Best 2020 Gift Ideas for Couples

Gifting for not just one, but two people, doesn’t have to give you double the headache. Whether for an anniversary or for a special day, a gift that can connect two people is incredibly special. Many of our favorite products bring us closer together, keeping us laughing and happy.

As a couple who loves to travel, learn, and keep fit, here are our best 2020 gift ideas for couples living a healthy lifestyle.

best 2020 gift ideas for couples

The Just Duo It Program – $180

Our flagship program for couples.

The Just Duo It program was designed for couples to strengthen their health through fitness and nutrition, as well as their marriage and relationship, together. It includes thought-provoking, daily prompts and science-backed facts about health and relationships for 365 days. The program also includes monthly manuals to build a roadmap for longterm, sustainable lifestyle changes, lifetime access to couples bonus materials, and one-on-one consultations with Ryan and Alex. This is our best 2020 gift ideas for couples

Couple’s Clean Week – Free upon completion (otherwise $60)

Do you need more accountability? What if you put down money, but could earn it back if you kept a healthy lifestyle for seven days?

The Couple’s Clean Week program lets couples “try on” a healthy lifestyle for a week. The program holds you accountable to eat clean and follow seven at-home workouts, streamed into your living room. Each day touches upon various topics to maintaining a longterm, healthy lifestyle within a relationship. What do you say, would you make a bet with yourself?

Before you start: Get $10 right now and cash back on online purchases

I’ve been using this nifty site for a few years. It’s free to sign up and offers cashback on nearly every shopping site, like up to 5% cashback on Amazon to 4% on Patagonia. Seriously, this is a good one, and you won’t believe how many sites are listed. I felt silly for not doing it earlier. It’s like leaving free money on the table.

Plus, if you use this referral link, you’ll get $10 cash back on your next online purchase of $25 bucks, and that includes Amazon. Oh, and if you’re feeling generous, feel free to add me as your referrer with my personal email address, Thanks!

3-Year Journal for Couples – $14

Our favorite nightly ritual is to write in this journal, unwind, and laugh about our responses before bed. This journal asks a new question a day, with spaces to let you answer for three years. It’s been so funny to review our prior year’s answers. We love this little journal and we highly recommend it to all couples. This best 2020 gift idea for couples will surely spark joy!

Gift an Experience through AirBnb Experiences

For the couple who has everything. Our recent go-to for everything that’s happening in our town is the experiences section of AirBnb. From pottery classes to farmer’s markets tours, a whole variety of activities can be found in one place. Find one that suits your favorite couple, and gift them a day they’ll always remember and cherish.

Masterclass Yearly All-Access Pass – $180

Masterclass has been a fun and productive way to replace our Netflix time over the past year. There are dozens of courses by industry leaders and geniuses, sharing their skills and what they learned along the way. Our favorite classes have been with Jane Goodall, Alice Waters, Annie Leibovitz, and Gordon Ramsey. We’ve learned real skills and have become better for it. We were gifted Masterclass in 2018 and after our first class it made our best 2020 gift ideas for couples

Bodrum French Press – $36

After living in Colombia’s coffee farms and learning about their coffee production process, we could never go back to our Keurig machine. So, we invested in a 34 oz. French press and have loved our daily morning ritual of grinding our coffee beans together.

Want to try some of the best coffee in the world? One of our favorite cafés in Medellín, Colombia ships to the US. We recommend the JavaPresse subscription for high-quality, fresh coffee beans (and a free burr grinder).

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder – $24

Alongside our French press, we buy whole coffee beans for the best quality. Brewing coffee this way takes a little more time (perfect for lazy weekends) but makes the process more meaningful for us. You can tell the quality of the beans by the scent of the beans, how oily they feel while grinding, and how the froth when you add hot water to the French press. Elevate the coffee experience with these gifts. The ritual we have created around our morning coffee is why these are the best 2020 gift ideas for couples

Camera and iPhone Tripod – $24

How do we get our magical travel shots, you ask? With the help of this lightweight, travel tripod of course! Extending from a height of 25″ to 60″, rest assured that your friend’s travel photos will be well captured. Note that an iPhone holder will need to be purchased separately. We took one off an old tripod of ours, and it screwed right in.

23andMe DNA and Health Reports – $100

Give the gift of knowledge to your favorite couple. Not only will they learn their full DNA and heritage, but their health predispositions based on their genes. This is how we found out that Ryan is more neanderthal than Italian, and that Alex is nearly 10% Ashkenazi Jewish.

The Blue Zones Solution by Dan Buettner – $10

Another life-changing book, learn from the world’s longest lived populations on how they increase their lifespan and lead healthy lives into their 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond. This is a must-read for any couple, especially since family and marriage plays a role in longevity. With all the confusion around healthy living, this answers all the questions and helps couples find balance. For nutrition, this is the best 2020 gift idea for couples

Freshly Healthy Meal Delivery Service – 30% off with this discount link

For the career-focused couple who don’t spend enough time in the kitchen, gift them healthy meals for their workweeks. Freshly is a meal delivery service, with a delicious and seasonal selection of food. We’ve been there too when we’re just too tired from work to cook and we ultimately eat out. Save yourself from spendy, unnecessary meals out and the extra fat. Meals start at just $9.

Waffle Robe – $24

A comfortable, medium-temperature robe for lounging around the house. We love our matching robes, it makes our house feel more like a home. This robe is a cotton waffle texture, and feels higher quality than its low price suggests!

Organic Cotton Slippers by oFoot – $22

To go along with the robes, these slippers have memory foam bottoms and feel like clouds. They are also machine washable, making them a cozy choice when our tile floors get cold!

YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat – $62

These yoga mats have been our mainstays for the past two years. They’ve traveled with us across five continents. We’ve exercised with them on sand, grass, cement, gravel, and airports. We can’t say enough great things about them. They’re light, pack well, easily hand washed, and have a great thickness. Also, point them to our favorite couple’s yoga poses!

Beachbody On Demand – $8.25/month

We stream our workouts through our laptops and iPad while traveling, around the world. These at-home and gym workouts are as flexible as our travel schedule is. Give the gift of fitness, even when at the ends of the earth. In this article, we talk about why Beachbody On Demand is the ultimate fitness solution. For fitness, this is the best 2020 gift idea for couples.

Best Couple’s Book: The 5 Love Languages – $10

If there is one thing on this list that will really help improve a couple’s relationship, it’s this book. Out of the dozens of relationship books we have read, this one actually gave us cohesive strategies on how we can best care for each other. Need convincing? Take their free quiz to discover your love language.

Durable, Waterproof Speaker – $50

Our speaker by Altec Lansing has been through a lot with us these past few years! Despite us moving to a different country every few months, this speaker is incredibly durable, and even made it on a few rafting trips with us! Nothing better sets the mood in the house than good music on a good speaker.

AirPods – $160

AirPods are one of those things that you can’t remember what life was like beforehand. They’ve been that revolutionary for us. Please it’s easier to “temptation bundle” a chore like watering the garden or washing the dishes with a fun hobby like listening to a podcast or Masterclass – something that wouldn’t have been so easy with wired earbuds. This is a great gift for couples.

Audible – $15 monthly

Give the gift of hands-free, eyes-free books with a subscription to Audible. As much as we love reading, it’s a lot more effecient to listen to an audiobook while driving, cleaning, or cooking. With one subscription, both couples can listen with the same account. For personal development, this is the best 2020 gift idea for couples

Coravin Wine Pourer and Preserver – $280

Yes, alcohol, wine especially, does have a place in a healthy lifestyle. This ingenius wine pourer uses a surgical syringe to pour out a glass of wine, without making you open the bottle. Thus, if one of the couple doesn’t drink, or is pregnant, you don’t have to open a nice bottle of wine that you can’t finish immediately.

Aervana Luxury Wine Aerator – $110

For the couple who loves wine, gift them our favorite wine aerator, elevating their wine experience. This, best paired with the James Suckling’s Wine Appreciation Masterclass, is a gift that keeps on giving.

Double Hammock – $27

Whether camping or just relaxing in the yard, nothing feels more like summer vacation than swinging in a hammock. This hammock can be used for one or two people, and is lightweight enough to through in a backpack during a hike.

Osprey Daylite Day Backpack – $50

A durable daypack is essential for comfort and safety. We have always liked the Osprey brand because of their warranty and reliable customer service. Plus, this daypack also has a slot for a water bladder, letting it double as a hiking backpack as well. This is a great gift for the couple always on the go.

For the more serious hiker, don’t forget to check out our gift ideas for the backpacker.

Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Adventures – $16

The only book we lug around with us across the world. For some serious adventure inspiration, this book by Lonely Planet categorizes endless adventures, with dozens of spots across different countries, all over the world. Let your couple day dream and start planning their next adventure.

Trusted Housesitters – $90/year with our 30% off discount code

For the couple who has always wanted a pet, but could never find the time. Give the gift of a membership to the largest pet sitting website, with thousands of sits available around the world. Your favorite couple can now blend their holidays or weekends with pets in need of sitting. We’ve now watched a dozen cats and dogs in Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico, although there are likely some sits in your hometown! Every experience has been incredibly special.

Want to learn more about our experience with petsitting? We tell-all in our article, TrustedHousesitters Review 2019: Our Experience and Success Tips.

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker – $11

One of our favorite health books, share Why We Sleep with your favorite couple. We know many who have read the book, and it is an eye-opening experience.

Helix Mattress

Our lives changed overnight when we bought our first quality mattress. Sleep is so imperative, yet many accumlate sleep debt every night. Give the gift of a good night’s sleep, which creates a healthier, more focused, and energetic friend. Learn more about the importance of sleep from our Ryan’s story of how chronic sleep debt caused low testosterone.

Note: Ryan and Alex Duo Life believes in transparency on the web so we are disclosing that there are product links in this document that will earn us affiliate commissions for purchases you make. All products are the exact same products that we purchased after careful review and use regularly. We have not been given any free products by companies in exchange for mentioning them. They are just products we love and use. Enjoy!

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