How to Not Have Hangovers

What’s the magic bullet for not getting hungover after a night out? We wanted to know too since we still keep alcohol in our healthy lifestyle! Discover how to reduce your hangovers, ease the symptoms, and the science of why you get them in the first place. Read on to learn HOW TO NOT HAVE HANGOVERS and cheers! 

how to not have hangovers

1. Water (Weight) Matters.

Do you consider yourself (or do others call you) a “lightweight?” That matters if you want to learn how to not get hungover. A lightweight gets drunk faster than others, right? A big reason for that is water weight.

Alcohol is “diluted” amongst the water in your body. If two friends, one big and one small, each has the same amount to drink in the same time, the smaller person will have a higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) since they have less water in their bodies – sometimes significantly less.

There might be a two-fold difference between a large man and a smaller woman. So if you don’t want to get a hangover, don’t try to keep up with someone twice your size. Additionally, don’t forget to drink water. 

2. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration.

In a sentence, hydration is key. We rant about drinking enough water in articles on a sleep experiment we conducted and improving your poop health. Well, it’s critical to not having a hangover too.

You can influence how much water weight you have by keeping hydrated. Our rule of thumb is always to drink a glass of water between drinks. Your liver typically can process one drink every hour, so the water helps with giving your liver more time as well.

If you know you have a night of drinking, plan to drink more water starting in the morning. Then, when the party begins, follow the drink-water-drink rule to not have a hangover in the morning.

3. Body Types.

Along the same lines, a surprising but significant contributor to alcohol absorption rates is body composition. Any alcohol consumed will spread into the full volume of water available in the body, including tissues rich with water like a muscle. Alcohol, meanwhile, is insoluble in fat and isn’t easily absorbed.

That means two 150-pound friends with varying muscle-mass will feel the effects of alcohol differently, with the one with higher fat becoming drunk more quickly and have a higher BAC. This isn’t the best news for us women as we typically have higher body fat percentages than men naturally to aid in pregnancy.

So, the next time you are out having a drink, make a resolution to hydrate and gain muscle. Yet another reason to work out!

We hope this helps you understand your body and how to better consume alcohol (and water) to not have a hangover. Please share your techniques to not get hungover and remember to drink responsibly. One last thing, make sure you’re not drinking alcohol that contains poor quality ingredients or ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. Check out rule #3 in this article.

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