Couple’s Yoga For Beginners

A critical part of Duo’ing Life involves maintaining your athleticism as you age. Alex and I can’t do it without couple’s yoga. And, since we are relatively new in our practice, I wanted to write this article on Couple’s Yoga For Beginners. 

Did you know that, according to ancient Chinese teachings, “For every 1-inch of extension gained, you gain 10-years of life?”

Along my fitness journey, I learned the importance of yoga the hard way – through injury. In this article, I’ll tell my story, share the benefits of couple’s yoga, and provide you with direction on how to begin your couple’s yoga journey.

couple’s yoga for beginners

Why Do Couple’s Yoga In The First Place?

You know what they say, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” When we’re young, our bodies are naturally more flexible and it’s rare to pull muscles or strain ligaments. Plus, the injuries we do sustain heal faster.

Yoga is a critical activity to maintain our athleticism while we age. Especially since our flexibility goes away quickly as we age. Studies show that the average person loses 50% of their flexibility by the age of 50. To make matters worse, we recover from injury significantly slower as we age. 

In fact, there’s an old Chinese proverb regarding health and longevity that states, “For every inch of extension you gain, you gain 10 years of life.” If that is not enough motivation to practice yoga, then I don’t know what is. 

Beginning your couple’s yoga practice will help you stay young and prevent any health imbalances in your relationship as you age. If you’re beginners, and ready to start reaping the benefits of partner yoga, try our free 14-Day Couple’s Yoga Challenge.

If we had to choose only one form of exercise for the rest of our lives, it would be yoga.

My Yoga Story

I  was very unhealthy during the years after college.  Let’s just say, pizza was its own food group. My horrible diet paired with very little exercise and nine hours daily in an office chair made playing sports difficult and risky. I constantly injured myself and would be so exhausted that it was a disappointing experience. I felt physically old.

The I was introduced to P90X by a colleague and I loved the structure and energy that it brought back into my life. I followed the program faithfully… except for the yoga days which I skipped. Instead, I took a rest day or went for a run. Yoga bored me and, if I’m being fully honest with myself, I didn’t like the reminder of how poor my balance and flexibility were.

With P90X, I was feeling like my fit, high school self. Bolstered by this success, I started running again – and shortly after stopped because my knee hurt. Then I started weightlifting – and again, stopped because my hamstring was painfully tight.

It wasn’t until I started P90X3 that I realized all of my aches and pains were gone. Why? The yoga routine was only 30-minutes so I actually did it this time. And, I started to enjoy it. I felt younger and wasn’t injured and achy all the time.

Eventually, I roped in Alex who also wasn’t a fan of yoga. To begin our couple’s yoga journey, we experimented with a 14-day Couple’s Yoga Challenge to put her to the test. We are two engineers after all. 

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Benefits Of Yoga

As a beginner, you need to understand why yoga is important. What benefits of yoga will motivate you to do something you’re (potentially) not naturally good at or comfortable doing. For me, I was motivated by benefit #1, but for you and your partner, it could be one or all of the below. As a beginner, understanding the benefits of yoga and linking them to your why will help you maintain your yoga practice, rather than quitting.

1. Injury Prevention

Yoga prevents injury and promotes recovery by releasing tension, increasing range of motion, and promoting good blood flow. I’ve read stats that say as high as 70% of injuries are related to flexibility. Did you know that back and hamstring injuries can take as long as broken bones to heal? 

If you have tight hamstrings, back pain is one small accident away. I found that the more I worked out, the tighter my muscles became. After paying the price of many injuries, I incorporated yoga into my routine twice weekly. Problem solved! 

2. Variety

Variety is the spice of life. Without variety in your workout plan, you are going to get bored, plateau, or even hurt by overworking your body with the same moves. Adding yoga into your plan ensures that you are getting out of your comfort zone and challenging your body in new ways.

3. Mental Clarity

Yoga makes you feel good. Plain and simple. We all know that exercise does a great job of stimulating endorphins, the feel-good hormone, but yoga really shines in this area. In addition to those feel-good hormones, yoga releases a chemical called GABA (hat’s gamma-aminobutyric acid.)

This chemical acts as an inhibitor of neural activity. It’s basically a natural anti-anxiety drug. Furthermore, I love that feeling of relaxation and clear headedness after a yoga routine. It is well documented that yoga helps with everything from depression to anger management.

4. Detox

All exercise is a great way to detox your body. Breathing heavily and getting your blood pumping draws O2 into your body and releases CO2. But, yoga goes above and beyond here as well. Yoga aids the lymphatic system (part of your circulatory system) which is responsible for transporting lymph, a clear fluid containing white blood cells through your body.

Lymph helps remove toxins, waste, and unwanted material. Try out these yoga poses to give your lymphatic system a boost!

The Benefit Of Couples Yoga

So, now that each of you has identified one or more ways practicing yoga can benefit your life, what is the added benefit of partner yoga?

What better way to feel connected with your partner than by doing yoga together? Not only do you have a built-in accountability buddy, but you can also watch and correct each other’s poses to become better and stronger.

Additionally, the extra 30-minutes or so a day you spend doing yoga together lets you connect on a whole new level. You’ll be more in-tuned with your body, your breathing, and awareness. Practicing yoga as a couple allows you have open conversations about your current state of health and what your future goals are.

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couple’s yoga beginner’s guide

Where To Do Couple’s Yoga?

To begin practicing couple’s you can either join a gym with yoga classes, get a membership at a yoga studio, or sign up for an online paid membership site to do classes at home. Alex and I have done all three.

These classes are always enjoyable, but given our busy, on-the-go lifestyle we prefer following online yoga workouts at home. This also gives us the freedom to do our beginner couple’s yoga workouts on our own schedule – often, just before bed when we need to get a good stretch in!

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Why Do Couple’s Yoga Online?

In our experience working with couples, beginning a partner’s yoga practice can be a challenge for many reasons.

  • There is usually at least one person (usually us guys) who are self-conscious about doing yoga in public
  • One person might feel like they are too beginner to attend a group class
  • Schedules may never align with the class times
  • One person might not be comfortable doing yoga at home without instruction

We totally hear you. What we do to fit yoga into our lifestyle is to pay for a membership to Beachbody On Demand. With access to the Beachbody Yoga Studio and the 3-Week Yoga Retreat, we have a variety of beginner through advanced routines to choose from.

The best part is that each yoga routine is designed by professional yogis and trainers. For example, what to focus on, what stability muscles to clench, where to put weight, and how to breathe. Therefore, you’ll receive expert demonstration and instruction as you begin doing couple’s yoga.

Read more: How to start your free Beachbody On Demand trial.

How To Begin your Couple’s Yoga Journey?

If you are ready to begin online yoga workouts at home as a couple, we recommended starting just like we did, with our 14-Day Couple’s Yoga Challenge. It’s 100% free and allows you to discover your yoga practice at home, together. 

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14-Day Couples Yoga Challenge

This 14-day challenge aims to reconnect you to your health and help you appreciate your body. Practicing yoga as a couple is an opportunity to connect and be present in a way apart from your normal, busy lives.

The customized calendar was curated and created by us with the purpose to expose couples to a variety of yoga styles and instructors as well as practicing yoga from home.

Or, download for free.

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