Marriage Advice For Newlyweds

After a happy and successful first year together, here is our best Marriage Advice for Newlyweds. Marriage is hard work, just like anything worth doing. We want to live the life we love with the love of our life forever.

So it’s extremely important to make our marriage a priority. The following marriage advice has been picked up from our parents or learned through our experience as newlyweds. 

our best marriage advice for newlyweds

Pull your weight around the house

Dividing labor is massively important marriage advice for newlyweds. Share the responsibility to keep the house organized, the dishes and laundry clean, plants watered, refrigerator stocked with healthy food, and good meals on the table. Therefore, make a plan together and ignore traditional gender labels.

While working, further educate by listening to a book or podcast. Did you know that pulling your weight around the house could be a great way to show your spouse love? Make sure you take the 5 Love Languages Quiz, and we highly recommend reading the book as well. You must know your partners love language. 

Split time with families

This is critical marriage advice for newlyweds. Plan ahead to spend equal amounts of time with both sides of the family, especially on major holidays. 

Have financial discussions

Money is the top marriage stressor. Create a joint account for bills, food, and dinners out together. Then, keep individual accounts separate for play money and retirement savings. In addition, spending secrets are not allowed so decide on the maximum amount one can spend without consulting the other.

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Always support each other

Never put-down or argue with each other in front of friends, family, or colleagues. Also, do not criticize or complain about your spouse to others. Instead, when there is a challenge in the relationship communicate openly about it, one-on-one. As newlyweds, you’re a family, and family has to come first. 

Be healthy together

Cook healthy, eat what you should be eating, and exercise together. Take this marriage advice very seriously as newlyweds. Now is your time to set the foundation for a healthy family.

Also, to have the best marriage, you have to be your best selves! For example, one study by Public health researchers from the University of Warwick shows that “Happiness and mental health are highest among people who eat seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day.” 

When you celebrate go big

Actions speak louder than words. When it’s time to celebrate a birthday, anniversary (wedding, dating, first kiss… all the anniversaries), graduation, or work accomplishment, really celebrate! The best way to celebrate is through gifting experiences or cooking together at home.

Our highlight celebrations were Ryan’s 30th birthday party in the Ecuadorian Amazon and Alex’s 30th birthday summiting Volcano Lanín, for instance. Our favorite piece of marriage advice for newlyweds is to collect memories, not material goods. This will make you much happier in the long run. 

Say “I love you” way too much

As previously mentioned, actions speak louder than words. But, the more you say these words the more meaningful they become. Send texts, leave voicemails, write notes on post-its to hide in their luggage, or make a toast at dinner and say “I love you” to your spouse. Never go to bed without saying these magic words. 

Experience new things together

When you experience new things your body releases feel-good hormones. And, when you experience new things with your spouse your brain associates the good feelings with being around your spouse. For us, new experiences keep the child inside of us alive. Having fun and experiencing new things together is what fuels our relationship growth.

No, it doesn’t have to be a 2-year travel abroad experience. Instead, a cooking class, wine tasting, concert, a new hobby like backpacking, learning how to make zoodles, or trying a 14-Day Couples Yoga Challenge. Variety is the spice of life. 

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Share memories

As newlyweds, you have great memories from dating and your first year of marriage. So, at dinner, before bed, while working out together, and whenever you’re reminded of them, reminisce.

Our best marriage advice for newlyweds is to write nightly in Our Q&A a Day: 3 Year Journal for 2 People. Also, share memories through GoPro video. You can learn about documenting your adventures with our free guide on how to make GoPro videos. 

Check in often

Regularly ask the question, “How can I be a better spouse?” If there is no answer, great! However, when there is an answer, make a plan to resolve any issues. For example, we recently had a chat because one of us kept interrupting the other while they were talking. So, we devised a code word to let them know when this happened which helped to solve it. Find creative ways to help each other improve.


This is our best marriage advice for newlyweds, but we are always learning and improving. Therefore, please share marriage or relationship advice that we missed in the comments below! Cheers to living the life you love with the love of your life, forever!

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