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Resources for Healthy Couples


  • Our weekly, Friday morning Duo Life Letters. Highlighting fresh off the press, Duo-tested health and relationship topics to help you engineer your best lives, together. This includes our best resources for healthy couples.
  • With the Just Duo It program, we are with you every day, every step of the way, for one year – since lasting change doesn’t happen in days, weeks, or months. What we learned in 10 years, clarified into our 1-year free program. Free for a limited time ($300 value). This includes our best resources for a healthy relationship.
  • Sign up for a Couple’s Fitness Analysis and 14-day free trial of the workout programs we swear by because they are most effective. Let’s talk about how to be healthy as a couple.
  • Get our free Instant Downloads to start getting healthy as a couple.


  • If you’re ready to try on a week of our lifestyle and see how it fits, place your bet with Couple’s Clean Week ($60/Duo). Duos that pass with no less than a B, which is 85% or above (if you can stick to you goals 85% of the time, your doing awesome) get their enrollment refunded (and get a free t-shirt).
  • See our Offerings Page to sign up for a Couple’s Consultation “Life Audit,” an in-depth, personalized plan to optimizing your duo life. 

Resources for a Healthy Relationship


Getting Healthy as a Couple – Optimizing Your Lives

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