eat clean

Looking for ways to eat less processed crap and actually crave healthy foods? These clean eating strategies will help you learn how to eat for optimal health and weight loss. 


how to meal prep for the week ryan and alex duo life

Meal Prep Tips

Learn how to meal prep for the week. Save your diet, time, and money with these tips, recipes, and our weekly calendar.

30-day weight loss challenge ryan and alex duo life

30-Day Weight Loss Plan

Take our 30-day challenge to help you track calories, eat high-fiber foods, and sleep and move more!

healthy foods to eat ultimate guide and shopping list ryan and alex duo life

Healthy Foods Grocery List

These high quality foods listed by food group belong on every grocery shopping list. Use our tips to always select the healthiest foods.


benefits of sprouts ryan and alex duo life

Learn How to Grow Sprouts at Home

Follow our step by step guide to growing alfalfa, broccoli, or mung bean sprouts at home in a jar. It’s simple and safe.

Looking for more DIY foods? We also culture our own kefir at home, which is far healthier, cheaper, and tastier than store-bought yogurt or kefir. We used these grains and accompanying ebook.

alcohol and weight loss ryan and alex duo life

How to Drink Alcohol and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

intermittent fasting how to guide ryan and alex duo life

How to Start a 16/8 Intermittent Fasting Plan

easy healthy recipes for meal prep ryan and alex duo life

Easy and Healthy Recipes to Meal Prep in Bulk

game changers film takeaways

Our Takeaways From The Game Changers Documentary


eating veggies like a pro ryan and alex duo life basket of vegetables

How to Sneak More Vegetables into Your Day

healthiest cuisines in the world

The Healthiest Cuisines and Food Cultures in the World

do i need protein powder ryan and alex duo life

Do I Really Need a Protein Powder?

the problem with fad diets ryan and alex duo life sad face plate

It’s Not Willpower. Here’s The Problem With Fad Diets

Poop Health 101 Ryan and Alex Duo Life

How to Improve Your Poop Health and Fix Poor Digestion

do carbs make you fat ryan and alex duo life

Do All Carbs Make You Fat? Or Just The Bad Ones?

your top nutrition questions answered ryan and alex duo life meal prep containers

These Are Your Top Nutrition Questions, Answered

how to give up soda ryan and alex duo life multicolored pop

5 Compelling Reasons to Quit Soda Immediately

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