couple’s clean week

course list

prep day 1

Couple’s Clean Week – Prep Day 1

Agenda: This course starts off with three days of preparation before the first workout day. We’ll also ask you to plan out your workouts and discuss the refund on your enrollment fee.

Duration: 30 minutes

prep day 2

Couple’s Clean Week – Prep Day 2

Agenda: Today we’ll review the nutrition guidelines for the week and make sure you are both prepared for success. We cover meal prep and the foods you need to focus on to get into the routine of eating healthy.

Duration: 20 minutes

prep day 3

Couple’s Clean Week – Prep Day 3

Agenda: Onto our third day of prep – but don’t worry, this is more of a catch up day. Make sure you’re ready for your workouts and your nutrition. We will also talk about tracking progress and our best two tips to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Duration: 15 minutes

day 1

Couple’s Clean Week – Day 1

Agenda: Today is the big day! We’ll document your “before” photos, measurement, and weight and you’ll press play on your first workout. Document your nutrition and habits in the Couple’s Clean Week Worksheet.

Duration: 20 minutes

day 2

Couple’s Clean Week – Day 2

Agenda: Onto the second day. Get your workout in and learn how to make health a hobby as a sustainable lifestyle.

Duration: 10 minutes

day 3

Couple’s Clean Week – Day 3

Agenda: Today, after your workout, reflect on the progress you’re making on your new habits for fitness, nutrition, mindset, and accountability.

Duration: 20 minutes

day 4

Couple’s Clean Week – Day 4

Agenda: Work out and learn about what we dub the “yoga of nutrition.”

Duration: 20 minutes

day 5

Couple’s Clean Week – Day 5

Agenda: Continue with the workouts and clean eating. Learn how to become a “Duo Lifer” to create a positive mindset towards health and your hobbies.

Duration: 10 minutes

day 6

Couple’s Clean Week – Day 6

Agenda: Day 6, already! After your workout, learn how that the small, consistent things you do daily compound over time to create lifelong habits.

Duration: 10 minutes

day 7

Couple’s Clean Week – Day 7

Agenda: The last day! Finish the last workout, reflect on the week, and learn how to keep the momentum going with next steps.

Duration: 20 minutes


Couple’s Clean Week – Closing

Agenda: Take your “after” photos, weight, and measurement. Closing thoughts and next steps.

Duration: 20 minutes

Ryan and Alex Duo Life

Hey, we’re Ryan and Alex!

We are health and fitness coaches out on a mission: to help couples make health a hobby. We believe that any couple can do this. Not only will it open the doors of possibility to live a more enriched life, it will make the relationship stronger.

We’re all in these together so feel free to reach out with any comments or questions!


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