Gift Guide for the Couple

Choosing a gift for a couple? We got you covered. Our style is practical, memorable, and active. Here are a few of our favorite products that we use and enjoy together, either at home or while traveling. Our eclectic GIFT GUIDE FOR THE COUPLE will serve any of your favorite duos!

couple gifts for your favorite duo

making memories daily


This has been a very fun, pre-bed activity for us. It’s a 3-year journal that has a different question for every day of the year that we each answer. It’s been awesome to look back and remember each of our quirky answers and why we answered that way. Cute and fun. BUY NOW

experience that keeps on giving


Ryan and I love experiential gifts. It depends on where we travel to, but a cooking class is always a good option. We’ve experimented with local cuisine cooking to vegan cooking. Each time, we learn fresh skills and can’t wait to cook for our friends – so this gift keeps on giving! BUY NOW

rain or shine, party all the time


Ryan and I love this bluetooth speaker and we bring it everywhere with us. It even goes in the boat and tube when tubing down the lazy river. Sand-proof and waterproof, this speaker is powerful and always amps up the fun wherever we are. BUY NOW

expressing love


Ryan and I really liked reading this book. It forces you to evaluate how you want to be loved – through gift giving, physical touch, words of affirmations, acts of service, or quality time. A positive and strengthening read for all couples. BUY NOW

for the nature couple


Ryan and I have camped with this test everywhere from the desert to snowy passes, through sun and torrential downpour. We like Big Agnes products and chose this tent because (for 2-people) because it is lightweight, with quality hardware, and is weather-proof. Love it! BUY NOW

community of outdoor lovers


Both Ryan and I are REI Co-op members. For a onetime $20 purchase, you are members for life. Besides getting special discounts, there is a 1-year return policy on all gear, no matter if used every day. They even accepted Ryan’s smelly hiking boots! Best service, great value. BUY NOW

for unpredictable weather


Ryan and I love the North Face Thermoball Jacket over all others. We prefer it over the similar Patagonia Nano Puff because of its slimmer and shaped fit. We have worn this jacket anywhere between 30F to 65F. It always somehow seems to work and is very easy to clean. BUY NOW – Women’s & Men’s

double camping hammock


A fun, lightweight hammock for couples to bring on camping trips or just put up in the backyard. This hammock is a double so the couple can “hang” together at all times! Think of how much better naps and reading books will be while in the hammock. Always a good gift to give!  BUY NOW

workouts for each trimester


For couples who are expecting, we have created first, second, and third trimester workout programs. The programs include a calendar and at-home workout videos as well as tips specific for each trimester. Strength training, yoga, and light cardio included in the weekly workouts. CHECK IT OUT NOW

for the adventurous couple


Ryan gifted this book to me years ago and it’s been helping us shape our life abroad. We love the wide array of ideas for every type of person – from foodie to extreme sports lover to budding architect to historian. Super fun and spot-on recommendations. BUY NOW

for the literary lovers

$15 Monthly

A fun and unique gift for any couple. We love listening to audiobooks on road trips and even while just cooking or cleaning around the house. It’s like a book club for two! Even better, along with the gift, share your favorite book recommendations.  BUY NOW

world-class workouts

$8-$12 Monthly

We’ve worked out at home, in our apartment gym, in our hotel rooms, in Argentina, in Peru, in Morocco… The list goes on. All workouts come with nutrition plans, fitness calendars, and us as coaches! This is the perfect way for couples to work out together. BUY NOW

gopro with lcd screen


Our GoPro brings our adventures alive in a way that photos haven’t seemed to do. We prefer the GoPro with the LCD screen on the back because it helps with filming (particularly when scuba diving). Check out our free, handy tutorial on creating your own GoPro videos. BUY NOW

selfie with style


This accessory is our favorite GoPro handle that doubles as an arm and tripod with a gripped handle. It has been key in all of our travels from skiing to scuba diving to horseback riding. Easy to clean and easy to pack, it is an essential accessory to any GoPro.  BUY NOW

byop – bring your own pillow


We love these pillows from a local Minnesota company. They roll up to pack easy (and we take them on our hiking trips!) The pillows are machine-washable and come in various sizes and fluff levels. They double as airplane pillows but are later good for the hotel room. BUY NOW

fun up your pillows


To go along with the new travel pillows on the left, choose the family motto that works for you. While we don’t typically indulge in phrases on our decor, we really had fun with these pillows… until the “happy life” pillow was lost! It’s fine, “happy wife” it is! BUY NOW

for the hostess and host


A fun and thoughtful gift for the duo wine connoisseurs. Might as well throw in a bottle of wine to do a group before-and-after taste test! Fun, social, and different – aerators really make a difference and it’s a unique addition to any kitchen. BUY NOW

shakes, soups, and ice creams


Once we went Vitamix, we never turned back. This is the most powerful blender we ever had and recommend this version to include both a “soup,” “smoothie,” and “dessert” function. Easy to clean as the choppers aren’t removable, and an absolute win. Worth it. BUY NOW

yoga on the go


We first heard about these traveling yoga mats from yoga teacher friends who have traveled the world – and they have gone through many mats over the years! We love these because they are durable, have enough padding, and are easy to wrap-up and clean. BUY NOW

up your veg game


Spiralize your way to more servings of vegetables in your day. Whether making zucchini noodles (great with pasta sauce), carrot noodles (a favorite in ramen), or potato noodles (the new hash brown), you’ll love how easy these go down. Our favorite spiralizer and easy to clean. BUY NOW

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Note: Ryan and Alex Duo Life believes in transparency on the web so we are disclosing that there are product links in this document that will earn us affiliate commissions for purchases you make. All products are the exact same products that we purchased after careful review and use regularly. We have not been given any free products by companies in exchange for mentioning them. They are just products we love and use. Enjoy!

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