Couple’s Fitness Analysis

We find nothing more rewarding than helping couples start working out together. Couple workouts have single-handedly catalyzed our Duo Life. We know they can for you too. However, there are some challenging questions we need to address before creating a success plan.

couple’s fitness analysis

An Introduction

Before we started working out consistently together as a couple, our busy travel, social, and work schedules gave us ample excuses to miss workouts. We were always on and off the wagon. Fortunately, since we were on sometimes, we felt the benefit of exercise but lacked a structured plan to keep us on track. Additionally, we lacked accountability. 

We credit the streamed workouts on Beachbody On Demand for our consistency and success together in our fitness journey. The workout programs offered the variety that we needed to meet our combined goals continuously. 

We love having a plan. So, we excelled when we started following the workout calendars and nutrition plans in Beachbody On Demand. We quickly saw results. It’s funny how motivation comes easy, and excuses don’t stand a chance when you see progress.

Exercise is the foundation of your healthy lifestyle. The goal of our Couple’s Fitness Analysis is to understand your combined goals, schedules, and workout preferences. With this information, we’re confident that we can design a plan that will have you both hooked in two weeks.

What Is The Couple’s Fitness Analysis 

When you sign up for our Couple’s Fitness Analysis, you’re starting a conversation with us. 

First, we’ll send you an email with a Fit Test and six questions Fit Questionnaire, which will help us get to know you two and your goals. 

Next, once you share your results and answers, we’ll begin a discussion about our best recommendations.

Lastly, we’ll provide a 2-week couple’s workout plan. The program will require a free 2-week trial of Beachbody On Demand. We’ll help you navigate that as well.

We look forward to our discussion!

Why Beachbody On Demand?

We wrote a whole article about the benefits of Beachbody On Demand. Do you need to use Beachbody On Demand to be successful working out as a couple? Of course not. Alex and I love to run, hike, and bike together. There are numerous ways to stay active as a couple.

However, staying active and being fit are two different goals. If you want to be fit, you need to challenge your strength, balance, and endurance with direction from a trainer, and follow a professionally designed routine with built-in periodization.

If you haven’t had both of these before, that’s is the missing link. Beachbody On Demand offers both, and it’s cheaper than your monthly Netflix subscription. Here are the highlights.

  • These workouts are the most effective (as proven in our cardio experiment) regarding results, time, and money
  • All programs include the structure that we need to push ourselves, measure progress, and stay accountable – tracking sheets, calendars, nutrition plans, full workout instruction
  • This platform delivers variety and results for bodybuilders, yogis, and everyone in between
  • Streaming gives us the freedom to workout anywhere

We created the Couple’s Fitness Analysis to help couples accessorize their Duo Life with a fun, effective, and at-home workout plan. The analysis includes a Fit Test and Fit Questionnaire.

You’ll also gain access to our exclusive Duo Life Community for accountability and support. We’ll be your lifetime fitness guides… no more winging it. If you don’t absolutely love it, no sweat (pun intended) and no strings attached. Let’s Duo This!

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Couple’s Fitness Analysis

How fit are you really? Is your time at the gym and going out for a jog really paying off? Take our fitness quiz and learn about the tools that Ryan and Alex use to commit to working out consistently. As engineers, they made it as simple and efficient as possible. 

  • Take the Quiz: How Fit Are You?
  • General fitness evaluation/discussion by Ryan and Alex via email
  • 2-week fitness calendar specific to your combined goals and interests


I saw a bunch of people yesterday at a holiday party that have known me for years. People kept on commenting that I'm the best I've ever looked. Most fit and slim! Thanks Alex and Ryan Duo Life!

- Amanda and Kristopher

Thank you!!!

We’re in such a routine now, it feels like something’s missing if we’re not working out in the mornings!

- Jennifer and Lance

I finally have a before and after transformation to be proud of and I’m not even done with the program! Down 8 inches and have no clue what I weigh. It doesn’t matter, I feel great!

- Michelle

I lost 5” but I refuse to weigh myself. Part of my goal is to not stress about weight and to focus on feeling and making healthy choices. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how toned I look. I am feeling better and better every day.

- Alexandra

I’d been trying to do it on my own for so long. I’d spent over $2000 on other quick weight loss programs. I’d been going to the gym for 3 years and could not lose the weight. After many year of excuses I finally called for help! Best decision I could have made for myself and my family.

- Matt

Let me just say, Ryan and Alex have hands down changed my life. They are the epitome of what I envision perfect coaches to be. Even from across the country, they reaches out to me on a regular basis, help me crush my goals, and keep me motivated on a daily basis. I’m so happy that I’m lucky enough to work with them! 

- Jessica


Couples Clean Week Content Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Couple's Clean Week

A 7-day kickstarter for couples to "try out" a healthy lifestyle.

  • Daily videos with "real talk" about common excuses and a roadmap to get on the same page as a couple
  • 30-minute, at-home video workouts 
  • Nutrition and grocery shopping guide
  • Bonus content made specifically for couples

When you successfully complete Couple's Clean Week, your enrollment is refunded. Make a bet with yourself to stick to healthy habits for 7-days.

$60 per couple, with 100% money back for couples truly committed to a healthy week.

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