see how your body feels. Put your fork down between bites.

In English, we often ask, “Are you full?” However, in France, they ask, “Are you satisfied?” Use that as your benchmark to stop eating. If you’re still hungry after fifteen minutes, by all means, go right ahead and finish.

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5. Be Curious

Since your goal is to eat healthy on date night, it’s essential to ask how they’ll prepare your food if the menu doesn’t specify. Avoid deep-fried, pan-fried, basted, batter-dipped, breaded, creamy, crispy, scalloped, alfredo, au gratin, or cream sauce items. These won’t make you feel sexy on date night! Go for the meal that is steamed, broiled, baked, or sautéed.

Skip the fried bacon appetizer.

6. Light On The Salt

At any restaurant, we can guarantee that they will go heavy on the salt to please your taste buds. Ask your server to go light on the salt or don’t add it at all. You can always add more. When we had a date night in Texas and forgot to make this request, we’d feel dehydrated and tired after a salty dinner. 

It’s not that salt is bad. We cook with it all the time at home. But, restaurants are known to overdo it. The most purest and healthiest salt in the world is Sal De Maras. Peruvian families farm it. It’s the only farmed salt in the world. We visited the salt farm and love cooking with their salt and supporting their community.

7. Skip Freebies

To dine healthy on date night, pass on the basket of bread or chips. The best things in life aren’t always free. If they bring them out, the temptation will be too strong. Therefore, you have to pass on these items right after you order.

Also, we don’t think that carbs are bad, but eating a lot of carbohydrates so late in the day will spike your glucose and insulin levels. Not only will this energize you before bed, but it obstructs your body and brain from repairing properly overnight while you sleep.

8. DIY Menu

When you’re dining out for your healthy date night, remember that you are the customer. Restaurants often take perfectly healthy ingredients and mix them with fat, sodium, and empty calories during preparation. Since you’re the customer, don’t be afraid to tell them how you want your food prepared.

Be high maintenance. Always put a stop to mayo and ask for sour cream, sauces, dips, condiments, and dressings on the side. You can always dip your fork in the dressing instead of pouring it over your salad.

When you don’t see something perfect on the menu, feel empowered to DIY. Rearrange the menu and ask the server to replace the mashed potatoes or french fries with steamed broccoli or a salad.

What was once a healthy garden wrap became a loaded sour cream boat. Next time, DIY order and specify how and where you want the sauce!

9. Dinner Is Not The Date

Instead of having the meal be the be-all-end-all, why don’t you couple it with a walking tour, massage, pottery class, or head out to a dance hall? That way, you won’t feel like you need to lounge and spend your night on the town only at the restaurant! Having plans after dinner will prevent you from overindulging too. 

Now you can be smug about dining healthy on date night! Which ideas will you try out to eat healthy on date night? Let us know in the comments section below.

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