Best 2020 Gift Ideas for Fitness Friends

Giving gifts that help maintain your friend’s health is a strategy that we can get behind. As health coaches and engineers, learning about the latest nutrition and fitness products is our forté.

The secret is, though, that you often don’t need fancy gadgets to progress your health. Thoughtful and meaningful items in your home gym and kitchen are all you need. Here are our best 2020 gift ideas for fitness friends.

best 2020 gift ideas for fitness friends

Couple’s Clean Week – Free upon Completion (otherwise $60)

Do you need more accountability? What if you put down money, but could earn it back if you kept a healthy lifestyle for seven days?

The Couple’s Clean Week program lets couples “try on” a healthy lifestyle for a week. The program holds you accountable to eat clean and follow seven at-home workouts, streamed into your living room. Each day touches upon various topics to maintaining a longterm, healthy lifestyle within a relationship. What do you say, would you make a bet with yourself?

The Just Duo It Program – $180

Our flagship program for couples.

The Just Duo It program was designed for couples to strengthen their health through fitness and nutrition, as well as their marriage and relationship, together. It includes thought-provoking, daily prompts and science-backed facts about health and relationships for 365 days. The program also includes monthly manuals to build a roadmap for longterm, sustainable lifestyle changes, lifetime access to couples bonus materials, and one-on-one consultations with Ryan and Alex.

Before you start: Get $10 right now and cash back on online purchases

I’ve been using this nifty site for a few years. It’s free to sign up and offers cashback on nearly every shopping site, like up to 5% cashback on Amazon to 4% on Patagonia. Seriously, this is a good one, and you won’t believe how many sites are listed. I felt silly for not doing it earlier. It’s like leaving free money on the table.

Plus, if you use this referral link, you’ll get $10 cash back on your next online purchase of $25 bucks, and that includes Amazon. Oh, and if you’re feeling generous, feel free to add me as your referrer with my personal email address, [email protected] Thanks!

23andMe DNA and Health Reports – $100

Give the gift of knowledge to your healthy friend. Not only will he or she learn their full DNA and heritage, but their health predispositions based on their genes. This is how we found out that Ryan is more neanderthal than Italian, and that Alex is nearly 10% Ashkenazi Jewish.

Resistance Bands – $12

Even when we’re on vacation, getting a workout in energizes us for an epic day of travel. Replace your free weights with resistance bands to stay on top of your exercise. They are just as effective as free weights, which is why they are one of the best 2020 gift ideas for fitness friends.

Don’t know where to start? We wrote up a Resistance Bands Workout Routine that can be done from a hotel room.

Pull-up Assist Band – $47

Pull-ups are the single most effective upper body workout that you can do. However, most people can’t reap the benefits because pull-ups are so challenging. As a stepping stone to mastering the pull-up, try our favorite pull-up assist band to safely work your up to a full body weight pull-up.

Need more convincing? Read our article Why You Need To Do Pull-Ups At Home.

Doorway Pull-Up Bar – $57

One way to promote more pull-ups? To place the pull-up bar in the doorway to your home gym. We recommend this product, which we’ve used for years. We placed socks on the padded edges and our door frames were never damaged. This is Ryan’s favorite of our best 2020 gift ideas for fitness friends. Pull-ups are an incredibly effective upper body workout. 

Beachbody On Demand – $8.25 monthly

The workouts that have kept us fit, versatile, and injury-free for the past decade. What better gift to give to your healthy friends than hundreds of streaming online workouts at their fingertips? From yoga to HIIT to barre to weightlifting, your friends will find top notch, world-class fitness classes with the best trainers in the industry.

Apple Watch, Series 3 – $200

Our Apple Watches are like mini coaches right on our wrist, buzzing to remind us to stand hourly and encouraging us to reach our exercise goals. These watches can track your workouts, heart rate, calorie burn, steps, and can even connect you in competitions with others with the watch. As engineers who love data, our watches were our favorite purchase this year. Which is why they quickly made it onto our list of best 2020 gift ideas for fitness friends. 

Vibram FiveFingers – $85

These shoes cover all of the bases for us. Alex has run half a dozen marathons in hers while Ryan has hiked the 4-day Lost City Trek of Colombia in his. We workout in these, and when we’re done, throw them in the washing machine. These shoes, will silly looking, have created a whole new experience for our feet.

Vitamix Blender – $400

Once you use this blender, you’ll never use another brands. We highly recommend Vitamix, more than any other brand and we’ve used them all. Not only does the Vitamix perfectly blend up our smoothies, it can also make ice cream and heat up soup. This is a kitchen must-have for your healthy friends.

Masterclass Yearly All-Access Pass – $180

Masterclass has been a fun and productive way to replace our Netflix time over the past year. There are dozens of courses by industry leaders and geniuses, sharing their skills and what they learned along the way. Inspire your friend with healthy cooking classes, taught by Alice Waters, to courses taught by top athletes like Serena Williams.

YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat – $62

These yoga mats have been our mainstays for the past two years. They’ve traveled with us across five continents. We’ve exercised with them on sand, grass, cement, gravel, and airports. We can’t say enough great things about them. They’re light, pack well, easily hand-washed, and have a great thickness. We use them for not just yoga, but cardio and resistance workouts as well. We love these travel mats, and they are one of the best 2020 gift ideas for fitness friends. 

Shakeology – $130

Our all-in-one nutritional health insurance. It’s the base of our daily shakes and covers phytonutrients, adaptogens, prebiotics, probiotics, and antioxidants. Shakeology has been our mainstay for the better part of a decade, helping us avoid sickness and providing energy throughout the day.

Blender Bottle with Container – $13

Our favorite way to mix up our shakes while on the go. This bottle even has a small container attached to the bottom for you to store your protein powder, vitamins, or supplements for later use.

Indoor Herb Garden Kit – $24

Nothing flavors homecooking more nor gives a stronger antioxidant boost than fresh herbs. This indoor herb garden kit brings this freshness right into your kitchen. This kit contains cilantro, basil, chives, and parsley. Happy cooking!

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 $100

This versatile pressure cooker also moonlights as a sterilizer, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, and warmer, amongst other functionalities. It’s our new favorite kitchen gadget, and inspired an upcoming cookbook of ours… more news to come! This 2020 gift idea is a tool that will simplify your fitness friend’s meal preparation.

Veggetti Spiralizer – $10

This spiralizer is hands-down our best way to replace traditional simple carbohydrates like pasta with vegetables. It’s how we make zoodles (zucchini noodles), coodles (carrot noodles), and even sweet poodles (sweet potato noodles/hash). We’ve had ours $10 spiralizer for the past half decade, and it’s still going strong.

Freshly Healthy Meal Delivery Service – 30% off with this discount link

For the career-focused couple who don’t spend enough time in the kitchen, gift them healthy meals for their work weeks. Freshly is a meal delivery service, with a delicious and seasonal selection of food. We’ve been there too, when we’re just too tired from work to cook and we ultimately eat out. Save yourself from spendy, unnecessary meals out and the extra fat. Meals start at just $9.

ButcherBox Meat Delivery Subscription

While mainly vegetarians, we think thoughtfully-sourced, high quality meat can be an important part of  your diet. However, it’s not always easy to find organic, free range, grass-fed meat for this price at the grocery store. So, give the gift of ButcherBox meat delivery. They focus on quality, value, and convenience, so you know that you’re getting the healthiest meat. This is one of the best 2020 gift ideas for fitness friends!

Durable, Waterproof Speaker – $50

Our speaker by Altec Lansing has been through a lot with us these past few years! Despite us moving to a different country every few months, this speaker is incredibly durable, and even made it on a few rafting trips with us! Nothing better sets the mood in the house than good music on a good speaker, especially when you’re working out.

AirPods – $160

AirPods are one of those things that you can’t remember what life was like beforehand. They’ve been that revolutionary for us. Please it’s easier to “temptation bundle” a chore like watering the garden or washing the dishes with a fun hobby like listening to a podcast or Masterclass – something that wouldn’t have been so easy with wired earbuds. This is a great gift for couples.

Audible – $15 monthly

Give the gift of hands-free, eyes-free books with a subscription to Audible. As much as we love reading, it’s a lot more efficient to listen to an audiobook while working out, or listening to one of our favorite health books. With one subscription, both couples can listen with the same account.

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking – $11

Self-care and self-love is just as important as physical health and diet. Take it from the CEO of The Happiness Research Institute, Copenhagen, or how to be happy. Wiking discusses how his home country of Denmark continuously tops the world’s happiness charts, and how you can add more Danish into your day to do the same.

The Blue Zones Solution by Dan Buettner – $10

The most informative book we read in 2020. The author, Dan Buettner, researches the world’s longest lived populations – like those of Okinawa, Japan, and Sardinia, Italy – and captures how they remain healthy for so long. A great read for your fit friend to think big picture. One of our favorite books of all time. A perfect gift idea for fitness friends. 

Superlife by Darin Olien – $10

Learn from the real-life Indiana Jones of superfood hunting himself, Darin Olien, and creator of Shakeology. Darin travels the world to find the most nutritious foods while sharing his tips on living as healthfully and fitfully as possible.

Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman – $10

A powerful must-read for the food is medicine movement. This book is predominantly a weight loss book, but discusses in-depth how food can be used to avoid, and even reverse, certain diseases and cancers.

32 oz. Nalgene Water Bottle – $11

The importance of drinking water cannot be overstated. The rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight (in lbs.) in ounces of water. Track your daily water intake with this Nalgene water bottle, with oz. and ml measurements.

Montara Hiking Boots by Ahnu – $125

Alex’s favorite hiking boot, and honestly better than any that Ryan has found. Ahnu is a brand specifically made for women, by women. The Montara book is incredibly water-resistant, and her toes have stayed toasty through the most freezing of rainstorms. Sorry guys, Ryan is still looking for his dream boot, but has had good experience in the past with Timberland. Whatever boot you choose, avoid mesh, even if touted as waterproof. Nothing beats leather.

For the serious hiker, don’t forget to check out our gift ideas for the backpacker.

Osprey Daylite Day Backpack – $50

A durable daypack is essential for comfort and safety. We have always liked the Osprey brand because of their warranty and reliable customer service. Plus, this daypack also has a slot for a water bladder, letting it double as a hiking backpack as well. This is a great gift for the couple always on the go.

For the serious hiker, don’t forget to check out our gift ideas for the backpacker.

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker – $11

One of our favorite health books, share Why We Sleep with your favorite couple. We know many who have read the book, and it is an eye-opening experience. Our bodies recover and build muscle while we sleep. This is an important one on our list of best 2020 gift ideas for your fitness friend.

Helix Mattress

Our lives changed overnight when we bought our first quality mattress. Sleep is so imperative, yet many accumlate sleep debt every night. Give the gift of a good night’s sleep, which creates a healthier, more focused, and energetic friend. Learn more about the importance of sleep from our Ryan’s story of how chronic sleep debt caused low testosterone.

Gift an Experience through AirBnb Experiences

For the couple who loves to keep on learning. Gift a healthy cooking class or meditation class for your friends to help propel them on their wellness journey.

Note: Ryan and Alex Duo Life believes in transparency on the web so we are disclosing that there are product links in this document that will earn us affiliate commissions for purchases you make. All products are the exact same products that we purchased after careful review and use regularly. We have not been given any free products by companies in exchange for mentioning them. They are just products we love and use. Enjoy!

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