healthy couples

Develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle with your partner. Try our data-driven strategies to help you optimize your fitness, nutrition, happiness, and relationship, together.


best movies for married couples ryan and alex duo life

Best Movies for Couples

Watching and discussing these movies can cut your chances of divorce in half. These will give your date nights more meaning.

working out as a couple a complete guide ryan and alex duo life

Work Out as a Couple

“How do I get my significant other to work out with me?” Here’s a complete guide on successfully getting started.

Marriage Retreat At Home_Ryan and Alex Duo Life

At-Home Marriage Retreat

This 1-day, DIY marriage retreat is fun and based on data. Set aside a distraction-free day to follow our marriage retreat itinerary.


how to manage diets as a couple ryan and alex duo life

How to Manage Your Diets To Both Achieve Weight Loss/Gain Goals

Benefits of working out with your spouse ryan and alex duo life

The Incredible Benefits of Working Out With Your Spouse

adventurous couples bucket list ideas_ryan and alex duo life

50 Bucket List Ideas for Adventurous Couples


couple's yoga poses that you can actually do ryan and alex duo life

23 Easy, Medium, and Hard Partner Yoga Poses for Non-Yogi Couples

Practicing these partner yoga poses is a perfect way to strengthen your mind, body, and relationship together. Take pictures because bendy is trendy!

We also include a free, 24-minute online yoga session to tie many of these couple yoga poses into a professionally designed couple’s yoga flow sequence.

Couple's Workout Routine Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Couple’s Workout Routine (18 Partner Exercises)

couples yoga challenge ryan and alex duo life partner yoga upward facing dog

Couple’s 2-Week Yoga Challenge

Couples Clean Week Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Couple’s Clean Week (Free During COVID-19)

Couples Yoga Flow Routine Partner Yoga Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Free Yoga Flow Routine for Couples


marriage quotes ryan and alex duo life

50 Inspirational Marriage Quotes on Love and Relationships

wedding advice for newlyweds ryan and alex duo life

Marriage Advice for Newlyweds

do you have a relationship imbalance

How to Overcome a Fitness or Nutrition Imbalance in Your Relationship

9 tips to eat healthy on date night

9 Tips to Eat Healthy on Date Night

relationship goals from healthy inspiring couples ryan and alex duo life

Relationship Goals: A Round-up of Healthy and Inspiring Couples

how to work out as a couple ryan and alex duo life couples yoga poolside

How to Get Fit as a Couple With Different Schedules, Fitness Levels, and Preferences

couples finance guide ryan and alex duo life

A Guide to Becoming Financially Fit as a Couple

questions every couple should ask before marriage

Questions Every Couple Should Ask Before Marriage

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