Gift Guide for the Fit Friend

We get it, it’s hard to shop for that fitness friend. There are endless gadgets and the latest sneakers – all costing a small fortune. These are our favorite fitness products and they are all practical. We travel with these so rest assured that your friend can stay fit while on the road. Here is our GIFT GUIDE FOR THE FIT FRIEND.

fit gifts for your favorite health nut

track, analyze, improve


Ryan and I love using this Polar H7 Heart Rate Sensor. It connects via Bluetooth to our smart phones where we can monitor our heart rates in real time as well as track how the whole workout went. With this data, we can strive to improve and work harder the next time we workout. BUY NOW

nail your pull ups


Pull ups are hard, there’s no way around it. Yet, they are an incredible upper body workout that can transform your body. For many, Alex included, pull ups are nearly impossible with outside help. This band helps to reduce weight and can be customized for ability. BUY NOW

yoga on the go


We first heard about these traveling yoga mats from yoga teacher friends who have traveled the world – and they have gone through many mats over the years! We love these because they are durable, have enough padding, and are easy to wrap-up and clean. BUY NOW

world-class workouts

$8-$12 Monthly

We’ve worked out at home, in our apartment gym, in our hotel rooms, in Argentina, in Peru, in Morocco… The list goes on. We subscribe to work out wherever we are in the world. These workouts come with nutrition plans, fitness calendars, and us as coaches! BUY NOW

blend shakes, soups, ice cream


Once we went Vitamix, we never turned back. This is the most powerful blender we ever had and recommend this version to include both a “soup,” “smoothie,” and “dessert” function. Easy to clean as the choppers aren’t removable, and an absolute win. Worth it. BUY NOW

add more veg to your day


Spiralize your way to more servings of vegetables in your day. Whether making zucchini noodles (great with pasta sauce), carrot noodles (a favorite in ramen), or potato noodles (the new hash brown), you’ll love how easy these go down. Our favorite spiralizer and easy to clean. BUY NOW

more important than a workout


Nutrition is 80% of the battle with health, while fitness is used to maintain. We’ve been vocal about this product because it gives us energy, improves our immune system, helps our muscles recover from a workout, and all with natural, superfood ingredients. BUY NOW

become a bandit


While traveling, we were able to work out on the road each with a set of workout bands. These are our favorite bands because you can customize the resistance level. Women typically use the standard kit while men use the super kit for an array of weights. Very effective. BUY NOW

master the craft at home


Need that something extra for your home gym? This is our favorite pull up bar that wedges into any doorway. Now, there are no excuses to practice your pull ups. As a bonus, look up additional ab routines to make this an all-in-one workout. Check out the assist band above. BUY NOW

run, read, and run faster


One of our favorite, light reads on running, this book highlights some great secrets to running and running further. Expand your dreams because this book will make you want to run an ultra. This is a perfect fit gift for your running friend, from one marathoner to another. BUY NOW

from hiking to marathons


After reading the book Born to Run, we went minimalist. We love our toe shoes because they create a different experience. You can FEEL the ground. We love these because they’re super light, non-slip, great in the water, and yes, Alex has run multiple marathons in them.

BUY NOW – Women’s & Men’s

ryan’s favorite ball cap


Solid hat with full coverage (no mesh) to protect against sun and rain. He also likes that this cap is more “incognito” so people don’t quite know where he’s from – and it was extra fun to wear while we were living in Patagonia! We love the black but there are many colors. BUY NOW

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Note: Ryan and Alex Duo Life believes in transparency on the web so we are disclosing that there are product links in this document that will earn us affiliate commissions for purchases you make. All products are the exact same products that we purchased after careful review and use regularly. We have not been given any free products by companies in exchange for mentioning them. They are just products we love and use. Enjoy!

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